Reality Wave - Hitler's Secrets - Chapter 42

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I step back from Mr. Jackson just to keep his creepy hand away from me, “This Reality Wave technology, I understand it was taken from the frozen city above.”

Mr. Jackson takes a pipe from his desk and lights it, "Yes, Hitler had moved it down here to study. With it, he could reach into other realities. It was instrumental in helping him develop his Wonder Weapons. Let’s take a little tour as I fill in the rest of the blanks.”

Mr. Jackson leads us down the hallway, we pass expansive bay windows through which massive technology labs are observed in heavy production. Huge metal security doors slide open in front of us. We follow Mr. Jackson into a giant hangar where saucer-type aircraft of various sorts are on display. "With Reality Wave, Hitler gained super science from dimensional entities in trade for his help in enabling them to break through the firmament to plague our world once again. Using their advanced knowledge, he was able to build saucer craft implementing the electromagnetic grid of the flat earth. This is much of the fleet he created. Never got to use them in the war.

My temper rises as I look upon this astounding ancient super technology. “So what’s the excuse in keeping this all secret. This technology could advance mankind by leaps and bounds.”

“Powerful men with a self-serving agenda, or in other words, the raw naked lust of power and greed.” Mr. Jackson responds.

I could almost swear I saw fangs protruding from his mouth when he said that.

Mr. Jackson continues, "Hitler and the Nazis made contact with the Reptilians during an expedition here, and somehow cut a deal with them and moved in. He chose this location mainly because his other secret development bases were being bombed constantly by allied forces. So he needed a base that was completely away from Germany and totally secret. When our forces finally raided the base at the end of the war, they ran into a company of Waffen SS; Hitlers personal guard. They put up a bitter fight to the last man. They were guarding an underground geothermal lake where a few subs were docked, speculation of Hitler making a getaway to Argentina came up. After all, why were the Waffen SS here? When they searched the lower levels of the base they unexpectedly found most everything intact.”

“In fact they found several hundred German scientist down here waiting to be captured. As war criminals they knew they would eventually be hunted down and captured anyway. So they cut a deal with us, in exchange for their freedom, they would complete the development of their high tech super weapons. Later many of the German Scientist were sent to the United States under "Operation Paper Clip". They were used to set up NASA, and continued to develop rocket technology, not for space travel as advertised, but to continue feeding the fairy tale of a globe Earth to the masses. A movie studio head was NASA’s first director. He was chosen because basically NASA is a movie studio. Sound stages, model builders, camera crews, actors, plenty of actors. The rockets they launched always ended up in the ocean. NASA in Hebrew means “To deceive,” wait till the masses find out their money was stolen for decades," he laughs.”

Shiny metallic doors electronically re-open into the Biological Lab. I'm astounded by the vast number of transparent cylinders with creatures and humanoid figures floating in illuminated blue glowing liquid. Lab technicians are busy at work with biological diagrams and scrolling data on flat screen monitors lining the lab walls.

Mr. Jackson stands before us as a master showman would, “This is my Bio Lab, where all the magic happens, Lieutenant with your Biological Science background you should really enjoy this. Let me introduce you to my collection of Extra Dimensional Biological Entities”

I'm absolutely shocked by what I'm being presented, as many of these entities have been woven into our pop culture, everything from Werewolves, Gnomes, Fairies, and Gremlins to Big Foots, Centaurs and Unicorns, they’re all here!

I quip, “This looks more like Ripley's believe it or not museum. I almost want to ask, where's the two headed baby.”

Mr. Jackson laughs,“Great since of humor you got there, your going to need it” as he takes us through the first row of strange creatures, “Actually we do have some multi-headed, as well as two headed entities. We’ve cataloged hundreds of various types of entities, as you can see, this first roll consist of Reptilians.”

“Demons, from the depths of Hell, Satan's army,” is all that can leave my lips as I view these once unseen entities now in our reality.

“Well Lieutenant, I am a scientist and I view everything within a scientific parameter. So you can refer to these entities as you will. However these entities do not belong in our reality frame, they're still invaders in our enclosed environment.”

We soon surround a capsule encasing a 12 foot tall winged demon. Its razor sharp fangs resembling a T-Rex. Armored scales cover the 800 pound body. Curved 6 inch long claws.
I can feel my heart rate increase.

Mr. Jackson folds his arms, “When these entities take physical mass in our reality they become vulnerable to our weapons. So many of them use technology from their own reality to protect themselves.”
I tap on the glass, "Last time I saw one of these, it was breathing down my neck,” I notice large penetrating torso wounds, “Who’s the good shot?”

Tarver replies, “It just came in, listed as being killed in a underground tunnel battle. It’s cataloged as a Draconian, but fallen angel sounds good to me,” he smiles at me.

I give him a thumbs up. I think it is so cute he sticks theses little hints promoting my beliefs. I know he has a long history with Mr. Jackson, the fact that he is willing to ruffle that a bit is so amazing, maybe he really likes me.


It is interesting to read about Hitler. The German people will have a holiday on May 8.

You really covered alot. Nice links attached

Thanks, some like to go back to fill in some of the blanks.

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