My Stance as a Witness, a Stakeholder, and a STEEM User on the Current STEEM Saga

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For those that just love drama, STEEM is the best place to be right now.  He said, she said, theft, extortion, anger, the list of claims and counter claims goes on.  Nothing new really, there is always something for people to gossip about.

As a backup witness, I don’t have much pull in how this all plays out with Steemit Inc and the STEEM blockchain.   I believe communication is key to the success of a lot of things, but some of the communications have become so toxic and non-constructive that I no longer even want to read it. It has got to the stage where I want to move away from the politics that I believe is now hampering the progress of business owners wanting to use STEEM as a business tool and is spreading fear and fud for creators and curators.  We have had drama before yet we are all still here.

My support to the blockchain as a backup witness remains in place.  As a back up witness it is our role to produce blocks.  I am committed to the community and will continue to encourage and foster engagement and help retain new and existing users as well as using my existing non steem business to bring more eyes to STEEM and the blockchain.

Active users on STEEM are the backbone of the success of both and Apps created on the block.  Active users on STEEM are a selling point to both investors and Developers.  The role of @steemcommunity as a witness is just as important as it was when we started.  Keeping users actively engaged on STEEM and enjoying their experience on the blockchain. 

I want to continue doing what needs to be done at the ground level.  And when all the fighting is done and constructive communication leads its way to a healthy resolution, STEEM will still have a solid user base, an asset to leverage.  If it goes the other way, I have gained friends and fostered relationships that will stay with me for ever.

I am choosing to stay impartial.  This by no means makes me a yes person.  I’m rather happy to question situations I don’t fully understand, but if I don’t like the answers, I’m not going to turn on the person because we have a difference in opinion.  If my questions lead to an awkward silence, so be it.  I would rather silence than a reactive answer that has no merit. We must learn to respect that everyone is different, not better or worse, just different.  

This might sound like a cop out, but I can assure you its not.  When you cant control or impact a situation, time spent on it is a waste of energy.  I'd rather spend my energy on productive things I can actually have an impact on.   I am open to adding value in a constructive way, if needed, to anyone on the blockchain, no matter of ranking, influence or STEEM political opinion.  

So, with all that said, If you are a redfish or minnow or even a whale, we have some leagues for you to join in with or maybe you could offer some sponsorship.  Do check out the League of Engagement ran by my awesome witness partner @abh12345, or if you are trying hard to grow your steem power, there is the Redfish Power UP League right here on my account and for those with a little more SP (500+) there is the Minnow Power Up League on our witness account @steemcommunity.

And don't forget , if you have a spare witness vote, please consider @steemcommunity as one of your 30 votes.  You can vote for our witness using SteemConnect here:  


Drama sells, and it seems that is all a lot of this is, but I am not sure. I have seen post from some of the higher ranked witnesses, and to me it all pretty much resembles a witch hunt or at this point a witch burning since EOS has now been brought into the mix by one of those so called top steemit witnesses.

It seems they are intentionally trying everything they can to piss each other off, @ned and the witnesses. Personally I feel very sorry for Ned to see experiment seemingly coming apart at the seems.

I hope the normal everyday we just want to engage and be a social media outlet people do not get hurt to badly in the crossfire.

Drama does sell, but its gotten a bit out of hand now. Although I did see some positive stuff this morning, so lets hope it all settles down soon

Two mornings in a row for my and for a change my account balance is higher than it was when I went to bed, so that is some positive change. have not seen that happening in almost 2 months.

the pricing is getting better, even SBD has made a massive recovery, let hope it continues ;-)

Thank you for being my favorite Irish Switzerland :) And thanks for the information sans drama!

Where can we find out the witness ranking list? Who are the top 20, top 30 etc.?

If you have not used a proxy you can use the "Vote For Witness" under the the black bars by your icon if you are using steemit, which is this link but it will/should always be available on the menu, I think it is in numerical order of witness, but am not sure. Also if you use @steemchillers you can get the witness list at the bottom under his tools tab.

Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for.

Glad to hear you found what you were looking for

It's going to make a fantastic movie ten years from now.

Im happy not to play a part in the movie too :-)

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Casting director finding actors to play Ned in 2017 and 2020.

From what I know of you so far, you are not to a yes person or someone who sits on the fence
You are opinionated, have ideas and not afraid to share them.
Today’s post reminds me of this quote

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

although im not very religious, yep that quote is kinda bang on.

Your opinion is important as it demonstrates a great perspective from an entrepreneurial side which is fundamental to the adoption longer term. I am also sitting back a bit as this plays itself out but I think there will be changes among the witness ranks soon if some start to overstep some boundaries that the community believes are there. Thanks for sharing!

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there will indeed be changes, lets hope it is for the better. Thank you for your support

I am glad to learn about @steemcommunity and it was very refreshing to read your thoughts, as a witness, about the current state of steem. You just earned my witness vote!

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Thank you so much for your support @sagescrub, every vote counts.

not a secret and not interested thanks, there is more positive stuff going on that you should focus your energy on

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thank you so much for your vote as a witness, have a wonderful day

Thank you so much for
Your vote as a witness, have
A wonderful day

                 - paulag

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