Realtiy Wave - Massacre - Chapter 22

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It was like walking into the chamber of horrors, bodies and body parts are strewn about, human beings completely torn apart, by what we could only imagine, something out a horrible nightmare. We find the targeting crew all dead, piled on one another. Some draped over their control consoles, dying where they sat. So many human lives taken at once. Blast holes cover the walls, electronics smashed, chemical emergency lights flickering.

Security officers dead where they stood their ground, many still clutching their weapons. Piles of spent shell casings surround them. It’s a little hard to tell how long they’ve been dead, the cold obviously could of kept them from rotting, they’ve could of been dead for days, maybe even months.

“It’s a damn massacre, it looks like they were taken completely by surprise. Keep your eyes peeled for any evidence of what happened here,” I said while moving forward into the carnage. Phillips picks up a 9 millimeter off the floor and finds it fully loaded, he wipes the blood off of it with his sleeve. “This could come in handy.” He steps over what looks like entrails, “Somebody rolled through here with a damn meat grinder. I’ve seen many dead bodies in my life before, but this is beyond fiendish.”

He then notices a bloody trail of body parts leading to a ghastly pile of corpses near an adjacent door, “Looks like a lot of them in a panic, and were running for the door, but obviously never made it out.”

We just become more repulsed as we come across more uniformed men and women all butchered with hellish weapons. “Who or what could have done this?”
I soon find the answer to my question as I find one nonhuman body among the dead, “Phillips over here!” I immediately recognize it. Phillips looks upon the very large humanoid reptile creature, exactly like the ones I encountered at the Pentagon attack.

“What the hell is that?” He says.
“A Reptilian, like the ones I told you attacked the Pentagon.” I can almost feel a stress attack coming on, even just looking at a dead one brought awful memories of the hundreds of thousands who lost their lives that horrible day.

“Where’s the head?” Phillips asks while he gets down on one knee to get a better look, he touches the armor suit it’s clad in, “This is amazing, it looks like metal, but bends to my touch, almost like flesh.” Phillips runs his hand along the strange weapon next to it. He lifts the creature’s arm to find the weapon somehow fused mechanically, “Look at this, this makes Star Wars look absolutely prehistoric. Except this is the real thing, not a movie prop.”

Carefully I examine it, “I saw these weapons assembled themselves right out of their suits, devastating, capable of complete disintegration of anything its aimed at.”
Phillips finds the head slightly hidden under a dead soldier. He rolls the body aside and raises the head up to show me how the creature was killed. “Look at that super clean cut across the neck, something amazingly sharp did this, just one stroke. It must of been the only way to stop it. And what makes this really strange, I don’t see anyone in here with a ax or sword, so what the fuck?”

I was very surprised when Phillips actually picked up the head to examine, he’s obviously not the squeamish type, but then I remembered he owned a ranch in Nevada, so I’m sure he’s seen a lot of dead animal carcasses before. He also said something I thought was odd, about seeing many dead bodies in his life time, I need to ask him what he meant later.

“What’s this skull cap like helmet it’s wearing?” He pulls the helmet off the decapitated head to examine it more closely, “Look at this, elaborate colored lights pulsing inside.”

He hands it to me to examine, “I remember they projected holographic targeting graphics from them when they fired their weapons. They must also use it to interface their weapon and suit,” handing it back to him.

He looks at the pulsating lights again, “I wonder if they use them to communicate too?”
I can tell what he’s thinking, “You’re not going to put it on are you?”
He looks up at me like how did I know.
“It crossed my mind, but I’m not that fucking insane. The last thing I need is a lobotomy or something worse.”
I nudge him, “Remember I’m the crazy one here.”
He smiles, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Phillips scans area, “I can’t stop wondering how did something this big get in here? This place is a fortress, they’re absolutely buttoned up like sardines in here. This thing has got to be at least 8 feet tall with the head on of course, probably weighing around 600 pounds. No fucking way it just walked in here without being detected and doing this kind of damage. There also had to be more than one.”


Captivating and interesting.. The way you write and your choice of words is top notch bro... You got a new follower


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