InformationWar - Contributing Writers/Supporters: Roll Call Pt 8

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Our Purpose

How To Help Support The Informationwar!!!

The tag #informationwar is for posts discussing Information War, Propaganda, and Disinformation. This covers the history and methods of infowar, where it fits as a method of war, what Fake News is and how to recognize it, and tools for fighting the war like critical thinking, logic, and intelligence methods.

The #Informationwar also deals with the current war that the Deep State is fighting against us, and how we can fight back. The ultimate purpose of #InformationWar is to give you tools to defend liberty in this war. The below is a list of Contributing Writers List/Curators/Mods/Informationwar Supporters!!!

Leadership Positions Of The Informationwar Effort

  • @stevescoins - Founder Of Informationwar Initiative/Discord Community Owner/Social Media Accounts Owner For IW/Curator/Board of Directors

  • @truthforce - Co-Leader Of Informationwar Initiative/Discord Community Owner/Social Media Accounts Owner For IW/Curator/Board of Directors

  • @openparadigm - Curator/Board of Directors

  • @richq11 - Curator/Board of Directors

  • @wakeupnd - Curator/Moderator In Discord Chat/Board of Directors

  • @dwinblood - Board of Directors

  • @metalmag25 - Moderator In Discord Chat

Steemians That Support The @informationwar Effort Through Delegation/Curation Trail/Large Upvotes/Fanbase/Donating

Steemians Who Write #informationwar Articles And Who Manually Upvote/Resteem/Spread Our Message Of The @informationwar + Related Projects/Projects We Like!!!

@canadian-coconut - Cofounder of #FamilyProtection
@deepdives - Deep Dives Research, ran by @v4vapid
@newsagg - News Service Managed By @dwinblood
@primeraplana - Venezuelan News Service Managed By @metalmag25

Would you like to be on this list/is there an update you would like us to make to your name???

  • Comment here with a link to your #informationwar related posts...they do not necessarily have to be tagged as #informationwar.

  • Suggest other writers!!

  • Are you a current InformationWar Writer? Tell us if we missed you!!!

Thanks, @truthforce writing :)


Trying to do my part regularly every week for about 3 months now.

I am in touch the last 2 days with @truthforce looking to run a contest with your support, so I am not sure how many people actually run this one account LOL, but I know several key members def. look at the replies and posts and comments.

I want to run a 10 SBD contest GAW ideally with the help of this account, and it was to give back the extra 10 SBD I was awarded with the help of @wakeupnd recently, figured rather than just return the overage, it made sense to spread the word, run another contest and multiply the effect and reading this well written template --- it confirms what I already was feeling.


Pls. LMK back in a reply (see my replies to @truthforce on this today/y-day, etc) and we can do it!

Yes, please do :)

This is @tf writing.

They can use informationwar as one of the tags and then if you want to have them use a special tag so it is easier to browse through entries, or just have them post a link to their entry on a blog post you make works well too. Just let one of us know when you post the contest up and we will make sure to upvote/resteem and to share to everyone on our discord chat(almost 200 people!) :)

The people who share access to this account are @stevescoins @truthforce @openparadigm @wakeupnd @richq11

And I added ya to the list above, thanks!

Sweet on all counts, I have put this post in my records to check back. Likely I will w/b and give a day's notice so everyone is ready.

I like to do that sometimes since everyone is busy.

Thanks again guys.

I don't know if it's relevant to what you're doing, but mainly I'm here to write philosophical posts, many of which explore freedom related issues.

re-fucking steemed

hey there, is there something I can do for the infowar?

Any good with drawing/making gifs or something? We need some banners and stuff like that. At some point we are going to start doing a push onto all other social media networks and would use the logos and stuff for that.

Right now we are doing some contests every now and then so be sure to keep and eye out for that.

Just in general helping spread the word really helps :)

I write articles and proudly support #informationwar

Adding you now, thanks!

Please add me as well.

Thanks for adding me this time around. Please see my recent post Terrorocracy Cometh which is directly relevant for the @informationwar and its participants.

Thank you for this. I don't often write on the information war, more on spiritual subjects, but I definitely read these writers and appreciate them. I've gone in and followed your recommended writers and I really appreciate it. It has been a bit difficult to get my feed full of interesting posts. Thanks again. Momz

I would add @janton and @smithlabs to that third list.

I will strart using your tag more as I do a lot of research which would be well served here. I am currently doing a lot of research on FEMA prisons and it is scary. I am also trying to see if there is a link between the FEMA prison barges and the Walmart juvy jails and the pedifile rings. If you have any info on this, plz let me know. Mahalo and I look forward to working with your group in helping get the truths out.

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