Reality Wave - Last Stand - Chapter 27

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Our lips meet, something inside me latches on to his love. His embrace becomes firm as I can feel his raw emotion filling me up. He was giving me something I had craved, for so very long, but could never find. He’s changing me in a way that makes me feel complete in some way, I love the feeling. Then Tillman interrupts us with his bad timing, “Look, there’s a construction area over here,” he points to a tunel leading out from the underground transport station.

I reluctantly released my embrace and Phillips and I head down the tunnel to check out the construction area. There’s an open top elevator the construction crew used to drop down to a lower level. It’s only illuminated by construction lights down there. The three of us take the elevator down and find construction equipment. I can feel the temperature quickly getting warmer as we drop down.

Phillips checks around, “Workmen have been in this area recently. There are tools everywhere.”
As we explore further into sublevels of this magnificent pyramid, we find impressive ancient carvings on paneled walls much like the Egyptian tombs.

Something catches my eye, I run my hand over the highly detailed sculpted pictorial, “Look at this, it's amazing! There’s a dome with stars depicted here with figures supporting it. Is this the firmament?”

Phillips puts his arm around my waist, oh god, I really like the way he did that. He flashes his flashlight on the carvings,
“Could be, this is really something,” he responds.

And then I notice something strange about the figures, “Look at the size difference from the other figures. Are these giants holding up the dome? They have elongated heads, like the misshapen skulls found all over the world. My Dad showed me pictures of these giants frozen solid, encased in ice!"

Then Phillips points out something very odd about the figures underneath all the others, “Check this out, are those reptile-like humanoids coming up out of the Earth?” Phillips then steps back to get a wider view, “I wonder what the construction crew were going to do here? Where they going to cover this wall up, or remove it? This seems to be part of an undeveloped tunnel system that connected to this pyramid. Could be older then the pyramid itself.” Phillips turns on his flashlight and pans it around to scope out a dark tunnel near us, “This tunnel goes deeper down, lets check this out further.”

He didn’t have to say anymore, I’m close behind him as he proceeds into it. The tunnel seems to corkscrew its way down. We soon encounter a massive cavern at the end, larger than several football fields. We find some repelling lines leading down into the belly of the cavern that is illuminated by work lamps at various intervals.

“What to go down further?” Phillips smiles knowing my answer.
“You need to ask?” I snap.

We find repelling gear left behind by the construction crew. So we repel down to some large boulders, and from there we leap down to the bottom. With our flash lights on high beam, we move down some very rocky paths.

I can feel cool mist from hidden water sources lightly spraying me, which actually felt good against the hot humid environment. But it wasn’t long before we find something unexpected down here – another body. We could barely tell it was once a woman. Blood everywhere, absolutely torn to shreds like the others in the bunker. But her uniform was different, all black in color.

Phillips picks up her unusual rifle, “What is this? I’ve never seen anything like it.”
He hands it over to me, “Very advanced looking, some kind of new technology I would imagine.”

Something shiny on the ground by my foot catches my eye, I carefully pick it up to examine. Somehow it wasn’t covered in blood.

“What is it?” Phillips asks.
“A necklace, it’s one of those snowflake designs. It must be her necklace.” Then a very strange feeling overcomes me again. I wanted to look at the body, but I just couldn’t, just holding something that belonged to her somehow made me feel closer to who she once was, “Was she trying to escape the bunker?”

Phillips points his flashlight further up the path, “Wait, here’s another one.”
His flashlight pans the mutilated body, “It’s a man – headless, mostly just a torso, he looks like he was a big guy, at least before this happened to him. He’s got on the same kind of black uniform too – or what’s left of it.” Phillips slowly moves further down the rocky path, until we find their last stand.

My throat tightens as I gasp at the gory sight. Phillips pans his flashlight over mostly a pile of body parts in a massive pool of blood. We also find dead reptilians all around them, which confirms our idea of what went down here. Tillman finally starts to vomit near some rocks. Believe me I wanted to do the same.

I begin to put together this grizzly scene, “This is where they put up their final fight. They’re all outfitted in black uniforms like the other two. I think this was a special operations team sent here to recon the area in response to the bunker attack. They obviously ran into some of these reptilians and got slaughtered. They’re – they’re partially eaten as well,” choking up a bit.

“You okay?” Phillips asks.
“I – I’m okay. But look at the reptilian dead.”
Phillips takes a closer look, “They seem to be mostly incinerated, from the inside out, sort of like a hotdog in a microwave.”

Phillips looks over at me and eyeballs the futuristic rifle I'm still holding, "Maybe that weapon was designed to kill these things. We better head back to the bunker, these reptilians could return at any time.”


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