ForkGate - Steem, January 2019

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notice, they are just looking, no touching.

The short description:

Little drama playing out on Steem. Here's the bullet point version.

Someone dropped a HF21... Which was just a copy and paste of some old code.
The highlighted text says it all.
Apparently seeing this upset Ned who came out of hiding.. (Where he had been for a few weeks)
Ned thinking there was a loaded gun pointed at his stake, started a power down of 34 million Steem from the SteemIt account, in addition , he undelegated SP from several projects.
Some people entered into talks with Ned to look for ways for Ned and the Witnesses to work together. But the witnesses may have acted wishy-washy on whether or not they would leverage the "code" to fork out Ned.
What has followed has been the biggest melt-down of adults I have seen outside of a Bar Fight.
Aside from the fighting, the first installment of the power-down 2+ million Steem have been sent to exchanges from the SteemIt account.


A few thoughts

Remember even direct cut and paste conversations can be taken out of context.
Remember most of this conversation was happening off chain.
Now that it is on the chain, It has turned into a public drama seeking community support.
Remember you don't have to take sides, but you can if you want to.

How I am viewing it

I know from experience who has been working with and supporting community efforts.
I know who only showed up for the fight.
Anyone who wasn't on my side (community side) still isn't.
Everyone should evaluate the risks and make a decision what you do.
I'm cringing and embarrassed for all of us. :)

To sort out who is who in a propaganda battle, just consider how have they acted prior to the battle.

Actions speak louder than words.



People get so emotional in a bear market 🤣

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Meh, pretty much all of my trust has been completely eroded and I'm focusing on other more tangible things until this whole thing either dies or pulls its pants up. I'll still be around, but damn, this is a total shit show and does not instill trust on any level.

For all the time I’ve spent in bars over the years, I’ve never seen an actual bar fight. What am I doing wrong?

My parents owned a bar. I've seen a few... tip: pick a better bar! lol

Good thing people outside of STEEM bubble don't care about us otherwise this would be quite embarrassing .

I new there would be an an advantage to us being nearly invisible...

Hard to say what is what now. I put my pound of flesh in already so I am not going to let this get under my skin one way or another. It will play out as it will and nothing I can do will alter it. Right now just watching the drama and justifications for theft bandied about as rumors of company sales and crap are introduced. Which then leads to speculation are those rumors true, or a plot to pump the coin for the shitload of Steem that may be hitting the market at any time, lol.

Some people watch the superbowl, I will sit here and watch the Steemit bowl.

So what your saying is...

Ned is worthless and doesn't deserve the Millions upon Millions of Steem bestowed upon him since the dawn of time... And since his dream is decentralized, the community can legit Fork his Stake out of existance?

Hrm. That is interesting... So what is the problem here?

haha, I don't know where you read that. I'm not sure what I think of Ned as a person, but I don't think he is CEO material.

I don't care if someone wants to do a fork, but hijacking his stake isn't okay.

I hope he continues his power down.

Not having communities during the crypto bubble was the greatest blunder ever. I have joined 100 reddit communities and use it all the time after starting out in crypto on Steem. That was a once in a lifetime (or at least once in a halving) chance to get to millions of active users. Fail. Enjoy your ethereum want to be smts.

We tried to do communities and they sort-of worked...
But it's nearly impossible to easily keep track of communities and who is in them.
Steemit needs a major U.I. overhaul

This is bad. It sets a precedent. What's to stop the witnesses from hijacking anybody else's stake?

I was kind-of just kidding. I actually like Ned as the face of Steemit - I remember seeing him on CNN talk about Steem.
Just sucks how fast everything goes to shit in a bear market.

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It's funny (in a sad sort of way) that shortly after arriving here, Steemit felt to me SO much like a "Reddit in fancy Dress."

20 years in social media, and I have always — and still do — held Reddit in the lowest possible esteem of all social platforms. It's less about what you post there (or try to post there), than about a snakepit of petty infighting between a bunch of little nerdy subredditors with dictatorial tendencies. Of course, that's a gross generalization. But still.

And now here. Too many people having fits, every time the wind doesn't blow their way.

Yeah, kinda embarrassing.

I’ve only been observing and ‘taking notes’ so far, trying to get as much info as I can. It’s giving me great insights in who is who and who is here for what reasons. Learning a lot. Let’s put all the cards on the table if you ask me!

(And hell yeah, there’s a LOT to cringe over!)

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I think we are still at lies phase :)

Yes, every hour I discover new info, so the full truth is clearly not out yet :-)

In the meantime, I will continue doing what I do as Steemit does not do give me anything whether it is staked or at exchanges. I more concerned about a divide in our best asset, the community than anything else but hope that logic will overcome.

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just consider how have they acted prior to the battle.


What I find hard to understand is the sharp increase in price while this is happening. Maybe this was all priced in :) Got to hope Bittrex doesn't get hacked, when Steemit Inc have moved so much there. They can't be selling, as the price would be down, so I presume they're moving it to accounts that wont be easy to track?

Don't know how anyone can have much confidence in Ned, it seems clear that the community needs to be in a position where he can't have too much of an influence. He talks about building communities but doesn't seem to want to be part of this one. I hope its just his quirky personality, and nothing worse, but there's only so much reasonable people will take and I think its gone past that point now.

Yeah the price gain is a mystery to me also. Often though bad news is good to get people curious. Just surprised it seems to be holding for now.

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