Reality Wave - Training with Respect - Chapter 46

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My Titan squad assembles in the gym. I stay at a distance to study them in their natural habitat. Sergeant Armstrong has them going through some self-defense drills. “Alright you scum suckers, I want to see some real balls out here -no offense to the ladies!” I can tell Armstrong really enjoys working with the squad.

I notice Taylor has Colby in a headlock on the mat, but he’s still able to mouth off, "Gunny, Taylor has some balls! She’s got me in a vice headlock, I can’t break out of it!” She tightens her grip on him “Yeah, they’re bigger than yours!” Colby finally taps out, and rolls over trying to catch his breath, “Shit! I’m glad you’re on my side.” Taylor teasingly slaps the top of his head, “Colby, you big pussy!”

Armstrong strolls over to Shepherd and Boyer who are obviously making out on the mat. Boyer is lying on his back with Shepherd straddled on top of him, in a deep kissing mode. Boyer is erotically squeezing her ass.

Armstrong barks," Unless you’re planning of squeezing the shit out of her ass, I’d try another hold!"

They jump to their feet, Shepherd is wiping her lips, “Sorry sir!”
Armstrong eyeballs Shepherd, " I don’t remember seeing a lip lock on our training chart. Now change partners!"

She looks around at the others, that pervert Colby is waving at her, “Over here baby!” Loo is standing next to him, she looks pissed as she thought she was his partner.

Armstrong blocks Shepard from going over to him, “Hell no, Colby you are the most sex deprived mutha I have ever encountered! I’m not feeding you this sweet morsel!”
“Thank you Gunny,” Colby proudly acknowledges while smiling at the others. Only a sex maniac like Colby would take Armstrong’s comment as a compliment. Holy crap! Colby suddenly goes down from a brutal kick to the groin. He falls into a fetal position squirming in pain. Looks like Loo finally got him, “Never take your eyes off your opponent,” Loo scolds him and walks away.

Taylor steps up, “I’ll wrestle Shepherd,” licking her lips while looking her up and down like a tasty lamb chop.

“Nope, you’ll be grab assing her too, that ain’t going to work,” Armstrong looks over to Loo, she just finished kicking the shit out of Colby anyway.

“Loo work with her!”
“Yes sir,” Loo waves her over.

“Colby, get your ass up, and go work with the Lieutenant, she's the odd man out right now!”
He rolls over holding his groin, “That bitch kicked me in the fucking nuts!”
Armstrong stands over him, Colby, so your balls hurt, you’re not going to get them massaged around here, much less a boo boo kiss on them, so quit crying, and get your ass up!"

Armstrong turns to me, “Lieutenant, do you want to show us a little something?”
I walk over and help Colby up. Oh boy, I’m going to love this, Colby stumbles up to his feet still hanging on to his nuts. Colby has only a pained expression on his face.

Armstrong puts his hand on Colby's shoulder, “Now Colby, pay attention, you might even learn something.”

Standing directly in front of him, “Now attack me.”
“Like how?” still holding his nuts.

Armstrong egging him on, “Don’t be a dumb ass, and let go of your balls and attack the Lieutenant, I know you want to!”

He massages his nuts a bit more before saying something stupid, "Lieutenant, I got to warn you, I’ve got more than 30 kills in hand to hand combat. I’m a seasoned veteran of three tours, so I’ll try and take it easy on-" he lunges and holds me in a bear hug, my feet leave the mat as he lifts me, he’s smiling, "How’s that Lieutenant, what are you going to do now? Huh, what are you -"

I head butt him and he quickly drops me, before he can do anything I speedily grab his arm and flip him to the mat. Finishing him up with an arm bar, there are screams of pain followed by tapping the mat. So I release him, Colby is holding his arm groaning, “My arm! My arm! I think you pulled it out of place!”

“Let me see your arm, raise it up and tell me if it hurts?”
Colby still on his back, his legs raised and bent like a dying cockroach. He slowly raises his arm up, gritting his teeth fighting the pain.
I quickly grab his arm and yank it. Colby let’s out a blood-curdling scream. I pull him up to his feet.
“There, it feels better doesn't it?” patting his back.
He moves his arm around, his pained racked expression on his face is gone.
“Yeah, shit it does feel better, thanks Lieutenant.”
“Happy to have been of service.”

Colby winks at me, “Now can you make my balls feel better?”
Armstrong cuts in, “Colby get your balls over to Loo again!”
“Shit!” Colby screams.
Loo waves him over, “Come over my little bug.”
Armstrong teasing," Yeah, Loo will take care of you and your balls."
“Please, I want to have kids someday!” Colby limps back over to Loo holding his crotch.

“Colby, it should be illegal for you to multiply anyway,” Armstrong yells into Colby's ear.


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