Reality Wave - Man in black - Chapter 12

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Okay at the bar, I wasn’t exactly turning down the flirting with him - in fact, I was blasting off the knobs, but I just couldn’t help it, I swear. Then as soon as I got to the lobby, like a school girl I find myself at the window excitedly watching him drive away. I know I can’t let this get out hand, my mission is a priority, I have to keep telling myself that.

Then my consciousness implant sounds off, “Cut it out, you’re madly attracted to the guy, admit it. He’s so different from anyone you’ve ever known right? Not a stiff high ranking military type, like you’re use to.”

Shut up! How did you turn your feedback module on? Back off it goes, I don’t need you reminding me how much I’m attracted to him!
There’s that high pitched sound in my ears again. Turning around to the lobby, I notice things look different somehow. All of the large flat screen monitors in the check in and out desk were gone. The staff were dressed different uniforms too.

When I enter the elevator, I immediately notice the century-old looking buttons on the panel. As the doors slide closed a very large hand reaches in to block the doors from closing. They reopen and some extremely tall man in a black suit and hat steps in with me. He’s so tall that he has to kind of stoop over to fit. The top of his hat nearly touches the ceiling of the elevator. He must of been almost 8 feet tall. His arms seem to be usually long with his hands reaching just above his knees.

"What floor? he says in an odd sounding voice. I can only describe it as sounding like three voices echoed over each other. Like a bot or something. I’ve never seen anything like him before.
“Ah, the 5th”' as I glance over at him. That’s when I noticed his waist is shockingly narrow and widening out to very wide shoulders. He hits the elevator 5th-floor button. His clothing was vintage in appearance. I thought how weird, it looks like he stepped right out of the 1950's. Everything on him looked brand new. He even had on sunglasses, I mean it’s like 8 in the evening for God’s sake.

I thought how strange his face was almost nondescript. You know, nothing defining about his facial features. His complexion was just smooth and kind of pale, almost translucent like some kind of mannequin. Is he one of those trans-humans? Altering the human body using various technologies has been an emerging technology. I remember last week some guy removing his hands and replacing them with robotic claws to do construction work. Sign of the times I guess.

“Nice suit, very retro,” okay I had to, that’s me with the damn curiosity.
“Thank you,” he says.
We reach the 5th floor and the doors slide open. I have to pass him to exit, and that’s when I felt a freezing cold spot, holy crap, it felt like an open freezer at the market.
“You smell so delicious Ava,” he says in the most creepy tone I’ve ever heard.

“Excuse me?” looking back at him as the doors close. What the – the elevator was empty! Where in the Hell did he go? There was a man in the elevator with me, I know there was! I get to my room and quickly unlock it with my pass key. I close the door behind me, and quickly locking it.

I fall on to my bed face up, a moment passes. What the Hell just happened? There’s got to be a reasonable explanation. There just has to be. He must of stepped off with me and went around the corner down the hallway. No, there’s noway he could walk that fast. Maybe he stepped out from my view into the corner of the elevator. But he didn’t push a button for a another floor. And what the Hell did he mean I smelled delicious? And how did he know my name! What’s with all of these sickos I’ve been encountering tonight.


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