Until I am sure I only vote for LOYAL witnesses - I have removed them!

This is non-negotiable.

As I have stated on my witness-account I will continue this mantra - this time as a StakeHolder.

If you want my witness-vote, you have to declare that you are going to stay loyal to the integrity of the STEEM blockchain and not try to hardfork STEEM into a pirate-chain were a portion of the FOUNDERS stake is removed.

You can make your pledge public in the comments below, and I will make sure to read them out loud on http://SteemSpeak.com and let my council/hivemind/think tank give me their peer review if you are legit or just trying to get a witness-vote worth over 2 Gigavest (from the @luq account)

Most of you have shown really poor judgement for the entire time I have known you, so your trust-level is average around 3 of 10. As of this post. Time to boost those numbers by declaring the right thing and rejecting the wrong things!


@fyrstikken / @fyrst-witness
Stakeholder / BlockProducer



when you consider STEEMIT inc has cashed out $150 million USD already!
who is really stealing and helping to facilitate ?!

its funny because the near zero cost majority holding steemit inc and co started with(called marketing fund) and used to exploit reward system and build up up vote bots had been used to extract wealth from the masses (STEAL) who had invested in STEEM under false pretenses and promises,

its only right that something is done to incentivise STEEMIT INC into providing the basic product and service they had been advertising since the beginning

Yea there is a reason I blocked you in Discord.

scammers dont like those that spread truth

If you are calling me a scammer, you better have some proof.

lol thanks for the flags

while you might not directly be scamming you help scammers make money and defend with nonsense statements as below


Sure, let me know if you need some more. I don't argue with idiots.

censorship is the key to scam success

I have already posted my declaration here: https://steemit.com/statement/@yabapmatt/re-therealwolf-public-witness-statement-therealwolf-20190118t180401998z

I consider the situation to be very simple and I really don't understand why there has been so much fuss over it. Anyone who would like to remove Steemit, Inc's stake can just create a non-contentious fork which would create a new chain and a new token. Call it SteemCash, SteemSV, SteemNotIt, or whatever you want, and make whatever changes you want to it. Then people are free to decide which chain they want to support.

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Simple as that, but who will join him or them? And who will do all the work?

That's up to the people starting the new chain to find developers and get people to join them. It's a tall task for sure, but the point is simply that if anyone doesn't like something about a certain blockchain platform, they are free to create a new version of it that they think is better. Absolutely none of this drama would have happened if that's the route that had been discussed.

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And how long before someone just forks it again removing them?

You're a little fucking pansy bitch. Pull Ned's cock out of your slobbery, drunken mouth.

Pathetic @fyrstikken, pathetic.

You're a little fucking pansy bitch. Pull Ned's cock out of your slobbery, drunken mouth.

Pathetic @fyrstikken, pathetic. - @beaniesanders 2019

Go Forth My Bots.png

I've supported Ned's decision to act as he did against the threat to steal the stake (as I posted about when it happened). And I posted in contradiction to many of the top witnesses asking to #stopthepowerdown, as he can power down if he wants, his choice. I don't have a problem with it. Who can blame someone for trying to protect their stake when it's being threatened to be stolen? Regardless, he could have powered down at any point and I wouldn't have asked him to stop.

I may not like some of the decisions (or lack thereof) from Steemit Inc, not doing things that should be done, but I would never support a confiscation of their stake.

I'm also building a community app, and welcome all the support I can get for the work I'm doing to help the platform and community go in the right direction. A vote for @krnel is a good vote for a witness in my opinion, but I'm biased ;)

I have also chosen to help the lower rank witnesses and vote for them instead of higher ranked witnesses, which is why I only have witness votes cast for witnesses rank 60 and lower (last time I checked).

Take care. Peace.

@crimsonclad talked about it live for hours, wrote about it in Steemspeak, other servers, and slack, but since I have not written about it myself in any of these places I can see why you might still be wondering. So let me state unequivocally that @crimsonclad nor myself have ever had any intention to fork any account and/or stake off the Steem blockchain. @crimsonclad and my job as a witness is to support and SECURE the Steem blockchain, and I feel very strongly that we always have and will continue to do so.

Though I believe the concentration of stake in Steemit accounts is an issue, I believe forking those accounts' stake away would create ten times the issues and delegitimize Steem as a network.

What about a soft cap, ala the whale experiment.
No need to confiscate coins, just nullify their ability to break proof of brain, and force proof of wallet on us?

What's your position on EIP in HF21?

Time to remove some of my witness votes.

I couldn't resist these eyes.
Aj'mo Balkan!

Samo jako - širimo se polako!!

Hvala :)

Had to sleep while waiting for comments to pop in here - you have been voted back in my Brother in Steem.

Thanks mate :)

The Steem Alliance was born out of recent events and I think it is a great step forward, Steemit is looking to decentralise some of its stake into this foundation which is a big win for Steem and its public perception. Most credible blockchains have a foundation and us having reached this point is great progress, communication from Steemit has also improved and that is a key factor for growth as well. I stand by the Steem Alliance and believe that co-operation with Steemit is paramount to the success of the Steem network and I see no reason to fork the chain if such a symbiotic and beneficial understanding exists.

The ostensible "pirate fork" pretty much looks like the equivalent of a "hostile takeover" in the corporate world... and Ned did precisely what companies facing a hostile takeover attempt tend to do when it happens: He took defensive action.

And people want to label him a "bad actor" for doing that? That's just nuts. He may not be the "leader" everyone wants, but that doesn't grant anyone license to leverage him out of his stake in that manner.

Well, if that is how you see it - then I am a co-owner of this blockchain, and as the bad actor I am, bring my smith and wesson to the duel, when Mad Dog Tannen give me no choice.

I am a leader - take my leadership at http://steemspeak.com and find out why I am not interested in Money nor Power - yet I am wealthy rich and Much Powerful in the eyes of others.

In my own eyes, I am looking forward to have more, because it allows me to repair a lot more little houses from the colonial time, and move people back iinto them.

As a good actor, I dunno .- Being the Bad Boy on TV has always paid me the best.

edit: posted from wrong account - this is @fyrst-witness / @fyrstikken

That might hold weight if you didnt rage block dissenters,...just sayin'.

No one is blocked. On occasion some are but typically unblocked within a relatively short time.

Yeah? I got booted from two different discords for daring to speak something the rageaholic got angrier about, to wit, bidbots should require that buyers decline rewards.
The second discord wasn't even his.

I don't like playing 'off wit 'is 'ead' with rage monsters, thanks.
If you don't like how the conversation is going stifling dissent is not gonna help, imo.

He only has one .. SteemSpeak and like I said no one gets banned for long. He does rage From time to time but all are free to speak their mind. It’s the most honest group of thinkers I’ve come across. Also I’ve typically only heard him rage at people who WURDplay but most awkward come back. It’s what I’ve observed in my 6 months around fyrst. You’ve been around longer so different perspectives.

Yes, i was one of the earliest members of his discord.
I got an account specifically to join his server.
But, i prefer not to exist there at the whim of a tyrannt, ive spent my whole life pushing back against those.
I doubt he could convince me to come back with a sincere apology, but that isnt in his nature, that i have seen.
People who throw tantrums when other people dont think what he feels they should are not worth saving.
I know because i had to kill that person within me.

I already know it wasnt his discord that i got kicked out of for saying the same thing that got me kicked out of his, it occured within hours of each other.
I have no doubts to the connection.

Dat Viking!

Agree. Good point.

sorry to reply here (this is @meno) you asked me about our position on the fork, we wrote about it.

Thought I would leave you the link.



Exactly !
Acting like an idiot doesn't give you any license to steal off them...

not sure you are correct. the community at large has more invested in steem in time and energy by sheer numbers at this point. there is just no way a small group of folks can justify their stake given their lack of leadership, interested and interaction (or lack there of) with the community.

at least from my perspective, it is like ned is very hostile to the steem community. how is that good or reasonable? why is he not in it, a part of it? what is every thing so muddled?

why do they allow bots? it is clear in the user agreement/white paper this isn't allowed (except cheetah and such)

feels pretty weird to be in a boat when the captain refuses to interact with the crew. a mutiny is inevitable.

Yes I’d like to know which witnesses are proposing and backing such a move. And which ones are not.

It would definitely influence my witness vote.

Is there a single post that shows this?

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Fun fact: no one supported it, it was only discussed. This entire situation has been blown out of proportion and now you just have people claiming the moral high ground to try to make themselves look better.

Thank you for confirming. What a shit show.

Sometimes people need to climb up on that moral high ground.

Yeah, and when they do they shouldn't be spreading rumors and making false claims. That only corrupts the high ground and misleads people into believing things that are untrue.

Hey @fyrstikken,

to quote the @ausbitbank
"I lost your vote despite committing not to fork :(" nor any other notice that would cause this action...

However, enjoy whale life :)


I will not try to hardfork STEEM into a pirate-chain were a portion of the FOUNDERS stake is removed.

I stand behind the statement above.

Well, stem.witness is by us, SteemSTEM - it's in the name. We've been working our arses off unpaid for 2+ years for Steem. The value means little to us personally, but everything to those in the community we've built (that covers 7 languages from Spanish to Chinese).

Throwing that all away by either moving to a fork, or the effects of the fork causing destructive outcomes is too risky for us. Let me have a stable blockchain for once so I can actually bring outside investors in, dang it!


I would never do that and I don't think it will happen any way - so I didn't bother to make a statement.... Oh... Am I too late for the vote?

First of all I must say that I'm in witness game for only about 3 months, but in these three months there has been so much drama - that I am kind of glad to witness, otherwise I would probably miss most of it.

Now... What I don't like about Ned is that he keeps giving promises and keeps breaking them - and the final drop happened with cancelling live stream and never appearing again (except for blockbrothers breaking the rumor posts that he is alived and not Overdozed).
However, personally I don't need Ned every sunday or any other day on discord talking about - his time is valuable, and these talks and interviews can be time consuming. Means to comunicate with communities and people of steem(it) is steemitblog, if there would be an update once in 10 days I would be more than happy.

Now as I already stated in my post regarding the fork, I was totally against it, and would never support it. And we can say whatever we want steemit is the reason why the Steem blockchain is functioning - we can dream that we have awesome developers, engineers, technicians but - they are miles ahead of force of regular mortals, maybe not even that drastical with skills but they are spending tons of money to run all the nodes.

Steem is there to be used, anyone can do with it however they want, and I bet that I would do the same and probably come for retribution soon after(maybe it is coming? :)).I will try to power up as much as I can do to promote steem and crowdsourcing activities on it.

We plan to bring to whole company project here but there will be announcement about that as soon as all the pieces fall together.

I would like you to consider voting for @crowdwitness, apart from crowdmind it supports local community projects like @teamserbia and @yu-stem.

you know when i got here, i thought witnesses ran things.

not it seems they have no say.

how can you accept that position? how can you say ned breaking promises is 'ok'? at what point are you frustrated that our leadership here is completely lacking any interaction with the community... and in fact fears it, possibly hates it...

Well, in a way top 20 witnesses run things, which can be shuffled easily as we saw it recently. Others can say anything, but if you don't have a big stake - no matter what you have to offer for Steem ecosystem you will probably be ignored - but it is fine, it's all real life and reflection of it here.

how can you accept that position? how can you say ned breaking promises is 'ok'? t what point are you frustrated that our leadership here is completely lacking any interaction with the community... and in fact fears it, possibly hates it...

I never stated that I am okay with that, but I can understand it. Many projects are stalled, abandoned or failed because they counted on delivery of hivemind/communities/SMT... but delays happen all the time.

As a professional astrophysicist, I am waiting for James Webb ST for almost all my career - you always have some drawbacks and hiccups in the game changing projects - it wouldn't be normal without it.

There should have been communication from Ned's side before everything that followed... but taking over someone's property is a big NO - no matter what happens... if they are not satisfied with it, why they don't make it better instead of threating and forking out people. Aren't blockchain here to improve security and avoid paying so much taxes to the banks?

if ned ignores the witnesses... then we have no representation.

There should have been communication from Ned's side before everything that followed

when has there been communication ever? when i first got here, one of the things i found interesting was that ned apparently scrubbed his history from steemit database!

so basically he violated the permanent record that i thought steemit was suppose to be if he could do that.

at the time, which was a while ago, it seemed legit, you can correct me if i'm wrong.

your right klevn, it's surprising how hostile people are to their own democratic rights... clearly this has never happened on steem nor will it ever be the case.

just like real life! crazy how it seems to mirror it.

Steemit and steem are not the same thing. Everything anyone has ever done, including ned, is still available on STEEM, that can not be scrubbed. The permanent record is not violated.

I just voted you as a witness!

Appreciate the initiative, fyrst.

I've made my stance on the matter very clear via this post: https://steemit.com/statement/@therealwolf/public-witness-statement-therealwolf

TL;DR: I'm against forks of that kind, which are threatening the property of stakeholders. If someone wants to have a blockchain without Steemit Inc., they could create a new one, from scratch, airdrop the tokens to everyone except Steemit Inc and people then could choose which to support. But I won't support it on the main-chain. Now, I also want to see more from Steemit Inc, but putting a gun to their head won't result in any positive outcome. Rather, searching communication and being willing to co-operate is the way to go in my opinion. (If that's not an option, nobody is forced to keep their stake on Steem, everybody can sell if they're dissatisfied.)

New chain with airdrop isn't materially any different from a fork. The only difference is a matter of branding (ie. does the new chain claim to be "Steem", does it try to get exchanges to recognize it as the STEEM ticker etc as the legitimate 'STEEM'), or does it forge its own path getting onto exchanges with a new name and ticker etc.

new chain with airdrop is fine - no problem with those - but to fork this main chain like suggested... Cannot support such a heist.

All forks are "new chains". Every new block is a "new chain". New chain vs fork is splitting hairs, especially when an airdrop results in the same accounts and balances carrying over.

new chain meaning new asset symbol, so people could move on if they wanted to, but Steemit Inc (or other accounts) wouldn't just be kicked out of the main chain.

That's fair. A straight fork can and usually does usually have a new symbol, name, ticker etc if there's a split. Sometimes the original chain (or technically the branch without rule changes) is the one that's forced to change name due to less social consensus, such as in the case of Ethereum Classic.

new asset symbol like @therealwolf said, a new chain_id in the code, different infrastructure, new relationships with exchanges etc has nothing to do with Steem blockchain and it will be similar to various Etherium forks

If it has the accounts and balances copied over from Steem, it absolutely has something to do with Steem, the most important and substantial things.

This post has been included in the latest edition of SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

Well said, sir!

I agree, we need trustworty & loyal witnesses💪

A mutiny against steemitinc and nullifying their stake is not good for the integrity of the platform and must be stopped before it even begins. @fyrstikken

I learn something new on steemit every day. Please inform me if I am wrong, but does your witness vote carry more significance if I have high steem power.

the more steempower you got/own/rent - the more impact you have in post/comments/witness voting. Yes.
This account has about 1 million SteemPower dedicated only for witness voting.

Hey there Fyrst (and counsil),

As you can read in our short statement here:
we are opposed to any fork that will freeze, remove or steal anyone's stake.

Talk of which is a simple matter of destroying any credibility and trust that comes with blockchain technology.

We've asked for your support before and as always, we hope the @luq account (and the counsil behind it) will consider us as we've got nothing to hide. No smoke and mirrors, no man behind the curtain. We are open and transparent about anything we do.

Kind regards,


I'm loyal to the chain and won't hardfork.... What is this? Some trumpian style effort to enforce control? LoL. The chain takes care of itself... If someone wants to be a little pissant and go fork and split the system... Who knows which one I'll use... Probably not Bitcoin cash, nor ether classic... Wait yes ether classic.. or was it lisk.. no, definitely shift nrg.
Whatever works when the dust settles, yeah, that one!!!
But my stance, don't take anyone's coins, that's rucked up.

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But my stance, don't take anyone's coins, that's rucked up.

On the same chain with the same chain_id, token name etc - but a different chain is quite possible too.

I agree, no fork. No steem Cash.

I am with Fyrst!! Until the end of time!!

Hii my friend @fyrstikken. I already message you and booster but no response. 2 days passed i have send a bid to @booster but still no recieved any vote or refund. So kindly check the matter and resolve the issue. I am a big fan of you and your services here for community.
Here is a screenshot of

talk with @thedegensloth about booster, @fyrstikken has left the keys with him to run/operate things while he is busy making STEEM great with the good forces on this platform.

I’m with fyrst!! Minuscule stake compared to a whale but still a stake.

@fyrstikken: This is good. I have written a public statement on my stand. Further, I am not "anonymous". Over the last 1 year, we came across many things and in the post I have back-linked to original posts rather than new theories. This I feel is very important as there has to be a clear understanding of the scenarios to decide on any problem. The understanding may not be 100% true or complete but, once we make it public, its open for anyone to read, criticise and request to change if wrong.

Promise to the STEEM stake holders & community as a witness

EDIT: Thank you for the confirmation and the support :-)

I believe in Steemit and I want things to continue for the best.

I Am Powering Up!

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I had already made my statement here https://steemit.com/steem/@drakos/my-statement-concerning-the-potential-steemit-inc-accounts-freeze
I do not support forking out or freezing anyone's account(s) because it goes against the immutability of a blockchain.

Are there any problems on STEEM IT? We are still new, and don't want to invest in an dead road... still have to read anything, but it seems 1 of the founders cashed out?

I would never do that. It would cause so many problems it's unthinkable. I don't know who the idiots were that even suggested that in the "secret" slack discussions on our "transparent" blockchain, but that's a really bad idea.

I, @dmitrydao, will not in any way, run a version of steemd on my servers as a Witness, that are risking the funds of any account. I will stay loyal to the integrity of the STEEM blockchain and not try to hardfork STEEM into a pirate-chain were a portion of the FOUNDERS stake is removed.

I believe in entrepreneurial spirit of Steem community and the values it follows since the beginning. There could be a faster execution from the core team but I know how it feels to be behind the schedule. New features and clear communication are both solvable things. It can happen fast if executed correctly.

As a witness, I am committed to offer more use cases for Steem as a payment method and leverage the identity layer for a single log-in into apps, games, marketplaces, blogging networks and online stores.

I will support decisions that will not hurt this amazing project, its community, witnesses and stakeholders. I believe that technology behind Steem is phenomenal but the people behind it should be valued even more.

I agree and I pulled my witness votes. I cant support the computer that is doing a job. Because of the person who is running it. Thats 2019! Really proud... I wish we could just fork the computers and the people apart. Steem would run fine without all of the vanity.

Looks like I am late to the party but for the record, I would also add that @steempress would not vote for a fork that would remove the stake of an account under any circumstances.

Imo, this whole troll of a proposal has already received far more attention than it deserved, and I consider the resulting drama to be behind us. With that being said, of all the tools that witnesses possess to ensure the security of the blockchain, forking away stake that is perceived as not being used the way the witnesses would want is not one of them.

So... I can fork Steem now that you removed your vote? ;) maybe TokenBB coin with community forums for the masses? Want to invest ;)?

Loyal to Steemit INC != Loyal to the platform. I feel the witnesses need to have a Sword Of Damocles at their disposal so they can safe the platform by (the threath of) destroying the blockchain (and the stake of major stakeholders that should keep it from being destroyed).