The Air Show (Part 1): More photos of the Saab JAS 39 Gripen

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Since the photo I published two days ago wasn't the only one taken of the jet, I decided to make a post dedicated to only the Gripen aircraft.

The Swedish Air Force ("Svenska flygvapnet") brought three of their JAS ("jakt-, attack- och spaningsplan", "air-to-air, air-to-ground and recoinnance aircraft", e.g. "multirole") fighter-jets to fly at the FAS 100 Year Birthday air show, so I think I should tell something about them.

The JAS 39 Gripen is a a light single-engine multirole fighter aircraft that was designed by Saab AB (in late 1970's to late 1980's) to replace the older 35 Draken and 37 Viggen jets in Flygvapnet. The first flight was made in 1988.

It is equipped with both a delta-wing and a canard to add relaxed stability (basically to help with attitude & angle maneuverability), and a fly-by-wire flight control system (FCS).

The Swedish Air Force has 80 of the original 204 ordered JAS 39 Gripens in service, while additional 28 are leased to Czech and Hungarian Air Forces. 12 were sold to the Thai Royal Air Force.

Today, Saab is under contract with the Swedish government to provide the Svensk flygvapnet 60 new modernized Gripen E version aircrafts with new radar and weapons systems by the end of 2018.

Does it look a bit like a space craft from a sci-fi movie?

It has been designed so that it can land on a short road strip for service and/or land missions.

"Mach 2"

Landing sequence started.

Interesting albeit a bit worrisome tidbit about the development of the Gripen fighter jets is that before they were even fully developed, they managed to crash twice (1989 and 1993), latter one straight in the middle of Stockholm during a water festival. (No-one died fortunately.)

The JAS 39 Gripen is one of the candidates to replace the Finnish Air Forces' current F/A-18 Hornets.

Landing successful!

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Beautiful Air Show Photography @gamer00 . Beautiful Short and interesting . Well done keep it up


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Hi gamer. Good photos and a interesting story to match. I wander what the planes will look like in the next 20 years with the technology advancements. Maybe battery powered instead of jet engines.


A fighter jet must maintain a very high thrust-to-weight ratio and electric engines simply don't cut it.

The coming decades will probably bring better sensor fusion and AI to assist the pilot. The key is to integrate all information from all assets in the area and in space into a complete, accurate and rapidly updated picture of the situation enabling timely decisions.

Excellent pictures Jaro, ajajajajjaja obviously is not the only one, if you took more than a thousand

yeah sir i like them tho but i wish i could buy beer for you😃😃

Used to live near the airport and was looking at the planes through our balcony quite often as a kid. These photos kind of remind me of that time. Really like the ones in the air!

Great shots you have taken. The object is moving, so with which lens did you take this shot.


Thanks! It was the 75-300 mm kit lens.

wow some interesting shot you shared from the air show nice to see that and is all the shots manually taken with special setting or auto ?


They are all taken on manual settings.

wow, You captured it in the air! nice photography.
The jet looks like very sharp,
Czech Republic Bought them? But why? :/ Czech Republic is very peaceful country as far as i know.



Well it doesn't really matter if the country is peaceful or not, most countries need an air force.


OH yes, you are right, for the safety of their people!

Nice piece mate and really like the photos. Scary that no one ever mentions how much went wrong before they got it right. Wish Saab would start building cars again. Have a good one


Yes they built exceptionally good cars. I loved my mom's Saab 900i that I got to drive when I got the driver's license. It was built like a tank, and withstood all my stupid youthful mishaps, driving into trenches, muddy fields (getting the car covered in that shit), light poles, spinning and hitting the wheel into the edge of the pavement, and also getting stuck on a ledge swinging without wheels touching the ground.

Apart from the trench, spinning and lightpole that really made some dents, I didn't tell her of most of these.

(She didn't have to know.)


The Saab 900 had proper bumpers. You could actually hit stuff with that without breaking hundreds if not thousands of euros worth of parts and structures.


Yup, they sure as hell don't build to many cars like that anymore.

great pictures! is to admire your work sir

Your airshow is very nice .
All photography is so beautiful .
I like it .

Thanks for sharing @gamer00
Upvote you .

Very good captures during air show .

It looking marvelous and Speedy, It have the power to destroy your enemy.
I am totally against these weapons but The need of the era is that we need them for our survival.

Tremendous machines, very powerful and beautiful, it must be said that one motor of each must cost a lot of money, the very good photos enjoying these beauties

Really it's amazing photographs! You captured the all stage from start to landing that i really impressed, thanks to share.

What a nice gesture of yours to give us a whole range of facts about that aircraft, maybe its capability are superior to the old F-16 but I still like it more aesthetically, and although it is troops support, I am fascinated by the a-10 thunderbolt.

@gamer00, I mostly updated about The JAS 39 Gripen fighter jet liners today. I heard little bit contents about it. Nice compared shots step by steps. Rider created patterns on the sly. Tremendous job and caught clicks timely.

Really cool pictures as update, I love it sir, and thanks for yesterday give away, blessing beyond measure, I pray for you.

Great photos you took. regards

Wow amazing captures of fighter jets

Which country wants to get involved with your country? with that aviation that you have as a military force

It seems a good fighter jet! Great description of this jet and you made excellent photography as well!
My country has only 2 sky fighter jets! Most of other jets are using to fight at ground!


Awesome photographs from you sir thanks a lot for sharing.

@gamer00 - Sir evolution of technologies is nicely found in here Sir... unlike 80's now weaponry technologies & war aircraft technologies also enhanced... How wonderful you captured such nice moments of this fighting machine Sir...


Beautiful Short This is the picture you've taken, it's running very fast.'The plane's image is very beautiful.
thanks for sharing

Amazing aircraft show. Really you have captured awesome shot. I enjoy the flying.....

JAS 39 Gripens has some long history and shared some states. After fully developed machine it had powerful engine. Currently powerful technology used. Every captures zoomed better @gamer00. Powerful strength entire pictures.

Oh..You focused camera better time. Great shots provided @gamer00. Also I never heard these fight jet's historical contents. Seems high powering Jet module.

giving a brief demonstration of your armed force, it's fine. regards

Almost time i saw the fighter jet on movies. Sometime army jet were flying away with a big sound and in museum i saw a real jet.
The 4th photo is look like a scene of movie :D nice one.

Cool photos. Probably the experience was great.

The shutter speed must be very fast to be able to capture these planes!
Those white flare trails looked as if they were having a war game!
Yes we have since Gripens here! They used to get F16 in the past! We thought the commission must have been rather good!

wow this is look like very impressive aircraft

Friend I say a word in Spanish that means amazing. NAAGUARA

The photos are great, you can even see the fire that comes out of the turbines in the 2nd photo. as well as anti-missile bombs. thanks for this super delivery well the photo where it is landing, I hope to see more.