What happened at the First London Steem Meetup of 2019 | 18-Jan-19

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Thank you so much to everyone who came out to our London Steem Community's first Meetup of the year!

@travelling-two (Sam)
@zoltarian (and his brother Elker)

And sorry to miss those who wanted to join us, but couldn't:
and more

Check out the video I made that includes two short clips and a few pictures of the meet up yesterday!








Again, another meetup to be remembered for a while! Some of us were there for 10 hours, some for a few.

The intention was to keep the meetup open and relaxed, and that's definitely what we had.

Thank you to all who were there for feeding my love for Steem meetups.

Our Steem community is truly such a unique one, bringing together beautiful people from all walks of life, with such amazing stories, ideas and perspectives.

Diversity and meaningful conversations were absolutely not lacking at yesterday's meetup!

So many questions asked and answered, ideas exchanged, philosophies and ideologies explored and discussed.

Special thanks to the newbies or first timers who came out, I hope you all enjoyed meeting the others in our awesome London community, and/or got the help you needed to help with your Steem journey.

Check out the posts already out about yesterday's meetup!

@adetorrent- https://steemit.com/steemians/@adetorrent/woo-woo-food

@dougalporteous- https://steemit.com/steemit/@dougalporteous/steemit-meetup

@steevc- https://steemit.com/steemit/@steevc/follow-friday-steemians-assemble

@teodora - https://steemit.com/meetup/@teodora/bow-to-my-dearest-friend-skills-oz5a1pyu

@travelling-two - https://steemit.com/actifit/@travelling-two/actifit-travelling-two-20190118t222822229z

So many I have met through Steem and especially the London Steem Community, have been some of the most amazing, kind, interesting, open-minded and intelligent people, I now have the honour to call my friends. And yesterday, I made a few more 🙂

Thank you for reading and/or watching the short video I made!

Keep an eye out for updates on the next meetup, which will be in Feb.

Hope to see you then!

Much Love from Red

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Hah, so cool to see pictures that I had no idea of! Sneaky peaky. Can we do another one today? hihihi

Haha you're not the only one who takes sneaky pics :P

And uh oh, have I created another Steem meetup addict?! Hahaha good thing you'll be in London for a good while, you'll get your next fix soon don't worry ;)

Wow I cannot believe how cool is the video and how good we look. Btw you just ruined my reputation putting the pic with me sticking my tongue out on the blockchain 🤣🤣🤣 I am a very serious person you know 😂😂

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Haha you must have seen me downloading video editting apps when you guys were having a deep woo woo talk? Obviously I picked a great app :D

Your tongue is now on the blockchain :P

Greeeaat stuff my new friend, these posts from the meetup are just getting better and better ! Big hugs x

So glad you came out to join us Dougal :)

Good editing and photos as well! Thanks again for organising and hopefully next time I can stay longer and not organise dinners and other things on the same day 😉

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Thanks Sam :) I'm sure we'll see you for longer next time!

Wikkid video skillz! Those tips from @adetorrent paid off :)

Thanks for organising this. I hope to get to some more this year. I love meeting all the new people.

Haha yes thanks to @adetorrent, or more precisely the awesome video editing app I found called "Quik" ;)

Thanks again for making it out to the meetup, we hope to more of you this year too :)

Wowwww really nice videos Redrica!!!! Thank you soooo much for organising this meetup and letting me know these amazing steemians in London <33 can’t wait to meet you next time!!! :)

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Gutted I missed it, how do i get involved with the next one and keep in communication with you guys?

Sorry you missed it! I can pass on the details for the discord channels we have, but they are so inactive! (For now) keeping an eye on my page is still the best way to know what/when meetups are on. I do try to do a post with a good 1 or 2 week's notice, but if it's a bigger one that takes more planning, I'll aim for 1 month's notice at least.

I'm a bit hesitant to set up a whatsapp group for these types of things, because they tend to get a bit spammy. So this will have to do for now!

Cool, excited to be at the next one!

Great stuff! Some did not come at all! 😏 Like me. But will make it soon to London to meet with Arthur and if that happens would love to see you guys as well! You picked the working day, I was not willing to use my holiday days for that.

Sorry I couldn't make it but the capital is a tad too far for me.

I know :( Maybe we can organize another meetup more central to us here in London and you guys up that way!

There is one, its called SteemCamp on April 6th, you coming?

Love the alien glow at 1:12 ;)

You know what... I have absolutely no clue how that got there. When I was reviewing the vid, I saw it and couldn't find any way to edit it back or how it could have randomly become that way in the first place. I spent a good 10 mins investigating, and then decided it's out of my hands. The woo woo continues!

Looks like you guys had another great meetup! And love the opening video effect, what app are you using?

Yes it was great, a really interesting mix of people :)

I just found this app, and it's awesome. It's called "Quik". Opening video effect was all automatic, under a certain theme. So easy to use, once you're familiar with the app!

Good information man

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