One photo every day: Birthday Cake (356/365)

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Hello again!

Today was my 42nd birthday, and I wanted to share with you the lemon-strawberry cake my wife Vera lovingly baked for me!

I slept quite late today, it being my birthday Vera didn't want to wake me up until Miro brought a friend of his to visit.

She also asked what I'd like us to eat for dinner and I came up with the idea we'd eat some rainbow trout baked in sour cream and cream cheese, spiced with dill and black pepper.

What happened in Jyväskylä?

Yesterday, Leo took off to visit grandparents in Tikkakoski, Jyväskylä, some 200 km north from Lahti. Today, as he was sending me his birthday wishes, he also mentioned their grandpa Esa had been taken to the hospital to treat a bad nosebleed. That's not good news, I thought...

Later today, I got a call from my mother-in-law telling me Esa has been taken in as a patient, and that they suspect a tumor. It's just that they can check on it on Monday at earliest.

This came as a small shock, as not only had Esa and Leo planned on going to see the 100th birthday celebrations and flying show of the Finnish Air-Force on Sunday, I had some plans of my own regarding to going to the gym today. It's also needless to say but Leo will have to cut his visit kind of short this time. Well, I called my father, and he told me I could have Leo visit them a little earlier than midsummer fest instead.

I am now going to fetch Leo back tomorrow, but will take him to see the Airshow first in the morning. That means I need to get to bed really early today so I can be sharp at sunrise, so I can drive there in time.

Some cake close-ups:

Top view.

Some berries.

Berries in the cake.

"Piece of cake."

Camera body:
Canon EOS 550D
Sigma 50mm
ƒ/1.4 Art

Anyh00, I'd like to take this evening easy and then get some sleep. I've got another long drive ahead of me tomorrow morning. But I'll be taking my camera along, and will hopefully get to shoot some photos at the airshow.

See you then!

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Happy birth day @gamer00 wish you all the best

That’s a really gorgeous birthday cake which is full of love! Vera is very special!!

I do hope that the nose breed is not caused by tumour. Old people normally have very thin veins which can break out easily!!
He should reduce his sugar intake! My dad used to have his vein broken inside his legs! He had diabetics!

The months of July and August are going to be quite demanding and full of unexpected changes for everyone on different levels , depending on their karmas.

Try to keep cool and be flexible to adapt to the demands of those waves!!
You are a very angelic person and your Guardian Angel will look after you!!

All the best!
Your friend.

First of all I wish you a happy birthday! You made amazing photography of this b'dy cake and it looks delicious.
Second, I wish get well soon for Leo's grand parents.


Very delicious cake , happy brday dear jaro

@gamer00, Many happy returns of the day and wishing you for great future. Made lemon-strawberry cake for b'day most delicious and took tremendous clicks via various degrees.
I wish Esa get will soon and his plans will success.

Happy birthday @gamer00!!! Sorry to hear about Esa's condition. I hope she receives the treatment and get better. My best wishes to your family

Happy birthday dear jaro.
Stay blessed .

Nice cake and have a blast sir,happy birthday.

I think @gamer00 your wife is excellent in cooking I thought at first sight the "cake is looking wonderful surely they can't bake this at home" but she made a excellent think so. 😋

Happy 42nd Birthday @gamer00 and Nice cake your lovely wife Vera's made. I prefer to Icing pattern. Creamy increase my hungry.
Cheers and you looks young.

Today was my 42nd birthday, and I wanted to share with you the lemon-strawberry cake my wife Vera lovingly baked for me!

Congratulations your 42nd birthday...Here's my wish- Happy birthday@gamer00. Vera has great skill for baked and made sweet cake for your birthday. I pray Loe's grandfather get well soon.

@gamer00 - Sir Happy Birth Day & I hope Esa (Leo's grand father) will be okay soon Sir... The birthday cake is so lovely Sir...


Very happy birthday buddy. Sorry I'm late. So sorry to hear about Esa. The photos of the cake are awesome, makes me want to take a bite. Hope you had a good day bud


Esa is fine, he got out of the hospital today, as they finally found a specialist who got his nose fixed and concluded it wasn't a tumor. :) It's a relief really, everyone was so worried.


That is very good to hear. Super cool when things turn out well.


I'm glad to hear that. Will you return home any time this week?


Already home, I drove back after the visit to the air show.


Alright! Wednesday is the day after tomorrow. I suggest the Go club meet again at the harbour in the usual place. The weather will be windy but sunny and reasonably warm: between 21 C and 17 C during the club meeting.

Congratulations and I'll guess I'll see you tomorrow, with about 10000 other people :D


The odds for actually seeing me there, well. ;)

Just got a message from Leo that his grandpa has now been treated and will be getting home tomorrow. Now it seems I lost the actual reason for going there, but I might do it anyway just for the airshow, and if for some reason Esa is feeling too tired to take Leo there, I should probably come as a backup.

But it does mean i'll be doing a lot of driving just to see him for a day.

WOW. Happy birthday. That cake looks fantastic. Thanks for the invite. Please send the recipe as I have a sweet tooth as well. Maybe I won't bake it but get someone to make me one. Have fun and relax and keep your self an extra slice.

Happy birthday again! Nice cake.

Happy Birthday friend. My daughters made this cake with my help.
In her name. regards

Many many happy returns of the day and May the almighty bless you with all your wishes coing true and also bless with healthy, wealthy and prosperous life. It is a great occasion for sure.

Happy birthday @gamer00 and I wanna taste that cake. looking great by the way.

Wow it looks really Delicious, the berries made it even more amazing ;)

She did made it very perfectly !

mouthwatering post :/ I can't tell you how hungry i'm feeling right now.
Btw happy birthday, many many happy returns of the day <3

Wow what a lovely cake! Especial thanks who made this cake for you. Many many happy returns of the day, enjoy the birthday with your lovely family and friends. This is from me ....


Congrats brother wish you a long life...i really love this cake and upon use to eat.

Feliz Cumpleaños Amigo!!!

Happy Birthday! I was going to send you a free booster pack of cards but saw you have them already..... and a lot lol! If you ever know anyone interested and new they can hit me up on Discord- CLove71 Have a great Birthday!
Cc (536px, 10fps).gif


Thanks! Yea I might have enough Steem Monsters as it is, but I thank you for your gesture and I'll be sure mention your offer if a person like that comes up. :)


Hope your Birthday was great!!!

Happy Birthday!
Be alive and healthy and let your life bring you more adventures.

Friend Jaro, I wish you a happy birthday, may God give you enough health and life, I thank you! You are an incredible person, very generous, I hope that everything multiplies and may God fill you with blessings, your cake looks amazing !! if it looks delicious, what with the desire to try it ajajajajajaj I'm sure it was made with love

Happy Birthday friend I hope your day has been awesome and full of friends and family, wow a lot of love in that cake, Best luck @gamer00

Wish you a great birthday,have a blast sir.

Wish you a very happy birthday , enjoy .

Happy Birthday! Wish you an amazing continuation of te journey that is life! Be healthy and let that family love surround you forever! This cake looks Dope! :)

Wish you to spend a very wonderful birthday. The cake is really appetizing to see. Water come to mouth :D

Wish you many many happy returns of the day sir.

Happy birthday to game changer of steemit.


Oh, I really wouldn't say I'm a game changer, but I'm very much appreciating the encouragement. :)

Happy birthday,have a blast sir and what a great day to reach 3000 followers.

Happy birthday,happy fathers day,happy followers for 3k........This is one of those days you need to remember sir.

happy birthday brother say that the 40 are the new 30, a relaxed birthday

A little bit late to congratulate you, but it's better late than never, I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best Steemit photographer @GAMER00


The best? Oh, really that's too much! :)

Ufff, I love that cream with strawberries, do not you share? hahaha, happy birthday my friend @gamer00, I hope you have spent a happy day and have more years of life

just ah perfect click!

That's a tested and delicious cake,
personally i love eating this food.
thanks a lot for sharing this post,
upvote and resteemit done.

Not so much the cake, but the photo is that it makes it exquisite. I take this opportunity to invite you to this contest that I will be doing during the whole world cup.

Happy birthday. Cake looks so delecious. Have you inviting steemians on you BD?


I didn't have an official celebration. It was just me, my wife Vera and my younger son Miro, as Leo was and still is 200 kilometers away in Jyväskylä. Although today I visited there taking him to see the air-show.

Happy birthday @gamer00 wishing you More Blissful and prosperous years ahead. The cake looks really rich and yummy

Wow todays your birthday .
Happy birthday to you , many many happy returns of the day .

This birthday cake looks like so delicious .

Thanks for sharing @gamer00
Upvote you .