Reality Wave - Boobs - Chapter 7

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Like a gentleman - well almost, Phillips guides me over to a nearby booth. “Hi, I'm Nick Phillips, and you're Colonel Vickers I presume.”
“Yes I am, how did you know?”

"Well, for one, I’ve never seen you around here before, and two -" he glances down to my cleavage. Well I can’t blame him for being a normal red blooded man I guess. But why is he looking down at my cleavage already, I mean we just met. Please look at my eyes, my eyes first, hello I’m up here!
“Your tattoo,” he unexpectedly says.

“Huh,” I look down and notice my Marine tattoo has made it’s appearance, it resides just above my right nipple. And yes, it hurt like hell when I had it done.

“Oh excuse me, when I stumbled, my top came down a bit, sorry about that.”
My God, even the edge of my nipple was a little visible. I think he’s just being nice and pretending he didn’t see it. Tugging my top upward bouncing my girls, his eyes widen a bit.

“Look, that was completely unintentional!” – yeah right, I have some swamp land I want to sell you too.
Like a complete gentlemen he tips his cowboy hat, “I’m sorry I shouldn’t be looking.”
“That’s alright, I guess I’m still a little shook up after that altercation.
We sit at the booth, I’m across from him. I get a little whiff of him, what a nice cologne he’s wearing, to bad all this cigarette smoke is masking most of it out.

Holy crap, that’s when it happens, my eyes lock up with his. Those deep blue eyes scream absolute sexiness! My mind goes blank and my mouth stops working for a sec. Get a hold of yourself girl! I don’t even know anything about this man, I mean he could be a serial killer for all I know! Maybe grinds girls into sausages in his basement for a hobby, that would be just my luck.

I pinch myself to bring myself back, Ava stop it! Give the man a chance. Can you manage a smile? How about at least that. Come on, you can do it! There you go, raise both sides of your mouth, you almost got it! One of my best smiles emerges, but then, oh no, he returns a gorgeous smile back. Somehow this man makes me feel like peeling off decades of hard crusted layers of anti- social behavior with men instantly.

Oh my, the way he’s looking at me I feel myself heating up. Is it possible to have sex with just your eyes? Come on snap out of it – talk girl! Finally the first stupid thing falls out, “Well thank you for your rescue, I deeply appreciate it!”
He takes a long swig of beer. “He had it coming, sorry about his behavior,” he lightly burps, even that sounded sexy – It wasn’t an all out big nasty belch.

I look about the bar, “Well in a place like this – no disrespect to your hang out, I would expect bad behavior. So I really can’t expect to be treated like a lady in here. Besides, everyone in here thinks I’m a prostitute anyway!”

He glances over to the prostitute with a identical copy of my outfit – his left eyebrow lifts, “Ahem.”
“Okay – okay, honestly I admit my choice of attire can be a little misleading, but that wasn’t my intent.”
“It’s not your fault, it’s society. They program us guys to view women as only sex objects. If they paid any attention, they could obviously tell you’re a good woman. I obviously can see it in your eyes.”
“Thank you, very nice of you to say that,” Oh crap, I think my face is flushing! Well gee, that’s a good sign right? He noticed my eyes right after my boobs – okay, will you stop being sarcastic. Well he’s looking at me like four aces in a poker hand. So he seems very interested in me – I mean my mission.

Okay, why did I just run my hand through my hair and flip it back over my shoulders. Wait a minute, why is he looking me as if I was a prize heifer now? That’s not the response I was hoping for. Now he’s scratching his chin looking befuddled. What happened?

“Is something wrong?” feeling where my top is, maybe it slipped down again.
“Nothing is wrong – It’s just somehow when I think of a Marine Colonel, you don’t come to mind,” he says.
Oh, he’s just trying to figure me out. My outfit is throwing him off.
“You seem a bit young to be a Colonel.”
"Oh I get that all the time, I’m much older than I look. A lot older, you see, I’m -
Suddenly a small stage where a band is going to play flips on a black light. He raises an eyebrow, fumbles with his ear, his lip quivers a bit, "I- I don’t know if you’re aware of this little fact, but even in this dim lighting I can see your- uh-"

Oh look at that, he looks like a one year old trying to speak his first words, so cute, “Tattoo?” I reply.
"Nope – uh your – your – “he stammers with his eyes pinned to my boobs again.
So I look down at my girls, oh no, it must be that black lighting. I knew the top was little sheer, but wow, I might as well be topless. He’s just sitting there with his mouth open like he’s choking on a chicken bone. I’ll help him fill in the blank, “Nipples,” I wanted to say utters but don’t know if he would get the barn yard humor.
“Yes – yes your nipples,” his eyes shift away a bit.

I think it’s so cute that he seems actually a little embarrassed. A tough hombre like him, I’m sure he’s seen plenty of nipples and maybe an utter here and there too. I arch back and push them up a bit – no not to tease, just to embarrass him more. He fidgets in his chair trying to look everywhere else.

"Honestly, I’ve never liked wearing a bra. I usually only wear one in uniform because of regulations, so whenever I get a chance to go bare, I go bare, " Oh wow, is that coming out a little too strong?
Something about him is certainly drawing me out, I don’t ever recall flirting with anyone like this before on a first date – I mean mission, that’s just not me. I better pull back on my own reins a little bit, hold your horses lady.

Phillips still fumbling with his ear, struggling to continue, "Uh, anyway we got some great mountains in our area – um, great peaks – I mean – uh – " He smiles and slightly covers his face with his hand, “Darn, I feel like I’m chewing on a prairie dog right now, I’m sorry.”
“I don’t mind, take your time,” I said watching him going down for the third time in a quicksand of awkwardness. I should help the poor guy out – but no, I’m enjoying this too much.

I think I like messing with his mind, he’s so irresistible when he’s gawky. “Alright, I can see this is going to be a problem. Are these going to be a distraction?” I twirl my index fingers over my nipples just to tease a little bit more. He quickly stands taking his vest off to put over me. I thought how cute, like a Letterman giving his jacket to his high school sweetheart.

“Thank you,” adjusting his vest on my shoulders.
He takes a deep breath of relief, “Okay, now let's get down to business. So where do you want to climb?”
He holds up 2 finger over his head and a waitress hollers, “2 beers coming up!”
“You do like beer right?” Holding his bottle up.
“I’ve been known to put down one here and there.”

A smile spreads across his face like I just asked him to sleep with me tonight. Well I do, but it’ll mess up our working relationship. I continue to remind myself this is just business until I remind myself what I’m wearing, yeah right, who does business dressed like this? The call girl wearing a copy my outfit starts laughing out loud as she rubs her breast in her john’s face. Okay maybe you do, but whats my excuse?

“Light or dark?”
“What kind of beer, light or dark?”
“Oh, light, got to watch the gut,” he looks a little surprised I said that.
“You don’t have a gut,” he cracks a smile.
“I have to stay in shape, being a Marine, you know.”
I look around the joint, “They sure know you around here, don’t they.”
“I like playing pool here and having a couple of beers. I come in maybe 2 to 3 times a week, when I get a chance.”

“Like I said, not to insult you’re hang out, but you seem a little more, shall we say, classy compared to the rest of the patronage here,” he smiles at me with that beautiful perfect smile, oh yes, he’s got perfect teeth. Half of these inbreeds in here are lucky to have half a picket fence, can’t eat a corn on the cob without leaving most of it behind.

“Me classy? I've been called a lot of things, but never classy.”
Did his eye just twinkle? “You know what I mean. I'm just so surprised to find someone like you in a place like this.” Did I just say that awful cliche?

“Well you know it wasn’t always this rowdy, I have to say it started when new owners took over a few months back. That’s when I noticed the crowd and music really starting to change.
"So it really went to the dogs, didn’t it, " Oh God, I just said that one too.
“All that traffic in the parking lot, it suddenly appeared too. Now I tend to get into more fights.”
“Over what?” gazing into his eyes.

“Oh usually over betting on pool games, or just someone stepping on my foot, something stupid. I don’t know what it is, but recently it seems like people are more angry in general. I feel like I’ve got to be looking over my shoulder more often.”
I wanted to reach out and touch his hand as he told me his terrible problems. You do know I’m being sarcastic, right?


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