The Story of My Life so Far - Part 84 - Syrille arrives in France

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This is the story of my life so far: 68 years and counting.
Prequel: A Brief History of my Family in France

The story starts here
Previous episode: Part 83

After we left Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1982, my brother in law, Louis, stayed to finish his degree, a bachelor of commerce.
He met Sharon, a medical student, born in Jamaica. They got engaged.
However, Sharon's parents did not think that she should marry Louis.
So, they decided to get married in France, in the town of Saint-Symphorien, near Niort, where his brother Xavier lived with his family.

So, friends and family came from Canada and Cameroon, for the wedding that was celebrated just before Christmas 1986.
In particular, Louis and Geneviève's sister Do (Scholastique) and her husband Pius came from Douala. And they came with Madel's son, Syrille, pretending that he was their son who has approximatively the same age. Syrille was 6 years old.

Arrival of Syrille

So, one day, at 6AM, they arrived at our house in Fresnes and woke us up by ringing the bell.
We got up and welcome them.
While the three sisters and Pius were talking in their first language, Bassa, I made breakfast for Syrille.

While he was eating, I opened the blinds and he saw that the sun was rising.
That is when he asked me:

  • C'est déjà le matin? (It's already morning?)

Louis and Sharon wedding

We all went to the wedding of Louis and Sharon in Saint-Symphorien.
First the civil wedding at city hall. The poor woman that was officiating was overwhelmed with all the different countries of origin of the people present: Jamaica, Cameroon, Canada and France.
Louis was raised catholic and Sharon protestant. So, the religious wedding took place in the catholic church with a priest and a pastor officiating.

For the dinner, they had brought from Paris a Cameroonian cook who was working in an big hotel. They also had imported various meats, probably illegally, from Cameroon, including monkey meat.
However, the cook refused to start to work before he was payed, and as I was probably the only one that could, I was convinced that I should be the one that gives him money. As I remember, it cost me 3,000 Francs.

After the wedding, we drove to the Abbey with the three children: Roseline, Betty and Syrille.
When we were close to the Abbey, Roseline and Betty recognized the area and started to make some noise.
Syrille, who was sleeping, was awakened suddenly, and he was not happy about that.
He told the two girls:

  • Vous êtes des villageoises! (You are villagers!)

For him, it meant that they were not educated.

Christmas 1986

We were back in Fresnes before Christmas, and I realized that I had no gift for Syrille. So, I look for something significant and I bought a stuffed lion. When Syrille received it, he immediately called the lion Biniky. For a long time, he slept with Biniky in his bed.

This is how Syrille arrived in our family, and soon became my son. France was the second country where he lived; there will be two more countries.

Normally, in French, the first name is spelled Cyrille. Madel indicated that she wanted her son to have this name, but the person that made the declaration did not know the name and spelled it with an S instead of a C.

When he was a child in France and a teenager in Canada, Syrille wanted to fit in, so he spelled his first name with a C: Cyrille.
Later, he realized that he had a unique first name, and he is now spelling it with an S: Syrille.

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C'est une histoire qui s'avance bien.
Alors il me semble que vous avez aussi
bien fait pour la réussite du mariage.
Depuis si longtemps, les choses ne changent pas.
Merci pour le rappel.

Hi again Vincent, I commented on your other post and since I followed you, you came up on my feed =)

Thanks for sharing your wonderful family story and how was the transition from Canada to France?

I vaguely remember my French teacher saying that some words in French spoken in France differs from ones spoken in Canada or Quebec.

Also, Syrille and Cyrille both sound just as awesome =)

Nice story,
Why don't you publish a book??

Oh wow. This is so captivating to read. I love how you are honest in sharing about your life & experiences. You have done 83 in the past? Crazy. I will not lie I will read all of them cause I won't, but I can guarantee to follow from here on, Ime particularly interested to read more on Syrille. Great job @vcelier

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