@justyy's Weekly Witness Report - 20/Januray/2019

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I am a software developer based in Cambridge, UK. My work and expertise is focused largely on the STEEM blockchain. I support the growth of the network by maintaining a witness node, by developing applications, and community tools engineered to empower this emerging ecosystem.

I am a Utopian Moderator. I review submissions in the development category.

I am currently the 7-th most delegated account - currently 300 delegators! on the STEEM Blockchain.


Weekly Witness Update

As a witness, I feel it is useful to have a weekly report, which will be produced every weekend at the hashtag #witness-report

Last Report

@justyy 's Weekly Witness Report - 13/Jan2018

Witness Status

My Witness Page

Main Witness Server

  • Running 20.8 now (Docker)
  • Location: Germany
  • 10 cores of Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v4 @ 2.20GHz
  • 60 GB RAM
  • 1600 GB SSD
  • 1300 Mbit/s port, Upstream 130 Gbits
  • Ubuntu 18.04 bionic

Backup Witness Server

  • Running 20.8 now (Docker)
  • Location: Germany
  • 10 cores of Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v4 @ 2.20GHz
  • 50 GB RAM
  • 1200 GB SSD
  • 1000 Mbit/s port, Upstream 130 Gbits
  • Ubuntu 16.04 xenial

Block produced in last 7 days

71 blocks (↓8) produced in last 7 days and rewarded 160514.1401 VESTS in total (approximately 79.54 Steem Power ↓9).

Witness Summary

Rank 67 ( ↓2) - Total Votes: 12724MVs ↑ and 727 Voters↑ . Total: Missed 27 Blocks. (1 - Miss this week). Feed published every 2 hours smoothly.


@justyy is the 7-th most delegated (300 Delegators ↑) project on steem blockchain (See below).

Delegation Rewards

In last 7 days, 111.2190 SP were given out to the 300 delegators. Thank you!

The steem price is low and hence more delegations to @justyy as his delegation return APR% still stays the same.

Revenue and Expenses

  1. Monthly SteemSQL cost: 10 SBD
  2. Monthly Costs for Two Witness Nodes: around 100 USD
  3. Monthly API server costs: around 150 USD
  4. Monthly Domain Costs: 5 USD
    And not to mention time and efforts spent on: developing new tools, monitoring and upgrading the witness servers. It is profitable only (especially under such low STEEM price) if you are at Top 50, so please do support me by voting me as a witness or set as a witness proxy. Thanks.

I like STEEM and I do believe the STEEM - that is why I have been spending money and efforts on being a witness and promoting STEEM community via developing tools/applications, providing APIs, helping Utopian moderating work etc.

Utopian Moderations

  1. RE: New Features for the YADUBot
  2. RE: [DEVELOPMENT] Movies python parser (IMDb & kinopoisk) [TOOL]

API Severs

All API Servers have been upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 and status OK under close monitoring.

Task Requests:

  1. Task Request: Adding dailymotion Support (100% vote + 10 STEEM)

Steem Posts

  1. PayPal withdrawals now available on Coinbase!

Blog posts

  1. How to Find N-Repeated Element in Size 2N Array?
  2. How to Mirror a Binary Tree?
  3. How to Find the Kth Smallest Element in a BST Tree Using Java/C++?

Chinese Posts 中文

  1. 经典二叉树的镜像的递归算法


Enjoy and Steem On!

Delegate to @justyy

@justyy runs a automatic delegation service for a long time. Delegate to @justyy for at least 5 SP and start receiving daily payout as interests (from 8% to 10% APR). Also, as a supporter, the delegators will start to receive complimentary/curation upvotes (as a thank you) per day from e.g @justyy and a few other curation trails. For more information, read this. The voting weight algorithm is open source.


300 Delegators! Thank you!

@justyy is the 7-th delegated project on steem blockchain

Please note that the SP you enter is the final amount to delegate. For example, if you already delegate 10 SP and you want to delegate another 5 SP, you will need to enter 15 SP (instead of 5 SP) in the delegation form.

Vote for me or Set me as a witness Proxy - Every vote counts! - Thank you!

Your Vote is much appreciated, and every vote counts.

Check out My Witness Page

Support me and my work as a witness - witness thread by

  1. voting me here, or
  2. voting me as a witness proxy - let @justyy represent you.

Thank you! Some of My Contributions: SteemYY.com - SteemIt Tutorials, Robots, Tools and APIs and VPS Search Tool


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