Never let a good drama go to waste....Ned's under pressure...An Irish themed Sunday

in #bloglast year

You know me , always sensitive to what's going on....I didn't want to just go crashing around like a bull in china shop.
Or a Korean one, for that matter....
I wonder whats going on behind the scenes at the moment with steem, and samsung...?

Tongues are wagging and speculation is abound...

So I thought I'd add my two cents as seems rude not to on a happy Sunday afternoon..

Any likeness to real persons or events, living or dead, is purely coincidental

@NED (it would be hard to do a Ned parody without him..)
@PAULAG (obliquely, but we all know...)
@WHATSUP ('cos she loves the attention...)
...and many others!!!....(or not...that might just well be a click bait sentence...)



May you make whale someday, my friend, for the giggles you bring to the blockchain. Must reattach my arse, as it was laughed off! 😎

Thank you... very much!

(are you flirting with me? lol)

This post has been included in the latest edition of SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

lol! - Cheers, matey!

Purely coincidental.

And, don't dig up the potato plot... that's where the bodies are buried.

I don't really know all the Steemit politics but that was pretty funny.
Especially Samsung Makes Trillions for SMTs

That one just popped into my head....

Lol this gave me a good giggle, we all need one right now. Scary Irish woman 😂😂 whats more funny is some people probably think that.

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We re sending @paulag off for the next round of Brexit negotiations. The British : “we love exports . Exports are key to success” @paulag “but you re just lost 70% of them . The British . [gulp] [awkward of awkward silences]

That was funny as hell, makes me wish my wifi was steady enough to watch it outside.


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