Steem Town Hall tonight, Steem Witness Forum 10/26, Steem Community Gathering 2/3

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I have mspwaves shows to announce. I'm doing the weekly Town Hall show tonight. Starts at 8pm (about 1 hours from when this posts). Standard format. We'll talk to anyone about anything. It's been a contentious week so let's talk it through.

Steem Witness Forum

It's been a while since I've done a Steem Witness Forum because of the Holidays. There will be one this saturday at 10am EST. All top 20 witnesses are welcome, as are Steemit employees, and I'm looking for a 1-2 backup witnesses that would like to come on air.

Steem Community Gathering

I want you to mark your calendars. At 1pm EST on Sunday Feb 3rd I'm going to host a community wide open forum. There's lots of ideas of community governance. I've been floating mine around, which I've called Steem Council, but there are others as well. I'm inviting anyone in the community that wants to share what they are working on, why it has merit, and why we should support it/ use it/ adopt. I'll try to make sure everyone is given a platform to share.


Shows happen in MSP-waves, which is in PALnet.
If you'd like to talk on air make sure you have a working mic and the sound isn't going through speakers.
Please show up a few minutes early to sound check your mic.

EST +5 is UTC. Or just ask what time is it in NYC through google.


Hope i can make it. With everything that is going on in community right now there is definitely no shortage of things to discuss! Have a great show either way.

Sounds good. I think we should pause to reflect on the strength of SBD.
Despite all the troubles, we're almost back to $1. #celebratethewins

Awesome, thanks for the update! 🙌🏼

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