Reality Wave - The Challange - Chapter 15

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The frost from Tillman’s ten inch long reddish beard drops across my goggles as he takes a hold of my hands and whips me to my feet like airing out a sheet. I fall helpless into his arms, my legs still rubbery. I’m really thankful, but this asshole, he just can’t be a descent human being. No, not him, he has to screw it up. Because to put it bluntly, his damn hands are groping my ass! Now I’m completely pissed!

In my firmest calmest voice possible, “I’ll warn you only once, get your stinking hands off me!” He can feel me tense up despite him being more than twice my size. You could barely see me buried in his massive arms.
“Or what, you gonna beat me up Honey Buns?” He taunts.
Sugar Pie is just watching this spectacle with delight in her artificial eyes.
Phillips, the last one up, hoist himself over the edge, “Tillman, get you hands off her!”
Tillman pinches my ass before letting me go.

“You asshole!” my temper flares and I move towards him ready to knock the crap out of him. Phillips quickly steps in between us. I think Tillman must outweigh Phillips by at least 100 pounds. But Phillips can really handle himself, I know size means little if you know how to kick ass.

Tillman was really getting on my nerves, he could easily pass for a big hairy Neanderthal at a costume party, and that’s without a costume, at least Phillips had manners, he wasn’t raised out in the bush with a pack of wild apes like Tillman. I could easily take on this big buffoon myself. I’ve even thought of leaving his big stupid ass behind. But I don’t know what’s out there, what will I” ll be facing. I might need all the man power I can get.

Angered and still trying to catch my breath, I step away from him, “Consider yourself lucky!”
Tillman thrust his chest out like a rooster, with him, it’s all about intimidation, he made me feel like I was standing naked in front of him, then his awful slimy words spew out.

“Honey buns, I can show you a good time, make you feel like a real woman, if you know what I mean.” Then that awful laugh of his follows.
“I told you before, it’s Colonel Vickers – not honey buns, baby cakes, or sweetly!”
“Alright sweetness calm down. I don’t want you to hurt me with any of that there chop chop stuff they teach you in the army,” he teases.
“I’m a Marine!”
“Yeah whatever," he mumbles.
Phillips shoves him back, “Knock it off! She’s our paying customer you idiot! If we want the other half of that 100 thousand, we better get her back in one piece!”
Sliding my goggles up with a bit of surprise at what Phillips just said, maybe it’s all about the money to him, maybe he’s showing his true colors now. Some shining knight in armor you are, just worried about collecting the balance of my payment. Is that’s why he’s been so concerned for my safety all this time?

Well at least he backed off that big ape. He followed Phillips orders like a trained dog. I’m not looking for a fight right now anyway, especially after climbing a 200-foot cliff. The air is so damn thin at this high altitude, I’m still absolutely gasping. I’ve always considered myself to be in excellent physical condition, but of the four of us, Phillips seemed hardly out of breath. That man must be in incredible physical shape.

Suddenly I fall to one knee, pulling back my hood and peeling off my ski mask to reveal my face to the frigid air, puffs of moister leave my lips. Phillips touches my arm, “Are you okay? You put quite a scare into me. I thought we were going to lose you for a minute.”

“I’m alright, are you worried you’ll won’t get the balance of the money?”
He steps back a bit, “Do you honestly believe I’m only worried about the money?”
“Well aren’t you? I mean this is a business deal.”
Believe me when I tell you that I was deeply concerned about your safety."
“Why? Because you mean -
“I mean what? what am I to you?”
“Look, I really like you, and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you, like I said you are a really good women, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Your safety is my responsibility, we do have a business deal as you have reminded me."

Everything he said was sweet, except that last part about his responsibility because of a business deal. I can tell in his eyes he really means it. I can tell Sugar Pie didn’t like any of that, not one damn bit. It looks like she wants to say something, go ahead spit it out.

“I’m his love interest and I’m programed to pleasure him,” Sugar Pie remarks.
“Listen bitch-!” stepping towards that pile of junk.
“You’re the bitch,” It screams back.
Phillips immediately gets in between us, ladies – ladies, let’s not compromise the mission. We need to work together. All of our lives depends on each of us trusting each other."
He’s right, I turn and walk away to cool off. Can't let an artificial woman get to me. Well, at least I feel a little better, he does cares about me and that’s a start. I put on a small ski cap to keep my ears from falling off.


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