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Hello Steemians,

Earlier this week we announced that Hivemind is live in production. To celebrate the launch and beta release of hivemind, here’s some icing on the cake for all the Ruby devs out there: we’ve also released a ruby gem hivemind-ruby that allows developers to “talk” to a local Hivemind database using the Ruby programming language (and leveraging ActiveRecord from Rails framework). Thanks to hivemind-ruby, those familiar with Ruby can now put their skills to work building apps that leverage Hivemind.

Special thanks to @inertia who took the initiative to develop this beautiful gem.

The Steemit Team


Great stuff! :)

Not exactly the same but as a similar and primitive Python alternative, it's possible to use ORM of the django with the tower.

Find the accounts has "Turkey" in their location field and count them:

In [13]: from hive.models import Account

In [14]: Account.objects.filter(location__icontains="Turkey").count()
Out[14]: 1732

Find the fattest block in terms of transaction count:

In [15]: from hive.models import Block

In [16]: Block.objects.order_by('-txs')[0]
Out[16]: <Block: Block object (21690411)>

And, so on :)

Thanks for the update, interested to see what new functionalities the use of Hivemind will enable for STEEM.

I can't wait either to what good will Hivemind breed on the steem blockchain.

This is great. Thanks for the update.

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Thanks Steemit team. This is great to see!!

Where's that BernieSpenders guy? He WAS RIGHT! We'll NEVER GET SMT's. :(

Why was non of this worked on a year ago ? I feel like you all had so much freakin money all year and nothing got done?

Nice one! Keep the update coming.

Excellent, so I read that this innovation is very good, many good expectations in this application.

The best is yet to come..

Yay thanks for the update! While I don't understand all the technical details. I still am happy for these posts. website suggestion: please add a link or faq (investors) section to how to store coins on the blockchain aka information about available "Steem Wallets".

I work with Python. How can I leverage Hivemind? Someone should put together a tutorial.

OoooOO ruby , ruby another great edition by @interia !

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