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Major developments...

Steemit Inc CEO Ned Scott yesterday reached out to senior witnesses and community leaders with a proposal to establish some form of new governance foundation for Steem.

Meanwhile top witnesses @lukestokes and @reggaemuffin also put forward new proposals to aid the running of Steem.

The Steemit Inc powerdown of 42 million SP is currently continuing during discussions.

New Governance for Steem

Steemit Inc CEO Ned Scott yesterday put forward a proposal for the establishment of a new governance structure to oversee the governance and forward development of Steem...

A few months ago, Steemit made significant progress setting up a Foundation to support Steem sustainability.

Given the moment, it makes sense to find a person or two to fund and lead this. Is there anyone that comes to mind for you from the Steem community to lead this?

The general idea is hand the project to someone who will set up a Foundation governance that advances Steem, is transaparent, accountable -- is flexible for adopting more responsibilities as it grows. Take it through launch then launch fundraising efforts -- take it into actually executing given the funds it receives -- to which we would plan to donate a multiple of other initial donations
It is often the person most reluctant who would be best to lead
However, I believe the task should be manageable - we have contracted an organization that specializes in setting up Foundations and can manage to the goals

In response to Ned's proposal the initial planning of this new body is being led by top witness @aggroed.

The working name for the organisation is currently the Steem Alliance (or possibly the Steem Institute).

Steemit Inc will be providing some seed funding. It is believed the new organisation will be run by around 12 elected steemians.

Nominations are now open for people who are interested in standing for a position on the 'Steem Alliance'.

Full details are in this post...

Yesterday also saw a separate proposal from witness @lukestokes for a SteemDAC governance body based on the eosDAC model...

Witness and developer @reggaemuffin also put out a post detailing another Steem governance option...

Steem Community Gathering

To provide opportunity for these various governance options and alternatives to be discussed and debated @aggroed is organising an open forum on Sunday 3 February.

This will start at 6pm UTC / 1pm EST in the PAL Discord.

It will be open to everyone.

Also in the news...

Johan Nordberg @almost-digital, initiator of the recent HardFork 21 that sparked much of the current debate, posted to explain about his reasoning behind the Hardfork...

The management of the @helpie witness has been passed into the capable hands of @isaria and @swelker101...

And Partiko has launched a first desktop version of its popular mobile app...

Partiko for the Web can be viewed at...

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This is #49 (20 Jan '19) of this daily news service.

Please let me know of any important posts or key data that should be included. Comment below or message me on Discord Pennsif#9921

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You are on my daily reading list now. I don't have the time to follow all these bloggers by myself, but you present the most important posts in just one single post which is awesome.

Great summary of all important news as always.
Thank you for keeping us updated with your posts! They are incredible!


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Thanks for sharing this pennsif. It's really difficult to keep up with all the going ons at this stage and this literally saved me a good few hours. Much appreciated!

resteemed, a wealth of up to date information! thanks for including my piece. i'm excited about the alliance and i'm glad you were nominated to be a part!

Interesting development

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It seems the time has passed!

Good to know...

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Hola amigo me parece muy bien lo que están proponiendo para mejorar stem espero los postulados sean bastante responsable y ayuden a todo lo bueno que se pueda aprovechar aquí saludos...! Y suerte

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