Reality Wave - City of Giants - Chapter 38

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The unmarked black chopper I'm aboard races through the icebound landscape of Antarctica. The sound of it’s ultra silent advanced rotary blade technology sounds like only a low hum. I’m just staring at the icy terrain speed by trying to accept what just happened. My mind is still reeling as I’m left in complete shock.

The memory of Maddox putting a bullet through Tillman’s head and completely blowing his brains out haunts me. I remember how my darling Nick sacrificed his life to save me. To keep this terrible Mad Dog Maddox from killing me too. My situation isn’t good. I’m handcuffed to this chain that runs along the bench seat of the chopper.

I’m sitting on the passenger bench across from that cold-blooded killer. I know he enjoyed doing it. Look at him gloating over there, just wait till you get yours. He’s just eyeballing me, probably trying to decide whether to kill me or not. If I gave him what he wanted, maybe he wouldn’t of killed Nick. It’s hard to tell with him. I wonder what’s going on in that evil maggot infested mind.

I wipe more tears away thinking about Nick. I didn’t know him for very long, but I was falling for him in the short time we were together. His very essence screamed absolute sexiness. Even the way he would hold his cigarette turned me on. I will never forget him, or what he did for me. He made the ultimate sacrifice to keep me alive.

This Maddox’s is an attractive man, military cut blond hair. Muscular build, aggressive over confident walk. A deep commanding voice. The perfect recipe for an asshole. Unfortunately something I’m usually find myself attracted to. So in any other situation I normally would be attracted to him, but he’s a true monster in every meaning of the word. What the hell is wrong with me? It doesn’t erase the black heart he has. The fact he murdered poor Nick.

As I stare at him with utter contempt,“How can you live with yourself, you pig?!”
An wicked smile envelops, “I enjoyed watching your boyfriend take that leap to his death.”
“Fuck you!”
"Now – now – that’s no way to talk, you’re Lieutenant Ava Vickers, the daughter of a big wig general.

“You’re not going to get away with this you son of a bitch!,” I scream.
With that shitty smart ass smile He lights a cigarette, “Who are you going to tell? You are in my domain now. There are no laws that supersede what goes on out here.”
“Colonel Tarver, he’s in charge of the base now. I’ll report you to him!”
“You can, but he doesn’t have any authority over me.”
“What do you mean?”
“I work for Applied AI Corp. Specifically for Mr. Ron Jackson, CEO.”

“I thought the base was under military command.”
“Not by a long shot. The corporations run the government, not the other way around.”
“I'll talk to Mr. Jackson then.”
“Good luck, you'll find that we have a long history together.”

"Want are you implying?"
"The very fact he owes his life to me, I saved his ass in combat back in the day. So when he became rich and famous, I looked him up. He’s certainly a man of his word, look at me today. Six-figure paycheck working in black project security. In charge of a 5,000 man security force, I must be blessed."

Dropping my head in despair, I know he’s right, Jackson won’t do shit to him, and he knows it. Why else would he act this way.
"ETA, 5 minutes!" Alerts the pilot.

Looking over the pilot’s shoulder, the city comes up over the horizon. Located near the edge of the world, Antarctica. It’s absolutely gorgeous! A city that may be older than man himself. Only giant towers reaching into the sky are seen at first. They are massive in scale, maybe over five thousand feet tall. Taller than anything man has ever constructed.

Just like in the photos and video, I had seen. But seeing it with my very own eyes is quite different. The very fact it actually exists, changes the conventional history of man. Giving our own existence a new meaning.

As we get closer, I marvel at the crystalline structure of those massive towers. A rainbow color effect irradiates from them. Much like the pyramid. I can almost feel its power penetrate me. Dad said they were the Nephilim of old as from the Bible. I can only sit in awe as we pass over the hundreds of mighty structures built by these super advance race of beings that are unlike us in so many ways.

Yet, they’ve gone extinct. Erased by what I can only imagine as a great flood. Then some kind of drastic temperature change. We pass near gigantic craved faces in walls around the city. Giant statues built in their image are everywhere, most of them hundreds of feet in height.

Construction crews with humongous cranes are working near the ice that has cracked open allowing us to fly downward towards the city square. Then I see them, 12 to almost 30 foot tall miraculous giants, frozen within the ice around us. Some wearing magnificent robes, others dressed as fierce warriors. Adorned in luxuriant gold jewelery, arm bands, headdress’s and wrist bands. Their heads are massive and elongated, they must have had some very special brains.

The average human brain is 1260 cubic centimeters. Judging by the size of their craniums their brains must range 5000 to 12,000 cubic centimeters. Their skin is a pale blue in color. Not sure if that’s because of being frozen or that’s their natural color.

We finally reach a particular spot over the central part of the city. I curiously peer through the port window to a geometric pentagon design is in the middle of this city plaza square. A circular one hundred section in the middle of the design starts to slide open below us. As I'm looking at it, a miraculously gigantic tunnel going straight down is revealed.

A feat of unimaginable engineering to say the least. I soon realize the tunnel was camouflaged by a sophisticated hydraulic system. I had heard incredible technology was in development in these underground bases. Mostly info from the conspiracy truth movements. Now my clearance level raised to Majestic security level is allowing me to see all of this. The chopper pilot begins the amazing descent into this monumental tunnel constructed by unknown incredible technology.

At first darkness surrounds us, only illuminated by colored guide lights running along gigantic interior supports appearing like ghostly specters. Before long, large bay windows ascend past us. Hundreds of technicians in white coveralls working on specific black projects are seen through great windows, illustrating the tremendous scope and magnitude of this underground base. I marvel at how all of this technology is buried here, hidden from the world, leaving me feeling like Alice going down the rabbit hole, but in my case, a very large rabbit hole indeed.

A huge lighted landing pad, possibly 50 meters wide and 30 meters long slides out from the tunnel wall, like a giant tongue, leaving me with a feeling that I'm about to be swallowed up by Mother Earth. As soon as the chopper touches down, Maddox slides the chopper hatch open, he detaches my handcuffs from the chopper bench rail.

After we disembark. I look upward at the monolithic tunnel from where we came down. We are so deep, that I can hardly see the open sky anymore, it now resembles a small blue moon overhead. An eerie howl of wind gusting down sends chills running up my back and arms. Maddox removes my handcuff from my left hand and drops my back pack in front of me, “Good luck baby, if you ever get lonely – I make house calls.” Oh yeah, he even winks, son of a bitch has got nerve.

“Yeah right asshole,” I throw a spit wad. Damn, missed his eye! It landed just above it, on the brow. His eyes are stern, and without emotion, he wipes my spit off his brow with his finger as it slowly flowed down towards his eye. He puts his finger in his mouth and slowly pulls it back out sliding off his tongue. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. I just give him the finger back.

He heads back towards the chopper, looking back over his shoulder at me with a despicable grin. My temper is like a caged tiger, claws coming through the bars. Wanting so dearly to rip him to pieces unmercifully. He’s not taking me seriously, that may be a fatal mistake on his part.

Electronic switches and internal gears begin to rumble, I turn my attention to a giant steel reinforced barricade door. As it slowly opens a shuttle car drives out with a gorgeous man at the wheel. As he approaches I realize he's Colonel Tarver. Looking ten times better than his service picture.

Maybe because it only showed his head. He's tall with caramel skin, handsome features and heavy muscular build. Very exotic and heroic looking, Gee, what a hunk! With that 6 foot 4 stature, he cuts a dashing figure dressed in black military fatigues, black beret, accented with a gold ascot, and shoulder braids. A definite Rock look alike, that's right, the famous wrestler and actor.


I continue to read your book. We are waiting for the continuation. An interesting fantasy novel. Thank you.

Thank you, more to come.

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