SBDs are back....

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What can i say... It was nice while it lasted. :D

As many of you have noticed i use Minnowbooster and Smartmarket quite a lot on my posts. I always try to be sensible about it and not buy myself up to top trending.
I dont really use the upvote services because of exposure (though it helps) but rather because of the ROI MB and SM provide.. These last few days i even got around 25% ROI on some posts which was awesome.
I mean you all know how difficult it is to attract readers and voters when you are an account with a smaller amount of SP.

Unfortunately for me, once SBD starts getting printed using upvote services gets very risky, especially in a bear market.
When the payouts are in STEEM/SP... the reward pool size is the only thing that affects the final payout. With SBDs, STEEM price on the market affects the payout so it gets super risky and i dont fancy myself as being a gambler.

So im basically going back to my regular $0.3 per post from now on, until SBD goes away again... Letting yall know if you were sticking around for those nice curation returns....hehe..

Making some sweet, sweet STEEM was great while it lasted though. :D

Illl see you around and keep on Steeming. :D

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I just noticed that on my recent payout. Totally Sucks! But seeing thay STEEM is going down now, maybe it won't last long :)

hehe. You wont really be affected that much. You just trade your SBD for STEEM. But it sucks for me since it gets extremely risky to pay for votes since SBD is under the influence of the market. When its only SP/STEEM then the amount i pay for is always fixed and is only influenced by the reward pool size and the reward pool is pretty stable most of the time.

Makes sense when you look at it from that point. The goal still remains the same, to get as much of it as we can ;)

Hehe. The goal always remains. :D

We can only hope SBD pegs to the dollar and falls again.

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Id need to check how it works. I forgot.

Ha ha! I thought I was the only one doing this... I was not bid hotting when there was SBD, and today I saw SBD in the rewards, and now I'm not sure what to do...

You should probably stop right away. haha. :D
Best way to lose STEEM is boting in a bear market when SBDs are printed.

I am happy that SBD is back after this long waiting and

It is insane that the printing of SBD is allowed when we are at the very edge of haircut. This floods the market with SBD and then people convert it. That creates hyper inflation of STEEM. There is no conservative cushion with the SBD print rate. HF-20 removed it. Witnesses and Steemit Inc had no idea what they were doing when they implemented this. They also never consulted an economic expert before making the HF-20 change to remove the conservative print rate cushion.

It does not create hyperinflation of STEEM. There's crazy feedback loop that makes it spiral out of control. In fact the de-peg mechanism is actually preventing such a disaster.

Remember that it also reduces the Steem portion that got paid out, in the equivalent of STEEM, so if everyone simply took their SBD today and converted it, it's as if we didn't print SBD at all.

HF20 moved the thresholds, yes, but that ultimately is not the main factor in the crazy swings we are seeing. The behavior is still a gradual function of the debt ratio.

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You have no idea what you are talking about. I have been tracking inflation every single day for almost a year now. I just took a snapshot of the last two weeks. Over the last two weeks the average inflation is 4.23 times higher than it should be. This is because people are converting SBD at a rate of 1SBD= $1 US dollar worth of STEEM. So they are getting at least a 2x conversion rate which floods the market with new created STEEM.

This hast just started either. There were two weeks in September that inflation was at least 2x than what it should be every single day of that two weeks. We have been having Minimum of 2x inflation what it should be every day since November 2, 2018 with no end in sight.

The problem is that we just keep printing SBD when we shouldn't be printing it.

And you call that hyperinflation? I'm sorry, but your concern is exactly addressed in the white paper and is why the de-peg mechanism exists.

The conservative print cut-off of SBD was removed in HF20

Right. It was moved. 9-10% debt ratio. What happens after that? Conversion stops respecting full 1$ worth of STEEM.

The movement of the thresholds actually was not actually significant because anyway the price drop took us to past 10% regardless of existing conversion activity. You can claim that the price drop was due to conversions but it was such a small % of overall market cap that I find that hard to believe.

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To be precise, It was just over 12 Million STEEM added over the last 3 months alone. That is on top of the normal inflation.

Yes, but how much of that was from SBD paid out during the transition period vs what people were simply converting from SBD paid out long ago?

Ill need to look into that a bit more. Not something i can comment on with confidence at this moment.
Ill leave that to you guys.

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