Save The Date

in #uk2 years ago

We're going to do this again.

Keep 6th April 2019 free.

We're getting a cheap/free venue in the English Midlands - look back at the post before this one and drool over the prices of STEEM, SBD and BTC :) But let's see if we can do something with some post rewards too. Hey we can even wish for an end to the bear market before April :)

SteemCampUK is a participant-led, day-long, unconference for people working on, or otherwise interested in the STEEM blockchain and it's applications.

We have a lot more applications these days and it's slightly possible (I'm not going to be drawn on that) that we'll have SMTs by the time we meet too.

Confirmation and more bloggage when it all gets clearer.


It's been a long time coming, over a year since the last one. Can we not have one every week in Blackburn? ;)

Pedantic, I know, but it's actually 1 day less than a year since the last one.

We might have to build up gradually to weekly... and Blackburn... :)

1 day less..., and I thought it was March 2018 when you were slowly walking between us all with that calculated speech... will be good to see you again @lloyddavis, a lot has changed :)

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Have fun everyone! :)