Reality Wave - The Lost Ghost - Chapter 34

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A murder-suicide just happened in front of us. The dead bodies of the last two survivors send a sickening shiver through me. Dr. Blake shoots Dr. Minsky point blank, then turns the weapon on himself. Gruesome head wounds flow blood to the floor in crimson pools. Nick comforts with his arm around me, “Ava, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m okay. It’s just it all happened so fast.”
Nick turns to the dimly lighted hallway, “Let’s check the rest of this facility, make sure there is no one else here before we leave.”

I try to clear my head quickly to stay sharp. We don’t know what’s out there yet. We exit through the rear door of the main building and into the staff bunk area, carefully combing through room after room. Most of the facility was in complete shambles. Blood spatter covers much of the walls telling a morbid story. We soon discover some trails of smeared blood, like bodies were dragged through the hallways and out into the snow. In my mind I visualize the ghastly sight of helpless staff being torn apart and dragged away. They’re terrified screams ringing through my ears.

Nick follows the bloody trails outside. “Well, we now know for sure what happened to the rest of the staff.” Following him out into the cold I’m suddenly hit by that piercing high pitched sound again. My hands are covering my ears, it feels like the frequency tone is piercing my brain.

Nick notices I’m in agonizing pain, “What’s the matter, are you alright?”
I nod my head yes as it dissipates, “It’s an awful high pitched tone or frequency! It’s beginning to dissipate now, I’m okay.”

Nick glances up above the building from where we’re standing, “There’s a cell tower antenna on the other side of this building.” I follow him around the building to the base of the tower. He checks the huge cables running up into it. An immense humming of power can be heard surging through the cables.

“This tower is definitely live,” he says.
Raising one of my eyebrows with a bit of surprise, “But didn’t Dr. Minsky say they had lost communications because the creatures had dug up the cables?”

“Well obviously she was lying, but she’s dead now and we can’t question her about it.”

Suddenly we hear a noise from a nearby building. Nick's eyes shift over to the building to our right. “Sounded like something dropped on the floor.”

We rush over with our weapons ready, only to find nothing. Cautiously, I move through a dark hallway following Nick. “What is that?” he says. Listening, “I think I hear someone sniffling, maybe crying. It sounds like it’s coming from a storage room back here.” I push the door open with my foot, my rifle in ready position. To my surprise a young girl is huddled in a corner – a young Asian girl with glasses. She’s wearing a dark blue hoodie and gray sweat pants. She looks up at me in complete terror.

“I’m not going to hurt you! Oh my God, are you okay?” quickly I kneel down putting my arm around her snugly. She continues to look at me with so much fear in her eyes, it absolutely made my heart sink. She was maybe only 19 years old. But much more like a frightened child than anything else.

Nick enters, “Who is she?”
“I don’t know yet. Honey, who are you?”
Sniffling, she wipes the tears away, “Sumi,” in a soft quivering voice.
“Sumi, you’re safe now, you’ll come with us. Come on baby,” she slowly gets to her feet as I support her with my arm.

I guide her out towards the vehicle but she suddenly breaks away and dashes to the rear of the main building. We give chase around the lab building and we find the graves that Dr. Blake spoke of. I look about, but no sign of Sumi, she just vanished.

Hollering out to her, “Sumi! Sumi! Come out honey, we got to get you out of here!”
Checking a nearby storage shed I find nothing. I turn around and see Nick down on one knee near one of the graves. He’s holding something in his hand.

“Here’s her footprints,” he says pointing to a trail leading to the grave. He hands me a picture he found tacked on the wooden post that serves as the headstone. A cold chill overtakes me, Sumi is in the picture. I turn over the picture and her name is written on the back "To Dr. Minsky, Sumi Yamoto, your hard-working assistant.

The look on Nick’s face reveals his uneasiness. He now realizes we are in the middle of some kind of astounding phenomenon, something we don’t quite understand.

Nick's voice rises with emotion, “She was Dr. Minsky's assistant, must have been one of the first victims. I just saw this young girl alive or at least I thought she was. What the Hell is going on?"

“Raising the dead.” I reply.
“Was she a ghost or what?” he looks down at the grave bewildered.
“Maybe, or soul from another reality, perhaps lost and afraid, not understanding she had died,” I can only surmise. It's almost dusk, thoes things may come back. Let’s get out of here,” grabbing his arm.

As we head back, “Nick, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.”
“What is it?”
“It’s been rather obvious to me that you’ve had a lot of training, military. Where you in the service?”
“Yes, but I don’t like talking about it.”

“It was a different part of my life, at a different time. Something I don’t like even thinking about.”
Okay I get that, but you have some amazing skills, you’re not regular army."
He takes a deep breath, “Seal Team Six.”
“I should have guessed.”

“I’ve been out a good 6 years. I just wanted to leave it all behind me. I’ll just say I was involved in a number of classified missions. The kind I wanted to question the morality of, but couldn’t.”
“Okay Nick, I got the feel of what your saying.” I give him a kiss on the cheek.
Suddenly we hear machine gun fire outside.
“Shit, Tillman!” he yells.


I like reading about love and ... You are so interesting write! Thank you!

Thank you, I feel love within a story brings a much deeper meaning to it.

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