Reality Wave - Quantum Effect - Chapter 33

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Following the deep grooves on the metal surface of the heavy security door with my index finger, I realize these are obviously giant claw marks and whatever did this was humongous.

Dr. Minsky runs her pass key card and the heavy metal door slides open. We follow her into a very dimly lit hallway and then into an elevator. We go down several levels until we hit the last level. The doors open and we enter a very large area hundreds of feet in diameter. Almost the size of a football field. There’s some kind of machinery in the center, it looks like something I’ve seen before. It triggers my next question, “What do you guys do here?”

“Research in particle acceleration,” she responds.
“You mean like Cern?”
“Yes, but our accelerator is much smaller.”
“Why would you be doing particle acceleration in Antarctica?”
“Well that’s classified information, I can’t go into any further detail.”

“Okay, you said there’s another person left other than yourself?”
“Dr. Blake, he’s our particle physics scientist here. I’m really concerned about him, he hasn’t been himself since the initial attack.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’ll show you.”

She takes us to an office area where a silvered haired man with a lab coat has his back to us. He seems to be hard at work on something. We continue to follow Dr. Minsky until she gets near him and gently puts her hand on his shoulder. “Dr. Blake, we have some military police here to rescue us. Isn’t that wonderful!”

He’s seemingly preoccupied with whatever he’s doing and completely ignores her.
“They’re changing things,” he mutters.
“What do you mean changing things,” I ask.
“They’re changing things!” very adamantly.

Somethings up with this guy. He has a couple of soda cans in front of him. He holds one up to show us, "Look they changed the logo. It’s not the way I remember it.
“They change logos all the time,” I reply.
“You don’t understand, they changed them back in the past without going to the past. What I remember the logo as being, no longer exist!”
“Not sure I’m following you.”
They’ve merged realities or somehow edited this one. I’m not quite sure how they did it, because it’s not my field."
“Dr. Blake please come with us.”

Ignoring my plea, “You don’t understand, it’s not only that, but land masses on the map are changing," he pulls up some maps on his computer screen.

“See this, South American has moved by thousands of miles, and sizes have changed. Look at all of these islands, they weren’t there before! I’ve been tracking them for weeks. If you zoom in on them they seem to be rising from the sea. If you think that’s remarkable, they already have development on them, luxury resorts and highways, airports and homes even as they rise from the ocean! This is madness! Why are they doing this?”

“Please Dr. Blake, we’ll get you out of here. Everything is going to be fine,” trying to calm him.
“You must listen to me, movies, books – even the Bible has changed, nothing is sacred to them!”
Nick taps him on the shoulder, “Sir, you need to come with us. You can’t stay here, it’s not safe.”

"You don’t understand, they’re changing everything, little by little. They’ve changed history too, the JFK assassination has changed. They went from 4 people in the car to 6 people!
These changes have even affected my personal life, I use to have a middle initial, he touches his name tag. It was my Dad’s name, Paul, but it’s gone now, see no "P" in the middle."

Dr. Minsky touches Dr. Blake’s arm, “He needs his medication.” As soon as she leaves the lab and into some room in the back, Dr. Blake looks me dead in the eye, and with a hushed voice, “Dr. Minsky died in the first attack, I buried what was left of her out in the back with some of the others. Then this morning she reappears – alive again! At first I though I was losing my mind, but I think it’s a quantum effect like the rest of these changes. I’m convinced they’re somehow merging realities!”

“Excuse me Dr. Blake,” I step away and signal Nick to follow me just outside the lab. Nick looking back into the lab, “ I think this guy is cracking up, probably from being cooped up here too long.”

Shaking my head no, “What this guy is saying about merging realities is starting to make some sense. He might be suffering from a stress disorder maybe, but I think he has all his marbles. Listen, those nightmares I had seemed like altered realities of mine.”

Nick’s brow lowers, “So we have more than one reality?”
“I think I got a glimpse of two possible realities. Remember I told you about some technology they found in the frozen city. My Dad said they somehow tapped into another reality with a quantum computer.”

“But you died in each one of yours, you think we get more than one life? Are you talking about reincarnation?”

"Possibly, I don’t know how any of this works, but it seems like the only thing that makes some sort of sense. Come on.”

I re-enter the lab with more questions, “What are you guys doing here, does it have anything to do with merging realities too?"

Dr. Blake turns to us, his eyes wide and glazed, “Yes primarily, we were trying to open portals to other realities much like Cern. We’ve been in operation only a year at this site. On our 35th try we got some unexpected results.”

“Like what?” I ask almost hesitantly.
“At first, we observed transparent entities or apparitions.”
“You mean like ghost?” Nick following up.

“Ghost, goblins you name it. None of it made any sense. We even saw a 2-dimensional entity. Then last week we got some aggressive ones, big hairy creatures – humanoids. Like children playing with matches we dared to go further in our risk taking. We let them in, now they’re killing us!"

I snap and grab Dr. Blake by the shoulders, “Why!? Why would you be so irresponsible?!”

"We call it the advancement of science. Always ready to take the next step forward to satisfy the hunger for new discoveries, perhaps the true nature of man.”

Unhanding him I step back knowing he may be right. It’s how we’ve gotten technological science to where it is now. He continues, “We’ve opened the portal about a mile away. Remote cameras recorded everything.” He leads us to another room with video monitors and he starts to play the video – what we see is incredible.

A swirling plasma forms from out of nowhere. Then huge hairy figures start to materializ out of the dense mist inside of the portal spiral. They look like large ape men, or more appropriately the legendary Yeti or Big Foot. They make strange grunting sounds as they leap through the portal. They look to be at least 11 to 15 feet tall, very massive.

I turn back to look at Nick’s shocked expression, I don’t think he believes what he just saw with his own eyes. But he has to except the fact this world is not what we thought it was.

“What the hell,” Nick in astonishment.
“Nick, think of it, so far you've encountered a dead reptilian, an angel, and now the Yeti, don't you see our world is so much more than we could ever imagine.”

He rubs his brow, “If they can open up portals to other realities than what else can they do?” Nick turns around, “Hey, where did he go?”

Before I can respond, a gun shot rings out, we rush back into the Lab. Dr. Blake has a pistol in his hand, he’s waving it around wildly standing over Dr. Minsky’s body.
“Alright drop it!” I scream!
“I told you, she already died!” He screams back at me.
“Just drop your weapon, we can talk this out!” Nick shouts, with his rifle in ready.
“Like I said, they’re changing everything, I’m not even me anymore! I don’t recognize this reality! I don’t belong here! I just want to go home!”

“Please Dr. Blake, put the weapon down!” I plead.
Before we can do anything he puts the pistol to his temple and blows his brains out. He limply drops over the body of Dr. Minsky. Dark red blood oozes from his head wound.

Nick turns away frustrated.“Fuck!”
I quickly check Dr. Minsky, she’s dead, shot point blank to the head, “This strange experience drove him over the edge.”
“He was driven over fucking edge alright,” Nick utters as he goes towards the back of the Lab, making sure there is no one else. He checks several rooms back there then returns,"All clear. You think she was a Reptilian?
“Maybe, he said she was already dead, or maybe this could have something to do with merging realities, who knows.”
“Rising the dead with merging realities?” Nick lights a cigarette as he shakes his head with disgust.

“Very possibly,” I contemplate with a shudder.
“Why don’t they bring Kennedy back then? That would be nice.”
“Maybe they did in another reality, or perhaps the cabal is doing this. In which case it that would be the last thing they would want to do.”


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