Reality Wave - Ass Kicking - Chapter 47

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I turn around to see Tarver dressed for training standing near the gym entrance catching the action. “Very nice work Lieutenant,”
“Thank you, Colonel,” smiling at him. What a damn hunk!

Armstrong to the squad, “Alright everyone, gather around, the Colonel is going to give us a little demonstration of what years of dedication and hard work can do.” The squad sits around the edge of the training mat.

Several training opponents enter and take their position. Tarver goes to the center of the mat and drops into a martial arts stance. Then takes several deep breaths and falls into a deep concentration.

The opponents suddenly attack him from various directions. He moves swiftly with precision easily subduing all of them, he exhibits extreme fighting skills. He bows to his opponents as they get off the mat. He turns to me, “Lieutenant, front and center!”

I join Colonel Tarver on the mat. He motions for the trainers to surround us. We bow to each other and stand back to back.

Taylor in anticipation leans forward for the show. I know she’s hoping for me to get an ass kicking.

The Colonel signals for the attack. I masterfully dispatch my opponents as they attack, throwing them to the mat one after another with ease. The last two opponents I take down with a devastating spinning back kick.

Taylor really looks frustrated. Tarver and I turn and bow to each other our eyes meet, at this moment my heart just skips a beat.
He says, “You’re as good as your press clippings say you are Lieutenant.”
“You’re not so bad either Colonel.”
“Ready to be thrown to the lions?” as he looks toward the squad.

Studying their faces I realize they’re ready for a feeding frenzy alright. Perhaps I will gain some respect from some of them once they see I can handle myself. I nod to go ahead. The Colonel signals the squad to attack as he quickly moves away from the mat.

“Alright, I’m going to kick her ass!” Taylor punching the palm of her hand as she closes in. The squad swarms around me.
Loo calmly waits for the less talented squad members to be cleared away.

They encircle me coming in at all angles, “Alright, I know some of you are licking your chops to test my metal. But by the same measure, I need to know your limitations as well. Only then, can we work as a fully integrated unit -”

“Shut the fuck up!” as Taylor throws a sucker punch at me, but I easily slip the punch and flip Taylor over on to the mat.

“Bitch!” Taylor screams and jumps back up to her feet and tries to tackle me, but she's easily taken down with a nicely executed Judo throw. The rest of the squad moves in for a kill.
Colby moves in slowly, “I don’t want to hurt you, I just want to feel you up Lieutenant, if that’s okay.”

Oh, a polite pervert, but that’s not going to save him. A chop on his trapezius muscle stuns him momentarily. Just enough time to grab his arm and flip him over to his back.
Meyers grabs me from behind, a vicious stomp to his foot with my heel breaks his bear hug and I flip him over like a sack of potatoes.

280 pound Armstrong lumbers at me, but using his own weight against him I easily toss him over and he slams to the mat.

Boyer reaches to grab me from my left, but I grab his fingers and twist them over and he falls to his knees in agony.

Sheppard rushes in, only to fall victim to an expertly performed leg sweep. She screams and rolls across the mat with her heavily hair sprayed locks barely moving.

Garcia is hesitant about attacking, after his last encounter with me. He tries a few faints with his head but that street bravado won’t save him now. I leap up and kick him in the chest sending him tumbling away.

In only a matter of seconds, I’ve left them all crumpled on the mat. Armstrong is rubbing his head as he gets up, “Damn, what the hell just happened?” Meyers struggles to get off the mat, “We just had our asses handed to us Gunny.”


It is interesting to read! Men always like to compete with someone and win!

The action will soon get thicker.

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