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Three years ago after the economy crashed, power grids went down for months in many states, millions died. Then it was all out “Road Warrior” mode, starvation, street wars over turfs, you name it. It was survival of the fittest. Fighting for food, water and shelter. Enough for now, I’m getting depressed again.

Are you getting all of this? You’re my mission assistant, a plug in for my consciousness. I’ve just activated you after I got to the hotel. I haven’t given you full access to all my memories just yet. I want you to just keep on recording everything, and I’ll examine what you’ve learned. Let's see how good your AI is first.

Okay, behind me, some car engines slowly idle - creeping ever closer. All vintage in make and model - from the 1980's I think, back when they still used rubber wheels instead of gliding on electromagnetic flux disk. In fact, I haven’t seen a modern flux disk drive car since I got into this shitty district. Check out theses holographic pole dancers levitate above me. They're doing their thing pulling in scum bag patrons. Losers who go in there to probably jerk off while watching robots dance. I hear they could pick up a dime with their – well nice trick anyway. But who’s got a dime anymore?

Behind me, those cars seem to be slowly pacing themselves with me. Maybe they’re cruising for sexbots. Maybe they think I'm one. In these burned out districts sexbots usually roam the streets at night in herds, hunting down little peckers with outlawed cryptos. If you don’t have chip embed like me you are forced to survive on these streets. I have one only because it’s mandatory for military to be chipped. So I didn’t have any choice. My Dad was of course steadfast against it, but even he had to concede in order to stay in the military.

I’m astonished that there’s absolutely no sex bots out here tonight. Perhaps their pimp operators don’t make much money in blighted districts like this one. Wait – there’s one, but a very obsolete model. One of those celebrity licensed Beyoncé sex bots. What a joke, I’m amazed it’s still out on the streets in operation. I remember those things came out in late 2022. I think they made the ass bigger on these. Not as big as the J low model mind you, but fairly large. I wonder what they pad them with? Probably some kind of silicon jelly shit.

The older models basically look like an animated mannequin with lifeless eyes. Basic plastic skin, and a simplistic AI. I remember one of the main selling points was that all of the parts are made from anti-viral and anti-bacterial material. So no worries – right? How user-friendly is that? If you wanted the upgraded model, the one with a realistic flexible pleasure box, you paid a premium price. I don’t know the specific details of what it’s made of. Not that I want to know. But they sure made a big deal about it in their commercials. That was a sight to see.

I’ve been on a dry spell in my love life for several years now, but it’s been more of a self imposed one. I’ve never looked into sex bots for women – I’m not saying I want one, just curious I suppose. I wonder how they look? I wonder if they have an anti-cheating chip. I wouldn’t mind having something I can trust for a change. I wouldn’t have to worry about it ever leaving me – well unless it gets repossessed or something. I think I’m spending to much time dreaming about an artificial lover. That’s starting to concern me. I wonder what the payment plan is like?

Oh gee, now here comes that Beyoncé sex bot, saying something over and over – what is she saying? The voice modulator may be damaged, the voice is somewhat garbled, but wait a minute, it sounds like, “Me so horny – me so horny. I accept all major credit cards.” Is that tacky or what?

Well that was an early attempt at replacing humans with robots. I can’t believe there’s an actual market for losers needing a robot to have sex with. But to be fair, since depopulation, there are far fewer women in ratio to men. Something like 3 to 1 now. So my gender is becoming extinct. But that was the plan, wasn’t it. I’ll share my thoughts on that later.


Excellent article, very well chosen, my friend I always follow you and support you

Thank you for the support, writing is my favorite next to art.

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