Reality Wave - Desperation - Chapter 21

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I wonder if he does think I’m off my rocker leading them out to nowhere. I need to find out, so I stop him in his tracks and look him straight in the eyes. “I know you think I’m a fruit loop, come on admit it.” A playful smile spreads across his face, “Let’s just say I’m suspended in disbelief. Maybe if you tell me your story I can understand where you're coming from.”

"Okay, your right, you would need the whole story to get the big picture, it started when Dad and I were at the Pentagon for several meetings. I put out the whole terrible scenario to him. The attack, the fake alien invasion, the Reality Wave technology, the ancient buried city in Antarctica. The secret underground base built by Hitler.

Everything I knew about my mission. The fact I’m 82 years old but look 25 is still stuck in his craw. But being from the future went down a little easier for some reason. It always takes something from me reliving the horrible events. Closing my eyes, I try to leave the ghastly memories behind, locking them away back into my subconscious.

Phillips savors his cigarette, “I don’t watch much television, so this Pentagon attack thing I only heard a few details here and there from people at the bar talking about it. Flat Earth, that’s pretty wild, but I never trusted the government, so anything is possible. You’re very lucky to be alive after that alien attack.”

“I know, they told me it was a miracle I made it out of there. Two square miles was completely incinerated by some advanced weapon. I took shelter in the sewage pipe, just before everything went up. It was awful, but you do whatever it takes to survive.”

“Well, I glad you told me. Now I know what all of this means to you. Losing your Dad, trying to save what’s left of our humanity. I deeply appreciate you opening up like this. Because you know I would never have asked.”

“I know, you’re a man of principles, I admire that. Few of us have that any more.”
Phillips finishes his cigarette and flicks it aside.“Sorry about your dad, he sounded like a great man. After all, that’s what brought you all the way out here.”
I can feel my eyes becoming watery, "I miss him so much, we were very close, " as Phillips wipes my tears away with his finger.

So then let me get this straight, are we looking for Hitler’s secret base? He asks.
“Yes, it’s located under the ancient city, somewhere near the Earth’s edge, that’s all that I know.”
Phillips echoes my words, “The Earth's edge,” looking out in the distance towards our destination. “I get the meaning now when someone says, To the ends of the Earth,” he says

The way he said that, still not sure what he thinks of me. Whether I’m off my rocker, or I’ve touched something within him, perhaps stirred a bit of wonderment. We continue to push forward through bitter cold and the thick snow.

After 2 more miles, the sun begins to set - the temperature quickly starts to drop. “Why are we losing sunlight?” Phillips concerned.
“The Artic 3 month day only works out on a globe Earth, not on a flat Earth.”
“What the fuck!”
“I take it your upset?” I touch his shoulder.
“We could be in some real trouble here,” he says with tension in his voice.

“Can't we just dig some more fox holes and warm up again?”
“I wish that was all that there is to it. We made it last time because it was only a 20-minute mini-storm. Lasting a whole night could prove a little more challenging. We might have to bring Tillman in with us. We’re going to need all the bodies we can get, and he’s got huge one.”

“So are you suggesting a threesome?” I ask, not thrilled and quickly becoming ill.
“Don’t say it like that! I don’t even want to fucking picture that big hairy ass of his!” Phillips sounding so very repulsed.
Sounding out my objection openly as well, "The very thought of being pressed up against Tillman’s body is making me feel nauseated. I rather have my eyelids ripped off and salt poured over my eyeballs! I rather have my tongue pulled out with a metal hook attached to a diesel truck. I rather have my toenails -"

"“You’ve made your point,”" he says
“Just wanted to make sure you understand my level of revulsion.” He just smiles at me, I love getting those out of him. We continue a few more miles. Phillips is starting to look more worried, I’ve never seen him like that before. He always looked confident about everything he did. From a distance another storm is brewing. The thought of hibernating with a Tillman is starting to look like a possibility sending my stomach turning several times.

Just as we struggle over a deep ridge "Wait a minute, there’s something up ahead! It’s big, some kind of structure, " Phillips excited.
I come up behind him as we clear the ridge and come into view of a very large flat topped pyramid structure. It seems to gleam in the remaining sunlight like a magnificent beacon. Tillman runs towards it, he’s waving his arms and excitedly yelling, “We're rich!” Phillips under his breath, “Holy shit.”

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