Résumé of 100% Beneficiary Experiment

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Nearly 2 weeks ago, I started a small experiment where I would set the benefactor for each post, I created over a whole week, to 100% of a single project. This simply means that the benefactor account received all of the post rewards.

The lucky project from that week was @steemonboarding, which is an amazing project working on making it much easier for new and existing users to understand Steem. So the goal with this experiment was to give back to the community.

Since all rewards have now been claimed from that week, I thought it would be interesting to write a quick summary.


Result: 5 Posts in 1 Week

Over the 7 days, I've created 6 posts, however, 1 was accidentally posted, which resulted in no benefactor reward, so in total there were 5 posts.

All of them were created with the 100% Steempower option, which means rewards were given to @steemonboarding only in powered-up form.

Your Vote Matters355.245 SP
100% Beneficiary Community/Project Experiment59.018 SP
Steem is still censorship resistant61.377 SP
SteemApps.com Community Feedback32.163 SP
Steem has been added to dapponline.io163.914 SP

All rewards added together, resulted in 671.717 Steempower which is currently an equivalent of 241 USD at 36 cents per STEEM.

While the rewards at the current STEEM price aren't huge, I would say it is still quite a lot of money. And for me, this is a really great way to give back to the community!

So, I can very much recommend this method, especially if you want to promote an important post for visibility, but not necessarily for the monetary value.

With that said, I hope each one of you has a great and productive new week.

All the best,

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I love the innovative way you have focused it all to make a real difference for a project...

Awesome @therealwolf! Great way to raise some money for an important project

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I agree!

"The lucky project ..." sounds amazing, but not everyone is lucky enough to be chosen for such a project ... with so many users getting valuable votes is very difficult, thank you for interesting post

I thought there was a discussion on Steem community development incentives. Did you think about establishing a community account to which you could send those rewards? Even though it is nice of you, and others who perhaps decided to follow your lead, to support selected communities, I could see forever-lasting talks about incentives for developers and other people who do their best to push the blockchain forward. Seeing the hot topic in last days and not that old request of multisig documentation, I believe you could send the rewards to such account. Not that I know enough about current events, but I believe that collecting rewards for specific tasks may be a good start, unless there is of course something like that already happening.

Interesting idea, I'll think about it.

This is a welcome development despite the turbulence that Steemit has been facing lately.

I believe that those who are for Steemit are more than those who are not for Steemit.

Warm regards @therealwolf

@therealwolf why not make a project where upvote with 100% daily a random publication? It's incredible how accounts with an incredible amount of sp only upvote with 1-5%, that's not helping the community and people are disappointed in steemit because they don't get support, especially in countries like Venezuela where steemit helps us to eat.

It is also a great project that will create value to the ecosystem as stronger users onboard and engage effectively as they become integral parts of the community! Thanks for your efforts!

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This was such a huge help. Thank you for your generosity @therealwolf!

Nice. May I ask how you do set the benefactor of a post?

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