Reality Wave - The Icy cliff - Chapter 14

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Well just like Phillips said, his sex-bot Sugar Pie/now mountain climber went up the side of this icy cliff in just minutes. It planted stakes up along the way for the rest of us to scale up. I wanted to see how lard ass Tillman was going to climb up this 200 foot frozen cliff. All he did was have Sugar Pie hoist him up with her super strength.

I of course refused to let that bot bitch to hoist me up. I don’t trust it in the least. It would probably drop my ass when I got near the top. Why? It may only be a robot, but I bet it has a protocol to maintain it’s love relationship to Phillips and I’m sure it considers me as a threat. Phillips volunteered to stay behind to make sure I’m okay. Why sometimes he’s such a sweetheart, while other times he makes me so damn angry.

So with a pick in each hand and blades in the toes of my boots, I cling to the side of an seemingly unending icy cliff, like some fly on a wall. It’s only a 20 feet more to the top – I know I can make it. I’m in the best shape of my life, there’s nothing that can stop me! Well, until suddenly the ice breaks away from my foot – and 30 feet of frozen rock flash before my eyes! My breath sucked away as I come to an abrupt stop!

The force rips the pick from my grasp and I watch it twirl downward towards the bottom as I bite down on my lip in anger. Large chucks of ice barely miss Phillips just below me. Thank God he wasn’t injured. The safety cable kept me from becoming the first casualty and ending this mission prematurely. My heart feels like it wants to collapse inward as I hold on, swinging like a pendulum, helpless to the laws of physics!

Phillips hollers up at me, “You alright! Do you want Sugar pie to hoist you up?!”
I look past my dangling feet, “No -no I can do this! I’m okay!” knowing I’m not. I want to panic, but I can’t, I won’t let fear overwhelm me. I have to control it. I glance down to Phillips again, his brow crinkled, I know he can tell I’m in trouble.

He hollers up at me again, “Stay calm, take your time and get yourself reoriented!”
I mumble to myself, “That’s right, I just need to catch my breath and regroup! Keep calm, keep calm,” just knowing Phillips is near me seems to help. I try really hard to regain my footing.
“I'm so freaking dizzy!” I scream down to him.
“That's okay just take your time!” he hollers back up to me.

I take several more deep breaths and waiting to calm down. My swinging slows down enough to allow me to eventually grab hold of a jagged icy rock with my remaining pick. I pull myself back up against the frozen jagged rock. My heart feels like it wants to jump out of my chest. Slow down - slow down, that’s it, slow my breathing. I take several slow breaths relaxing myself.

How long have I been stuck here? Time seems to have no meaning anymore. I’m starting to feel the icy cold fingers of Jack frost digging into my bones. I know I’ve got to keep moving, or I’ll succumb to the elements. Got to wake up!
“Vickers, are you alright?!” Phillips hollers again.
“Yes -yes, I'm okay,”

“I want you to tightly grip the safety cable with both hands and use it to pull yourself up!” He instructs.
“Okay-okay!” My mind is still foggy, I’m getting worse. Let’s focus, you got to get yourself going! Do you want to die here? Well do you?! Get your ass moving girl!

I realize the only thing that saved my ass was the safety line. The one that Sugar jugs planted up there. I have to admit she did get up there pretty quick, like a monkey up a palm tree. I kick into the frozen ice with my bladed boot, I pull my way up to the next anchor spike. I do this for a few more feet, up until nothing happens. I’m not moving anymore, the cold has wrecked havoc on my muscles, no matter how hard I try, I’ve got no strength left! Damn, all I can do is cling.

The Arctic powerful freezing winds start pushing me about, like a tiny spider in a windstorm. I'm quickly getting into some real trouble here! How long can I last? I look below to Phillips, “I'm stuck, I can’t move! I think my body is beginning to shut down from hypothermia!” I don’t know what I expected him to do.

Phillips starts screaming with everything he has, “Tillman! Tillman! Pull her up!”
Suddenly Tillman, peers from over from the top, that burly asshole, “I got you Honey Buns!” With a mighty grip on the cable, hand over hand, he easily pulls me to safety. I swiftly slide up across the icy wall.

With my last existing bit of energy, I hang from the ledge before Tillman throws his big arms around me and pulls my exhausted body over. I roll over to my back pack, my chest heaving, the stinging frigid air burning my lungs. With blurred vision I see the big foot like Tillman standing over me, next to him a little bot-bitch. I think I heard her say something about leaving my ass hanging out there on the cliff, so I would freeze to death. I’m not sure, I’m still a bit delirious. I just want to kick her ass.

The frost from Tillman’s ten inch long reddish beard drops across my goggles as he takes a hold of my hands and whips me to my feet like airing out a sheet. I fall helpless into his arms, my legs still rubbery. I’m really thankful, but this asshole just can’t be a descent human being. No, not him, he has to screw it up. Because to put it bluntly, his damn hands are groping my ass! Now I'm completely pissed!


Super strength? I need me some of that to get the ladies.

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