SteemFIESTA 2019 - The First Five Days of DECEMBER - SUMMER IN THE SOUTH!

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  • Book your flight tickets early for best fares to Lima, Peru!
  • Use AirBnB for a place to stay the first five days of December in Miraflores/Barranco, Lima.
  • Send 10 Steem / Sbd to @SteemFiesta with something in the MEMO about you and your crew coming to SteemFiesta. If you are 10 people, send 1X100 Steem/SBD.

See You There!

For more information - Follow this account and stay active on Discord.

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Awesome - i look forward! Oh maaaan, so excited!

Saludes desde Paraguay!

These girls come with it? :)

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Please let me know if you produce any update posts or if any of the details change. Thank you.