It's all been worth it

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I should start this post of mine by stating that it's not that I believe this is the end of the platform so to speak, but that in many ways I am at peace with everything that I've experienced and learnt since the first day I started this little journey of mine. Without a doubt, I would love to see this blockchain thrive, get over the hump and for the current challenges to become a thing of the past, but these events, this drama does not in any way invalidate everything for me, and in that sense I can still grip on to gratitude regardless of what comes next.

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As is the case with plenty of Steemians, STEEM was the first blockchain I ever got involved with deeply. Yes, I had bought a tiny bit of litecoin (I think) and had sold it almost right away, continuing this notion that I would one day be an effective day trader, a notion that I've abandoned these days and I'm happy to have done so.

It took countless hours of research before I decided to invest any money into this blockchain. I am, like many others, the type of personality that needs to understand to feel at ease with choices, and discovering the bad, the ugly, like for instance how it all got started, did not blind me to the possibilities of this place.

Without a doubt I owe more than I could ever repay to the friends I've made on here, to Aggroed for his teachings, to Ausbit for his kindness, to krystle for welcoming me to PAL as if we had been friends for years and happened to run into each other online again. MSP became a home, a place for me to learn from others, to network and the community that made this whole thing make sense.

I only say this, because when I look at our current situation and imagine what would happen to me if it was all to end, I can't help but to shake myself back into reality and accept that as much as it would hurt to "lose it all", I would actually have lost nothing, not really. Life would continue, the people I care about would still exist, and if we are lucky enough and time allows, we would find ways to stay in touch, even if this place went dark.

If I can think of that possibility, if I can imagine a world without STEEM and be at peace, then I know that regardless of what happens with Ned, with the drama, with Steemit Inc, everything I've experienced has been well worth it. After all, the person I am today exists because of everything that has transpired until now, the fights, the disagreements, the laughters, the friendships, the projects I got involved in, the ones I got left out of, etc.

So you could say that I'm choosing to measure my time here, my efforts, my successes and my failures in something a little more palpable than satoshis.

Now, this doesn't mean I'm leaving by the way, I'm sticking around and I'll see where the road leads. All I'm trying to say is that I'm choosing not to hold my breath as if STEEM is the only thing there is, the only choice I have, and that however many tokens I can collect is the only valuable measurement of my experience here. After all, the world is a lot bigger than one blockchain, and the true asset this blockchain has was never it's tech or the company that developed it, it was the people who where here, the people who still are here in spite of it all.


Exactly my friend! :)
We are here for the journey and with a purpose much bigger than this chain! And I am living it right now with my community...
Grande abraço! ;)

It's awesome you are keeping on keeping on brother!

o melhor pra voce amigo

Ah @meno in many ways im glad to read this post. Many people need to change their relationships with steem so that it is healthy for both themselves and for the block. I know the situation has gotten you down, like it has done with many others. To those i say take a good look around you. Life is going on, enjoy the good stuff. If we focus on what we cant control, our lives will become consumed with negativity. STEEM ON

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thank you for the talk Paula <3


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After all of the drama and panic, in a few years we will be on Steem Blockchain and laugh at this moments and doubts we had ;)

Steem isn't and never will be perfect, but we have built something here that I would love to see continue and grow. I'd hope that STINC and the community can achieve this by working together. There are bound to be personality conflicts, but that's part of the challenge. If we just keep fighting then something else will come along and grab the limelight.

THE PEOPLE BELIEVING MADE IT TO WHAT IT IS NOW, i also wont know what the future Will bring, barely here a year, and getting around without asking my onboarder all sorts off questions and definitions.
Made friends all over the world and planning trips to meet them too, had two friends being ill, and followed their process! Stond by their side,
It kinda scares that those could all change in the near future, BUT
i choose to ignore, do my thing to the bitter end and hope for the best.
It give me the least headache, so i wish you the same and hopefully we Will be here for a very long time.
Have a great sunday
Gr. Britt

Beautiful, well said!
I am here for the people like you :)

Great perspective as we often forget of the less tangible side of things we participate in! We spend time and money on so many other places with nothing in return and are fine... I guess this happens when we do get a taste of what success looks like (when Steem was at $8)!

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Here here! Life philosophy at it's finest.

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There are really nice alternatives like and that are growing wonderful communities. Also is really good. And guess what, the rewards distribution mechanism on all of them is waaaay better and fairer than any other day on Steem.
See you there!

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