Steem's Reckoning: A Positive Outlook

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What I am about to say may come as a surprise to many, but as I sit here playing Steem Monsters (daily quest y'all! everyday!) and see the sort of sad posts displayed in my feed, I want to share a few thoughts.

Death Begets Life

Maybe it's the fact that my mind has been heavily immersed in meditation (which is founded in the nature of impermanence) since the beginning of the new year or that I recently lost one of my beloved pets, our black cat Wix, to a coyote, or the fact that we are ever close to the cycles of life and death on the homestead,

but I see what is unfolding on Steem as very positive.

Foremost let me make the distinction that what I find positive are not the facts that @jesta lays out so well in this post. In fact, we are well beyond needing to reckon with Steemit Inc for the poor leadership, wayward and ultimately destructive (for what is not actively growing is dying) influence (even if said influence is inaction, most of the time).

Much of what should have been revealed has not been brought fully into the light until now and that is unfortunate, though I do not believe we are at an irreconciable juncture. As @exyle says constantly and wrote again today, there is so much growth here and so much positive action taking place.

So I sit with these two seemingly disparate posts, one saying that Steem may be a lost cause and the other continuing the rally cry and I think that they go wonderfully hand in hand, each complementing and stemming from the other.

I believe in taking a good hard look at what one is working with, understanding the pitfalls and the positives and moving on from there.

What I cannot abide is the way that we, as the Steem community, have largely been kept in the dark. The private Slack conversations. The promises that have no (kept) timeline that we find out slowly, painfully are not going to be fulfilled. The not quite transparent actions of those in stalwart, longstanding leadership positions.

It turns out @berniesanders has been right all along. About 4 months ago I started to watch him, see the things he repeated time and time again and I began to see he was right.

But you know what's odd and very cool? He is still here and he's been here all along the way and recently even he has put some of his voting heft behind @llfarms' new curation project @themadcurator. I believe actions speak louder than words and if we are, as a community, at a period when some are throwing in the towel because they believe there isn't much worth salvaging here or that the large ninja mined stake and threat that @ned cashing out poses makes the space hopeless, actions such as bernie's and exyle's do in fact speak quite loudly.

Periods of Reckoning

Just like with relationships, periods of reckoning, which can happen for a number of reasons, take place in communities as well. Illusions are stripped away and we get an opportunity to see things as they are. I personally see these as times of great opportunity, though they may be absolutely difficult as well. When is a death of something easy?

Perhaps the idealism motivating many to take part in a 'decentralized community' acted like scales over our eyes and we couldn't see what the actual state of things was. A reckoning such as the one we are currently involved in is a positive sign of growth. It shows us that many are fed up with the current state of things and even will take drastic measures to shift them.

In such a time of evolution, with the blockchain as our foundation, I only see that as a positive thing.

If something isn't working, why not reveal it & work with the meat of what is and allow something else to rise in its place?

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i just love you two so much! thanks for being here....and all you share!!!!!!!! i'm with you!

Thank you for this most uplifting post! I like it especially because it reflects my own view of things, even though I haven't immersed myself in the details as much as I think I would have to, in order to form actual opinions. Instead, I'm just having a feeling, that things are going to work out for the best. Why? Because I can see people in the community being interested in steem for more than just the payoff (anyone still steeming has certainly shown that), let alone some pre-mined stake, which doesn't even apply for most of us. But ultimately, it seems like the forces at work are far greater than any of these influential founders can muster. So sure, a storm may be on its way, maybe even an earthquake, but once it's past, some brighter times are ahead. So I say, bring on the fork, and don't fear the next price-drop (though at the moment the opposite seems to be the case). Persistence is going to be worth it.

I agree with you, lots of things are coming out and that in itself is good. I really believe the steemit community needs to take over, there are so many crazy talented people on here and one thing a disaster does it bring folks together. We have to have faith, all things happen for a reason and steemit itself is still so young. much love xxxxx

I enjoy seeing you, seeing the light in the dark. There is alot of room for us all to grow. Steemit is but one avenue to a greater adventure. Be well.

the rumors of Steemit's demise have been greatly exaggerated. or however that famous quote goes :)

Where is your promise in the 2018 friend's contest????? ,,,


I think Nathan took me out of that? Can I still do it? I wasn’t active for a while :(

Hhhhhh,,, it's okay, I know THIS is business, I'm just joking, hhh. If you can just upvote each of my posts.

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Great. Keep it coming.

Not many people say Bernie is right, but he is. Not always, but then who is?

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Great post. Yes, that's what we need: more people like you keeping their head, whilst others around are seemingly losing theirs!

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Thank you for bringing the peace and love you find in your meditations to the blockchain :)

Totes, ditto, ace 💕💕💕

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Why does this read like meditative propaganda?
Dammit, how did this post get on my feed?!

I too read both posts
I like how you have paired them and brought up the fact that there are some who are unhappy and yet have stayed.
And then of course the Rah Rah's
I like that you wrapped it positive... and I am excited to see where we go from here :D

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