Reality Wave - My death - Chapter 25

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A gory scene surrounds me as I crawl over the still warm blood-soaked bodies of the dead. Groans of pain come from some who are still clinging to life. A group of security officers move in with automatic weapons laying a barrage of fire on the infiltrators to little avail. In all my years as a combat woman soldier, I’ve never been hurt this bad. I’m seriously wounded and losing lots of blood, I can feel myself fading. The bony fingers of the Grim Reaper himself is tugging on my soul. But I refuse to let go, no not that easy!

Suddenly a giant reptilian steps over me firing deadly rays at fleeing crew members – their bodies crumble to the floor spilling out their entrails on the gun deck. I crunch my eyes shut as blood sprays at me. I try to wipe my eyes to regain my sight. Somehow through my obscured vision I can make out this massive monster standing over me. Its large scaly head pans the deck for more moving targets. Holographic targeting icons projected from its armored suit move around its head selecting prime targets to mow down.

Blood starts flooding my throat, blocking my breathing. My choking draws attention to me. I try to play dead, but I’ve tipped my hand, it knows I am alive. The muzzle of the ominous weapon lowers towards me as I spew up more blood. I face upward into its soulless eyes – awaiting death to claim me.

But then, ever so faintly, the sound of beating wings echos through my mind, coming closer until a beautiful golden light opens up near me. I think it’s time for me to go, death is here to claim me.

Suddenly a mighty gust of wind hits me as huge white feathered wings flap over me. Standing a few meters away, a male figure with a flowing robe and long blond hair stands. Astounding feathered wings fold up behind him. I catch a glimpse of a sword wielded by the mighty archangel.

A flash of shiny metal swishes through the golden haze of light. The head of the Reptilian above me falls to the floor with a gory thud. Its body tips over like a massive falling tree. Blood oozing from its gaping stump.

All that I can do is gaze upon this amazing guardian angel that just saved me. He’s extremely tall, well over 7 feet. He’s also very strong and easily pulls me from the floor. Everything abruptly goes black, when I regain consciousness again. I am met by a dark and shadowy environment, my eyes bounce around until I see this mysterious angel watching over me. His porcelain like skin almost seems luminous. His eyes are filled with what I can only describe as an overcoming feeling of unconditional love.

Where am I? I manage to pan my surroundings and can make out pod like vehicles in rows like open cartons of eggs. The top sides of these pods are lit by red flashing emergency lights overhead. They must be some kind of transport vehicles. I then realize I’ve been placed in one. The angel punches some codes on the transparent canopy and a digital timer flashes. He closes the pod cover and a vacuum of air sounds. Strangely, he seems to know me. Then in an instant he’s is gone.

I’m now alone, in this darkness, then there’s movement not far from me. My vision is hazy, but I can still make out a shadowy figure moving towards me. As it moves through the pods, a glint of light catches a menacing misshapen reptilian emerging from the shadows, its body still pulsating and reshaping. It hisses and slime falls from its gaping jaws.

A gripping chill of horror overtakes me as I realizes it has found its prey – me. The creature savors me entrapped in this pod, helpless and unable to escape. A wicked drill like weapon mechanically unfolds from the battle suit. I scream in utter terror!!

Violently the weapon burst through my canopy and plunges into my chest – ripping my flesh out from inside me. My body jolts uncontrollably, garbled screams escape my trembling lips. Splintered ribs protrude, blood spurts over me. Tremendous pain fires through my brain as I prey for death to come quickly and save me from this horror!

Then finally everything goes dark. I now can see myself from outside my body. Floating above this bloody scene only to witness this merciless creature triumphantly holding my impaled body up like a trophy, my legs still twitching. But this is not the end of its savagery, its large jaws clamp down on me, ripping the flesh from my body!

I realize I am only but a morsel to satisfy its hunger! Its sharp spiked teeth dig deeply into my ravaged body. I suddenly spring up out of sleep screaming in torment, “Phillips! Help me! Help me!”
He’s running down the hall to the bunker control center where I’m at.
“What is it? Are you alright!”
I leap from my seat – grabbing him with a tight hug, I’m panting like I just ran a marathon.
“What happened?”
“I died!”
“I died, it was horrible!”
Phillips firmly holds me trying to calm me down from my mad ranting.


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Thanks, I will.

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