Reality Wave - The Pyramid - Chapter 22

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Vigorously I sprint towards the mysterious structure. “Oh my god!” it’s so mystical, much like the pyramids of the Aztecs and Mayans. It has three steps making up the body of the pyramid. The icy surface that covers it creates an almost crystalline quality, amazing rainbow colors shimmer from it.

Phillips gets closer, “A fucking pyramid, just like your dad showed you in those pictures!”
I’m just overwhelmed by the massive size of this thing. It looked at least 100 meters across and 150 meters tall. Walking around the circumference I note the solid monumental block construction that lies under the transparent icy covering. An Earth quake couldn’t put a crack in this thing. Each block must weigh several tons apiece. The same mysterious technology that built the wondrous mega structures of the world had to have been used to construct this enigma.

“Phillips!” I shout at the top of my lungs.
He quickly comes around the corner,“What is it?”
I step back to get a wider look. "I can’t believe what I’m looking at! What is this doing here?
Phillips scratches his head, “I guess the million dollar question is, why would anyone build a pyramid out here?”

Excitedly I take a few more steps back pointing, “No, don't you see it? Look at the large gun slits running across the face of it!”
He steps back to where I’m standing, “What the hell? It looks like a giant bunker.”
"Yes, could someone have converted it into a bunker? This would make it one of the largest I’ve ever seen! And believe me, I’ve see a lot of WW2 film footage, my Dad made sure of that. The Germans constructed some of the largest bunkers.
Phillips looks toward the barren icy landscape, “Well here's something to chew on, it's facing the same direction we’re heading.”

I thought about what Dad had told me about “Operation Fishbowl”, “Perhaps the military damaged the dome when they blasted it with nuclear missiles back in the 1950's, maybe enough to allow threats to our world in. This could have been converted to defend against them.”

“Who’s them?” As he reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a pack of cigarettes to settle his nerves. “My Dad believed the dome was created to protect us from Hell itself.”
Phillips lights his cigarette, “Holy shit, if we ain’t got enough problems. What are those things on the top?”
“Turrets, usually to house machine guns or canons.”
“So we found Hitler’s bunker then?”
“No, this is unlike anything from the WW2 era. This structure must be thousands of years old, it may of had a different function back then.”

“Like what?” as he studies it more closely.
“Maybe to greet the gods as they arrived into our world.”
As I continue to my examination this thing, more questions arise, “There is no loading dock or a way to bring in supplies and ammunition. I can see some large high tech barrels sticking out of those turrets up there. How did they get those cannons in there?”
“Your guess is as good as mine.” Phillips running his hand along the precision chiseled stone.
My foot is planted on the first step, “And look at this, the front steps dead end leading to nowhere.”

Tillman pokes his head from the top of the pyramid. “Hey, there’s a hatch up here!”
Phillips looks upward, “How did you get up there?!” his voice echoing off the megastructure. Tillman hollers back, “Found a metal later running up the wall on the left side!”
Within minutes, Phillips and I are on the top side. Tillman is peering down the hatch opening.
“Was it open like that when you found it?” Phillips asks.
Tillman nods, “Yup! Like someone was in a real hurry.”

Phillips takes a look down the crawl way and surprisingly finds it lite up down there. “Hey, the power is on down there! Maybe we can warm up in here. Nightfall is almost on our asses and it’s going to drop way below zero out here,” he begins to climb down the ladder. “Hello, anybody home?!”

Immediately, I follow him down the ladder, my curiosity in high gear, I’m very anxious to find out what’s down there. With the hatch being left open, the temperature is very cold down here, but way better than being exposed to the elements.

Suddenly Phillips gasp, followed by a, “Holy shit! I don’t know if you should see this, it’s pretty bad!”
I confidently reply, “I’m a soldier and trained to deal with all types of war situations, so don’t worry about me!” So I continue down the ladder until I reach the bottom and turn around – and for just a split second, the sight that I encountered made me think maybe I wasn’t as prepared as I thought.

It was like walking into the chamber of horrors, bodies, and body parts are strewn about, human beings completely torn apart, by what we could only imagine something out a nightmare. We find the targeting crew all dead, piled on one another. Some draped over their control consoles, dying where they sat. So many human lives taken at once. Blast holes cover the walls, electronics smashed, chemical emergency lights flickering.

Security officers dead where they stood their ground, many still clutching their weapons. Piles of spent shell casings surround them. It’s a little hard to tell how long they’ve been dead, the cold obviously could of kept them from rotting, they’ve could of been dead for days, maybe even months.


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