Reality Wave - Dreams of my Death - Chapter 31

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Death is waiting to claim me, it’s just a matter of time now. I’m not afraid, even though I should be. The wound in my leg hurts like hell, but the one in my side is the most serious. I’m starting to cough up some blood now. The Lieutenant signed his own death warrant by staying behind to rescue me.

The evac chopper circles above us firing at the enemy, trying to peel them back! It can’t land without endangering the rest of my men it just picked up. Lieutenant Abrams could of left when I ordered him to, but he didn’t. He’s a rare breed, a real hero. He’s killing a lot of the enemy trying to get to us. But we’re not going to last long. I’ll probably die before they can kill me.

Several insergeants charge across the rocky terrain to reach us but the Lieutenant’s masterful shooting easily takes them down. Suddenly from my left flank, an enemy with a sword appears from behind some boulders screaming obscenities in his native language. The Lieutenant pivots to his left to block the sword with his rifle, then kicks the attackers knee from under him. The insurgent falls forward allowing the Lieutenant to finish the attacker with several rounds to the back of the head with his sidearm.

But then two more are on him, somehow with whatever strength I have left, I grab the sword from the ground and plunge it into the back of one of them! I go down to my knees, weak from blood loss. I roll over to my back to witness Lieutenant Abrams being killed, he goes down fighting. The last thing I see is the muzzle of an AK assault rifle pointed at my head. The shot echoes through my head and everything goes black.

I sit up breathing rapidly – my heart racing. I find myself in a darkened room. A hand reaches from the darkness and grabs my wrist, “Ava are you okay?”

I’m not sure where I am, or who’s next to me. “Who is it?”
“It’s Nick.”
The figure turns on the small lamp on the night stand. It’s Phillips, he move towards me and I see he’s naked, in fact we’re both naked, I back away and pull the blanket up to cover my breast, “What are you doing?”

“You brought me in your room, don’t you remember?”
“I did?” I’m not even sure where I am at the moment, then our love making starts to play back in my mind, oh God, he was so good. His lean muscled body pressed against me, yes I remember now."

I put my arms around him and pull him close to me for comfort. I just want to hold him.
“Oh Nick, I’ve never been so afraid of anything in my life, these nightmares, I don’t know what’s going on.”

“Were you having another nightmare?”
"Yes, it was awful like the others, this time it was a battlefield situation. And again, I was killed, like before. What does this mean, am I going to die soon? Are these premonitions, I’m just completely confused,” holding him tightly.

He strokes my face gently with his hand. “I read somewhere about the strange powers of pyramids. I think being in this one is affecting you somehow. I’m not really into all of this mystical paranormal stuff, but it makes the only sense.”

We continue to hold each other, I feel so safe in his arms. I just can’t believe how being with him makes me feel. I pull him close to me, he starts to caress me. I start to get hot again, this man stokes my passion quickly. His rhythmic thrust make me scream out in pure pleasure.

When I awake in the morning I reach out to him but find the bed empty, “Nick!” I begin to panic!
He opens the door with a tray in his hand, “Just whipping us up some breakfast baby.”
“Breakfast in bed what a man!” he’s actually going to sit next to the bed and we are going to have breakfast together.

As he places the tray across my lap, “We have bacon and eggs, buttermilk pancakes, coffee and orange juice. These quarters are like an apartment, we have a fully stocked kitchen in here.” When he takes a strawberry and places it in my mouth, oh God, I wanted to break out the whip cream.

“Nick, I want you to know I will never forget last night, it felt so right.” He brushes my hair behind my ear, “When I fell in love with my wife, I thought that would be the only love I would ever know. She was my soul mate, she always knew what I was thinking before I did. So after she died, I avoided meeting anyone else, maybe like you did to forget your pain. But that night at the bar, when I saw you, my hart went pity pat again. I never thought that would be possible. It’s kind of hard to explain, but it was like we’ve always known each other, if that makes any sense. So it really didn’t matter what you were going to pay me to go on your exploration trip, all I knew was I wanted to be with you.”

“So the money didn’t play any part in your decision to take on my mission?”
“I would be lying if I said no, but that was in the beginning. I wanted to look at everything as strictly business, and keep it that way. But somewhere along the way everything changed. Ava, you’ve taken my heart.”

We begin kissing and soon end up in the shower going at it hot and heavy. I leave the rest to your imagination. Afterwords we exit the shower and are toweling each other off, that’s when I notice some packages on the corner of the bed.

“I found these in the supply room in some kind of special packaging. It said experimental on it.” He held them up, they look like some kind of high tech body thermal wear.
“You got to feel them, they are made from an amazing material,” he says.
I touch them and they are warm. I can feel heat coming from these body suits. “So these are special experimental thermal wear.”

“Lets jump into them,” he says.
After we put the thermals on, I feel completely different, “I feel like I have lots of energy again.”
He comes up behind me and bites my earlobe, “Me too.”
“Another round I hint.”
“I’d love to, but we need to finish getting dressed, I have a little surprise for you.”
“Oh you do, is it a diamond ring?”
“Much better, especially to a Marine.”

He holds up a plastic card, “Took this off one of the officers, it's the pass key to wonderland.”
Within minutes we’re standing outside a heavy metal door. He slides the card and the door electronically slides open. When I step in I’m completely blown away. On both sides, rolls of M4 rifles, M16's, M485's line the walls. Next to Nick on the table is some major fire power.
"A Mark 19 40 mm automatic grenade launcher, and next to that is the M32 Multi-shot Grenade Launcher, this instantly enhances the firepower and effectiveness of a Marine rifle squad.

I pick it up to get a feel of it, “This baby is able to deliver six 40mm high-explosive grenades in under three seconds, there is some heavy duty weapons in here.”

"Wow, you look pretty sexy holding it. A woman with major fire power., he says. I blow him a kiss. He laughs, he looks so happy. I feel exactly the same way.

Nick picks up a 240 bravo, a medium machine gun, “I bet this can put down a wall of lead. We have enough to wage war with whatever is out there,” as he swivels around with the machine gun.
Now the way he handled that piece of equipment I would swear he has military experience. If he does, why would he want to keep that a secret from me? He leads me over to the next room, "Holy shit, it’s a heavy duty personnel carrier, it's a AAV7 amphibious assault vehicle, just look at this thing, it looks brand new. It has a 2 browning M2 50 cal machine guns and turret, and a M40 A1 saber antitank system, it’s fully loaded.

“This is exactly what we need!” I exclaim.
Tillman suddenly pops out of the top of it. “I can handle it with no problem.” He goes back in.
“What’s he doing in there?”
“He’s our driver,” Nick lights up a cigarette.
“Does he know what he’s doing?”
“Tillman has driven long haul freight trucks and CAT construction equipment.”
"Do you think he realizes we’ve been romantically involved?
"I know he seems a little slow-" Nick slightly protecting.
“I little slow? You’re being too kind, he's got the mental capacity of a 3 year old.”
“Well that 3 year old was performing a puppet show with a hot dog and donut this morning when I was cooking breakfast. Remember, his room was right next to yours? The walls were not as thick as we believed."

“Oh God, he knows,” covering my face, “You think he heard everything?”
“Oh yeah, I’m sure of it.”
Adjusting my hood on my jacket, “Well maybe that’s good were out in the open about our relationship, that means I can kiss you in front of him, no hiding.”
“You’re right, he has to know, I don’t want to hide my feelings for you either.”

“How did you get hooked up with him anyway?”
"I was playing pool one night, and some guys girlfriend kept smiling at me. I guess he got pissed off and came up to me and told me to get the hell out. I of course said after I finished my fucking game. Well he did not take to that very well and grabbed the cue ball off the table. I told him to put it back. He said fuck off, so I decked him.

Then what happened? Did Tillman enter the pool hall?
“No, the guy I decked was Tillman.”
“Oh gee. I’m afraid to ask what happened next.”
“He stopped breathing like the night we met. So I revived him with CPR, and he later found out about how I brought him back to life and he’s followed me around like a puppy dog ever since.”
“I can’t believe that over-sized inbred actually had a girlfriend.”


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