The birth of DPOS Blockchain religion and the unfairness of everything.

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Being on Steem have taught me more about human behaviour than I could have learned in a lifetime in the 'real' world.

To have seen a system like the Steem blockchain grow up from its infancy to where it is now I have literary seen it all.

I have seen people say and do things I could never have even imagined.

But it mostly comes down to this:

Nothing is ever fair.

Here are some examples of this concept:

  1. Whales have a lot of stake and I have not, this is unfair.

  2. My post make no money and this person makes money, this is unfair.

  3. If you don't have the @freedom vote you can never be a top 20 witness, this is unfair.

  4. I want to play Steem Monsters but I can only play it if I pay for it, this is unfair.

  5. I used to make rewards on my blog, but not anymore, this is unfair.

  6. Steemit inc. is a private company with a lot of Stake that they mined when they created the blockchain, this is unfair.

  7. I get downvoted, this is unfair.

  8. I was given delegation by someone and now they have pulled it, this is unfair.

I can go on but I guess it's pretty clear where I'm coming from.

I think I also have muted most people that have this mindset and it makes for a more pleasurable Steem experience in general.

Being around or seeing people with a negative mindset on a daily basis will never move you forward in life.

I want to build my life for the better and I want to breath positivity.

Now luckily for us most people on Steem are very awesome people.

I know this because I have met these people on Steemfest and also in meet ups.

Very upbeat people, that just get on with it. Find way to make it work. Find ways to enjoy their Steem experience.

They create, they build and try to move the Steem Blockchain forward every day.

These are the people I like and want to be around.

Not only in 'real' life, but also on the blockchain.

But with recent events has come the arrival of a new type of Steemian.

The DPOS religion believer (I need to work on a better name, suggestions welcome).

With DPOS (delegated proof of stake) being around for more than a couple of years now there are people out there that now feel that they have a much better understanding about the governance of DPOS than anybody else and only their view is the correct one.

They are now ready to voice their opinions far and wide. Lessons they not even learned on the Steem Blockchain, because they don't spend much time here, but on the EOS blockchain.

And it's a sight to behold.

One of their major beefs with the Steem Blockchain is the behaviour and stake of Steemit inc. and the way they go about things.

"They will claim that everything Steemit inc. does is bad. They communicate to little, bad. They communicate too much, bad. They must power down their stake to distribute the currency, bad. They shouldn't power down to distribute the currency, bad. @ned should step down as CEO, bad. @ned should appoint another CEO, bad etc..etc.."

But what mostly rubs them the wrong way is the large stake that Steemit inc. has.

In their hearts they can't wait to freeze those accounts or get some sort of control over it to make for a 'in their minds' better blockchain fast enough.

Here's the view of a witness that was recently kicked out of the top 20 to explain what I mean:

My perspective today: Steem at this point is corrupted by the "unaccountable actor" and the premine it performed years ago. Those who still believe in Steemit Inc won't believe this - at least not yet, but that doesn't mean it's not true. A centralized actor is in control of this blockchain. Not only a centralized actor, but arguably a malicious one who does not listen to reason, ever admit fault, persists down unproductive paths, makes rash decisions without thinking them through, acts superior despite consistent failures, and also attacks the decentralized community that makes it all possible. All while there's nothing you or I can do to hold them accountable for this behavior.

So, if you still believe in Steemit inc. you automatically wrong and Steemit inc. apparently is also a potential malicious actor that is bad.

Then it get's worse:

Ask yourself, is this what you want in a system like Steem? If you're just here for the rewards, you probably don't care where it comes from. More power to ya for that, keep up your hustle. If you're here for the same reasons I am: the ideas a blockchain represents, a fundamental shift in how we can communicate and trust one another without third parties, I would hope this matters to you. There is plenty of innovation happening in this space right now, it's just unfortunate it's not here.

If you are here to make money and make something of your account you are bad. If you are here for MY REASONS you are good.

Seriously fuck off.

I don't share these sentiments at all.

For one, because we are on a blockchain I already know I can trust transactions without a third party. I trusted these transactions since I discovered bitcoin in 2013 and with Steem I have trusted them for over 2,5 years.

Second, I have zero problems with Steemit inc. having a large stake. They build this blockchain and without them this blockchain would not even be here. They are entitled to a large portion of it in the form of their stake. And remember, they can only sell it once. They can't print more STEEM after it's sold.

Also, nobody was forced to come to this blockchain to build on top of it. Everyone that is on Steem came here on their own accord. Nobody was forced to invest either. I did and many did and I don't regret it for one second.

Steemit inc. is also the only entity that are currently building the blockchain itself and I want them to be around. Yes, they make mistakes, so do I, but they have delivered HF20, Resource credits, Account Credits and Hivemind. Right now they have a simple clear roadmap of cost reduction and decentralisation of the blockchain and a bag full of lessons learned.

To call them Malicious is simply ludicrous. They make it sound like Steemit inc. have only one goal left now to destroy what they have build with their own hands. It makes no sense.

End note

I wanted to write this post because I want to make it clear that I look at this blockchain completely different.

It's the blockchain of opportunity and anybody that sees opportunity here has a chance to make something of their account.

In the last 2,5 years I have seen this blockchain transform like nothing else by people that saw this opportunity and it all happened organically and it's something to be extremely proud of.

We have more apps and tools on this blockchain than ever before and they were all build by people that weren't force to do so.

With HF20, Hivemind and the account and resource credit system implemented by Steemit inc. the Steem blockchain is now more ready for growth and to handle this growth than ever before.

This blockchain is constantly changing and transforming while it's finding it's way in the ecosystem. I love it. I can deal with it very well and I have no problem adjusting to it.

Therefor, when you consider voting for witnesses and projects in the future. I would suggest you vote for the people that are 100% dedicated to Steem because so much is happening on here it's a daily task to keep up.

Vote for the people that show up everyday and put in the work to make the blockchain grow and stronger, stay away from people that believe everything is unfair, they will just kill your mood, and keep learning, building and having fun every single day.

Have a great Sunday!

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99% of people in crypto are scammers! Only a few are fair and some are good actors! I am only looking to know those 1%

You and me both, Mammasitta!

Hahha yeah! Just the 2 of us 😉😅
Maybe it sounds a bit harsh but I am disappointed what I see and experienced those past times....there are lots of weirdos around.

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indeed :/

Most fascinating. A deep look. Indeed too many people were far too concentrated on hype and flash rather than use-case. Perhaps these lessons will have been learned for our next rise.

They build this blockchain and without them this blockchain would not even be here.

Exactly. So apart from criticizing them - I also did (and still will do) that from time to time - I feel very thankful for the opportunity they created for us all.

Yes, they make mistakes, so do I, but they have delivered HF20, Resource credits, Account Credits and Hivemind.

I hope (and think) that also the work they already did so far to create SMTs was not for nothing and could be the base for future developments.

The current situation reminds me too much of extremism, where emphatic logic is thrown away for a fanatic belief filled with narcism.

So I really appreciate your post, @exyle, which is filled with common sense and empathy, as I honestly can't take more of that other stuff.

The amount of blaming, assumptions & accusations has been way too high for me, which sadly resulted in too much unproductive time in return for a crazy amount of stress.

Don't get me wrong, discussions are usually good and valuable, but not if they loop around the same topic over and over again without real progress, especially when the participants have different core values/believes.

With that said, keep your head high @exyle. The sun is always shining above the clouds.

Indeed. Also reminds of a certain type of mentality: the Victim mentality. Where people who feel victimized no longer treat what happened as a Character Building lesson to learn from. But having bad shit happen to oneself is part of life. We must learn to become strong, not become victims.

  ·  last year (edited)

Don't let yourself believe that the talk you read will lead to bad things. I have been here since July 2016 and drama on Steem has always been here. From Dan leaving, to whale wars, to flagwars, to powerdown changes, reward pool changes, you name it! Followed by an endless amount of FUD.

The secret is to disconnect the people from the development. This is easier when you get older because with age you learn to separate the bullshit from reality. People in general talk all kinds of shit and because they have a voice on this blockchain (unlike any other blockchain) they will and if you let it get to you it causes stress. Avoid this at all costs. It's not worth it.

Every-time you feel that you doubt Steem go over the development. Visit Steem Monsters, Use Partiko, Steemhunt,, Esteem, visit state of the dapps (that you helped make happen!), Steem press and more. Look at the victories on the blockchain level like Hivemind and the resource credit system. Also remember that most Steemians want the best for Steem.

This place is growing and being build on every single day and the fact that real people use these apps to voice their opinions is a testament to how well it all works.

You are an important part in making this place better and you are one of the witnesses that deserve 100% to be in the top 20.

Keep your head up! Steem will be fine.

Not during the night

The sun is always shining somewhere in the world. And if not - it's still shining, even if we don't see it.

  ·  last year (edited)

Ned's over-reacting. We were only spitballing the idea of stealing his money and bankrupting his company. We weren't going to actually do it.
But we still might. But he should stop defending himself by powering down; but he shouldn't get to keep it powered up. He should leave it there until we've decided how we want to spend it and then we'll let him know.

lol, you win best summary!

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lol, made me chuckle!

I don't think STINC have any incentive to trash things, but they may lack competence in certain areas. Ned is a nice enough guy, but I'm not convinced he's the best person to be leading them. That said, I couldn't do a better job and it's his company, so he won't care too much about what I say. I do believe he cares about making this platform succeed, but we have to work with him on that. We should still be critical when it's warranted and I hope he will listen, but it shouldn't be done in a confrontational way. Threatening to shut his company out may not have had much chance of happening, but it sends bad signals. There are lots of differing opinions on the way forwards, but we should collaborate where possible.

There is nothing else quite like Steem that I've seen and we've built up a great community. I'd hate to see if fail after we have achieved so much.

All I want to say is thank you. Thank you for sharing this. Thank you for giving a voice to an opinion that many share but cannot voice it out themselves for various reasons.
I always thought Ned gets a lot of crap on a regular basis. He can't catch a break.
I am not someone who has a lot of in-depth knowledge like the witnesses and many other people to decide if Ned deserves it or not...
but all I know is I am thankful to Ned for creating this platform and giving so many people and ideas a place to grow from.

I enjoyed this post. Thank you, once again.

  ·  last year (edited)

One thing is certain @exyle, and that's that there are a variety of thoughts and ideas from leading figures like you, @aggroed, @inertia and @reggaemuffin.

It's a joy to read from a broad source of opinions and ideas. So thank you for sharing and I also have the opinion that people are underestimating the value of the work that @steemit and @ned has done.

This is starting to look like the Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin cash nightmare!

One of the most impassioned “rants” I can recall from you... and I agree enough that this got me to set @blockbrothers as my witness voting proxy. Keep being a positive influence and a stand up example!

Thank you for the trust of setting @blockbrohters as your proxy! I'll keep being positive!

I have read so much shit the last while, this post comes as a breath of fresh air. Most of the posts i gave read, i have not bothered responding to, thank you for giving me someone i can relate to. Enjoy your sunday 😀

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No problem! Enjoy your erm..monday! :)

It took a few days to come out, but this is the position I have been waiting to hear from the witnesses. Clear, concrete, concise and fair. Trust works both ways, but the bet part of blockchain is that it is trustless. They ain't gonna shot themselves in the foot. Glad the community is supporting what is probably best for Steem.

Well, life is not created equal..... this is unfair!

Some people are really bad at adapting. Any change that happens causes them to complain. I dont care that Steemit has the largest stake. I understand that they started this blockchain and they wanted to make sure they had.enough control of it instead of random people directing it. I also understand how they are the ones that are actually paying most of the costs of running this blockchain so better for them to secure enough resources to pay for it all instead of.letting a.bunch of random people hold most of it that dont have to pay a cent for anything here. They said they would gradually sell their stake to pay their expenses and that is.exactly what they have done. They are not perfect, but i think many people try to act like they give a.shit when.deep.down, they probably dont even care that much about the problems.

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Good to have some positivity and common sense. Thanks

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Let us trust the collective wisdom of the whole and the "computational system". Branding anybody as evil or bad will not solve any problems. Sure that if they wanted to go out of the steem blockchain, they can surely do it, but every each member of the steem community is a thinking individual.It is by nature of the community, that we, who are left here, who will stay here, have enough knowledge and understanding, and risk of this enocmomic model called steem blockchain.

I trust my witnesses, I trust the dev's. i trust myself that we can uphold this platform and make it one of the best blockchain community and economy from now on and into the future.

This is quite special. I may not say much in this post but kindly read this post to see my mindset and how it tallies with yours. Lots i learned on steem.

well put ... there seems to have been some egos at play lately. An unchecked ego can be a sad sight to see.

FYI... there are three in the top 20 without the Freedom vote.

The current Rambling Radio Schedule can be found here
It's All About Community!

FYI... there are three in the top 20 without the Freedom vote.

FYI, @freedom shares the same vote as myself for 8 of the top 20 witnesses. Those 8 would have my vote regardless of how @freedom voted. Just because a witness has @freedom's vote does not define the witness in my opinion.

didn't say Freedom's vote did or didn't carry any extra validity to the witness. The comment was in regard to @exyle's generality that one couldn't be in the top 20 without Freedom's vote and it was an FYI .. like you might not care but it's something I noticed.

  ·  last year (edited)

Ah cool. Yes my votes would support your point that there are top 20's regardless of @freedom's support. And btw @freedom's choices are pretty good by and large in my opinion.

Could not agree more. Most of the negative-mindset people gave up when the price went down, but there is still a sense of entitlement that is often voiced when times get tough.
There are some people who were coining it in when the price was high, and being criticised for their success, yet they are still here, enthusiastically putting out content, despite making a fraction of what they used to earn. No doubt when the price goes up again, the moaners will start criticising them for their success again.

I was reading that post and some other related ones this morning. I had similar thoughts to yours!!

Good to know I'm not alone!

Absolutely man!!

Name suggestion for you @exyle : The Apostles of DPOS

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Mark @exyle, Yes Steem will be Just Fine. This is a Great Time to Frolic Like a Dolphin in the Sea..................

Yeah ! Nice


Mark it's like I'm talking to my little brother hahaha, one thing what I thought when i came to this blockchain was.... ok now everybody knows how much I have here. You know how people are where does he do it from oh look at his car... the grass is greener at the neighbours. .........

Now we go back aaaages one of the ten comentments are thei shall not envy your neighbours that is the 10th comentment. We are in the years of enlightment but we haven't learned anything all those years and I'm sick of it really I'm in bed with a headache the whole weekend so no it wasn't a hangover 😂🤣 but really everyone grow up what if a newbee reads this and think ok I'm working to get steam and a patch later I can lose all of it because of my idea's? Now that's a good commercial of steem. So I'm investing thousands of euros and I can lose it in a patch... or is this just a one April joke?

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If you are here to make money and make something of your account you are bad. If you are here for MY REASONS you are good.

I think this is a bit of a misrepresentation, he didn't say anything about people trying to make money here bad, or his reasons being good. He literally said, if you're here for the same reasons as me, this should be important to you.

Otherwise, I agree. I still think stinc is an unaccountable actor, but not, intentionally or not, malicious.

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Best post of 2019.
Thank you Exyle. This is exactly what I feel about the last things.

Thank you!

While I was not here in the beginning, I can really say that most of the developments done so far have been able to add to the broadening and flexibility of the ecosystem. Since the tides have turned, all participants need to adapt to the new reality and work together to deliver innovation and development for the progress of the protocol, not the division of it. Everyone is part of the equation because that is the goal if we want a truly decentralized community in the future.

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While I feel like communication could have been handled better in the past, I don't really have any beef with anyone at Steemitinc. I basically just try to keep my head down and do my own thing. All of the stuff that happens behind the scenes isn't really going to impact my when or what I post. I am focused on delivering the best content and I can and everything else is really out of my control.

You voice the same thoughts I have. I've seen many crypto enthusiasts easily turning into a bunch of a totally new breed of entitled communists. DPOSer ( as in Decentralized Poser) would be a good name to call them. There are no perfect system even thoguh there can be perfect individuals. Any system c be corrupted. When agenda gets mixed with the Non Aggression Principle we have things like the Bitcoin drama and things are creeping onto other blockchains too.

When it comes to understanding these people I consider Eric Hoffer to be the best person to look for. I consider him to be "The Greatest American Philosopher of 20th Century That Nobody Talks About". If you have time please give this article a read.

"The real "haves" are they who can acquire freedom, self-confidence, and even riches without depriving others of them. They acquire all of these by developing and applying their potentialities. On the other hand, the real "have nots" are they who cannot have aught except by depriving others of it. They can feel free only by diminishing the freedom of others, self-confident by spreading fear and dependence among others, and rich by making others poor."

"To know a person's religion we need not listen to his profession of faith but must find his brand of intolerance."-

"The sick in soul insist that it is humanity that is sick, and they are the surgeons to operate on it."

You'll find few more quotes here. Glad to see a good voice of reason around.

I wanted a pony for Christmas and I didn't get it... that's NOT fair!

Anyway, the developments that I have seen here have been in a positive direction (I've been here a bit over a year now). When I first arrived, there was pretty much NO support for noobs. On a technical level, I can't really speak much about it as I'm aware that I don't know much about the backend compared to those who are knee deep in the workings of it... and I am not going to succumb to Dunning-Kruger now!

From the curation side of things, I'm a touch worried about this idea that the masses know best. I've seen that networking and get automated support trumps actual ability in certain things... but that isn't too different to the real world!

As for the blogging side of things, I can only say... I would never have expected anyone to give me 10 cents for reading anything that popped out of my head... so I'm pretty happy at the roughly 1 USD that seem to roughly get on a daily basis... it's a tad more than I would give myself!

I whole-heartedly agree with your end statement. Commitment and belief in STEEM is what we want in our witnesses, this doesn't mean blind dedication either. However, this is a new world, we do need to discover and build the structures that we have taken for granted in other more established systems.

Hahaha epic post @exyle! Love the sentiment of it

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I feel like Pandora's box has been opened.

  ·  last year (edited)


I did not read your whole post, but I can tell you that Steem exposes you to real life with all the drama and intrigues. Also, everything is Pareto.
If you like to be nannied, go to Facebook.

Gracias tus argumentos me sirvió, para entender mejor este ecosistema, la participación es fundamental.

Some great lessons to learn from the crypto sphere

Hi, @exyle!

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Do you think people thinking those things is unfair?

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  ·  last year (edited)

I'd imagine that this positive message is a bit easier to write from the top tier with lots of high level support. It's a good post in general, albeit potentially a little insensitive to those who struggle for scraps after more than enough quality effort and genuine engagement to warrant more success.

Anyway, I'm legitimately wondering about how you have a such a positive view of Steem and Steemit, etc., and how great it and its people can be... with a solid stake, and 17K followers, but only follow 68 people. I strongly believe there are a lot of good people who could use some outreach/engagement outside of witness work, a small niche of people you may actively follow, and these posts directly. You know, like personal SteemFest-level outreach and interaction, but on the blockchain regularly.

Also, is quickly muting/erasing people who may be having a hard time versus trying to encourage them truly the best approach? That's cutting off a lot of potential quality adopters who may be able to be quality Steemians in your eyes with a little bit more than the mute option.

Nice share of information.

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