Steemeum development update

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App development

The previously announced Steemeum Android app update that will make use of is being finalized and is around 85% done. It will have a new fresh look, work better, and will look better on different devices, after it is done it will need additional testing before it will be released and made available for download.

Details about this update are also in the last development update that can be found here.

The previously made mockups are now edited based on the further technical implications, to represent how the different screens will look.


New mockups


The splash screen and side menu



Miner and user rankings screen.


Statistics and rewards screen.


Improve rewards and settings screen.


A splash of art

On the Steem blockchain there are a lot of amazing pictures and artworks posted, and there are several communities and initiatives around them that support the artist.

We are working on the integration of artwork from Steem users, into the Steemeum app, Steemeum users will then ideally daily get to see a fresh piece of art and the artist and the platform get promoted.

Besides that the image is presented in the app it will then also be added and promoted in the Steemeum daily miner and statistics post.

In return we ask the art/photo project to vote for this post to help the Steemeum project and community and at the same time they promote there art platform and there artists.


JSE Experiment

The previously announced JSE experiment will continue although now much less JSE Coins are generated compared to the first few weeks.

The JSE coins can be mined with the Steemeum website, by clicking on the JSE Coin experiment in the bottom right of the page.

In the above chart is shown the amount of coins that came in per day, and the unique impressions.

In the new Steemeum app design is space to visualize JSE Payouts in the Rewards screen and we will want to further implement JSE payouts but this is depending on the future results of the generated coins with the JSE web mining experiment.


Steemeum Users

It is amazing to see that over 300 people have joined the Steemeum Discord, and wanting to test the app, on a daily base we have around 40 - 50 users using the app, and this week over 80 total users. New users join on a daily base and the user count is growing steady.

It is also very nice to see that the users are happy with the weekly shares they can earn and are making posts about Steemeum and the weekly contest.


Dapps trend

Recently the focus on (Steem) Dapps is becoming stronger and is one of the stronger points of the Steem Blockchain, and although Steemeum is still in a "closed" beta, we are also live and operational and therefore also made the step to add Steemeum to online platforms that list and rank (Steem) Dapps.




Read more about Steemeum in the introduction posts, Join the Steemeum beta on Discord if you want to help test the new app and give feedback.


Steemeum can be funded with Fundition.





This looks great!! I am excited to try it.

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Thank you, and happy to hear you like it and are excited about it.

Can you tell me more about the mining feature? Does it mine steam or is there something else going on here? Will it increase my steam power to use it or do I acquire another kind of token while using it

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With the Steemeum virtual mobile miner app, users gather (mine) time, and the time is rewarded with SBD, In the introduction post it is explained in detail:

Amazing I love SBD this is great! I will read in the morning. Thanks for the comment @techtek

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Tje new of steemeum is awesome, nice for the art splash

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The new design looks awesome. I can't wait. Keep doing a great job.

Thank you @zemiatin, we will continue to work on it and improve it so it can be the best virtual mobile miner app that is available.

Awesome! It looks good, I can’t wait til it launches 😀

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Thank you, @stackin it is still possible to join the closed beta, by going to the Steemeum discord.

This project is being supported by @Fundition the next-generation, decentralized, peer-to-peer crowdfunding and collaboration platform, built on the Steem blockchain.

Read the full details of Fundition Fund program
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Looks interesting... I'm going to give it a try

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Thank you

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This will be amazing if it works as said.

Oooo, looks nice!

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Is there a way for people to currently test it out?

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Hi, yes it can still be joined by going to the Steemeum Discord.