Reality Wave - Shape shifters - Chapter 24

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It isn’t long before I can feel myself drifting off. What starts out as a distant echo of voices soon become louder and more clear. I can now make out technical terms and target grid coordinates being shouted around. Dim lighting suddenly becomes bright, all of a sudden there are people manifesting around me. right out of thin air, becoming more in focus.

Chills run up my spine as I recognize them as the dead targeting crew. But how can that be, I must be dreaming or suffering a hallucination, maybe I’m seeing the ghost of the dead crew or maybe just losing my mind? How can everyone become alive and well? It feels so strange looking at these dead resurrected figures go about their business. They don’t seem to notice me at first, well, not until one of the crew acknowledges me.

"Sir, we have target lock on!" he says.
He can he see and recognize me, but how? Is he awaiting a response from me? I better respond I guess, “Uh, you may commence firing,” comes out of me. Why I’m not sure.

But surprisingly he doesn’t respond to my order, he just mysteriously froze up. Then I notice something strange going on with his eyes, just like the soldier looking into the security camera earlier. What is it that’s going on with his eyes?

His pupils – that’s it! They turned into a vertical slit, just like a reptile. And his irises have also changed into a bright emerald yellow. My god, now his flesh on his face is beginning to shift around, almost like someone stirring a thick soup until it seems to bubble.

Not sure what is going on, but those around him starting to panic. His flesh is moving around like it’s rearranging itself. His eyes stay in the frontal position of his head as the skull reshapes itself. Flesh twisting, limbs stretching out. The skin texture shifts into a scaly dark greenish texture. More screams from his fellow crew members spread as his transformation continues.

I can actually hear fabric ripping away from his body as he enlarges and becomes more heavily muscled. Claws sprout where human feet where shoes once were. A thick muscular tail grows out to counterbalance its massive body. Its scaly skin glistens in the light, a hiss comes forth, a forked tongue flicks out from gaping jaws. Wet gooey saliva drips from sharpened teeth. It towers over me, geared up for battle in one of those flexible metallic armored suits.

I can even see the fine detail of scaly like designs and symbols embellished on the suit. If this is a dream, then it sure is detailed. The damn thing is so close, I can actually feel its heavy hot breath on me. Then from the corner of my eye, another appears – then another! The sound of mechanical humming sounds as their deadly weapons unfold from their armored suits, assembling themselves in front of us!

Then I hear it – that horrible screech! Just like at the Pentagon attack. It echoes out over the gun crew, scattering them. These giants begin wading through fragile human bodies tossing them around like rag dolls. A security officer frantically fires at the Reptilians. His rounds harmlessly bounce away from the well-armored monster. He pops the clip out and quickly reloads and continues firing.

Suddenly a swoosh as a thick and powerful tail whips past me smacking the officer against a concrete wall. The sound of a grizzly thud is heard. Almost every bone in his body was surely pulverized. A splatter of blood is on the wall behind his head.

His limp body slips to the floor in a contorted pose. Abruptly, the Reptilian infiltrators unleash their awesome fire power. Blinding pulses of light saw through their human targets. Screams and torn human bodies explode into the air spraying blood everywhere.

I try to grab the pistol from the frozen death grip of a dead security officer. I practically have to pry his fingers off the handle to loosen his grip. My heart is pounding as I point and empty the clip rapidly into the biggest meanest looking reptilian. Holy crap there’s absolutely no effect! – it reacted like I was just an annoying fly.

Instinctively, I throw the empty pistol at it. Knowing all well it will do me little good. The pistol bounces off its head which quickly jerks towards me. It's piercing eyes lock on me. Crap, I think it’s pissed now! Then another security officer jumps between us. He unloads his machine gun into it. Sparks from ricocheting rounds emit from its armor. The Reptilian retaliates with a blast. Completely slicing him in half. His torso slips off his hips and falls to the floor. His lower torso and legs are still standing. As though they want to run, but instead merely fold up like a grotesque folding chair.

A control station explodes from enemy fire, sending shrapnel flying at me. I tumble to the floor ending up on my back. There’s a deep burning sensation pulsating from my rib area. I reach over and it feels wet to the touch. My blood covered hand comes into view. I’m wounded, rolling over on my stomach, I start to crawl over the blood soaked bodies of the dead, they’re warm and wet – groans of pain come from some who are still clinging to life.

Gory scenes surround me as I continue crawling. I don’t stop until I come to a small thin female body. She’s very young, maybe barely 19 years old, her life barely beginning. But these fucking creatures have turned her into nothing more than a lifeless shell.

It almost seems like she’s asleep, except her child like face is pocked with shrapnel wounds telling a different murderous story. I feel raw anger swell up inside me as these things kill with little regard. These nonhuman figures become blured as I start to feel faint from blood loss from my wound. But they continue killing everyone in sight – they seem absolutely unbeatable.


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