I, too, have fallen victim to @haejin

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I will try my finest to structure this post in a way everyone can understand.

Hence, I start at the beginning.

Like many - if not all - of you, I too have been well aware of the ongoing "flagging war" (so it is called), but haven't took part in flagging either side.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a post by @tuck-fheman, and how @haejin killed the entire reward pool for a community of ~600 poker players. By killing the reward pool, he essentially forced https://Lucksacks.com out of all of its funds.

I resteemed the post for visibility, for I believe no one should destroy rather than build.
I especially believe no one who draws his funds from a community of followers, should destroy another community of followers.

And, in an act of affection; I downvoted (flagged) one of @haejin's crypto analysis posts.

Fast forward to today

I stumbled upon a new post by @haejin, telling his followers not to vote for @themarkymark as a witness and outright bashing @themarkymark.
I don't believe in bashing others to try and look good yourself. If you wish to promote yourself, all is good. But no need to bash and destroy others. As said above, build over destroy. I have downvoted (flagged) the post because he was again trying to destroy a community of followers.

I then proceeded to scroll down through the comments, and stumbled upon a comment by @themarkymark himself.

It only said "LOL", but it made me genuinely chuckle. There was just something about him being bashed, and responding simply with a "LOL" that made it funny to me.

So, since I enjoyed @themarkymark's comment, I upvoted it, for that is what the upvote button is for.

The downvotes

Moments later, my posts got flagged -100 % by @haejin. Not one, not two, but several.
He has every right to do so, as does everyone else.
If I were to blame anyone for @haejin's flags, I could only blame myself for "taking part" in the so called "flagging war" by casting the first stone.
This post is not about pointing fingers or calling names.

My thoughts on the use of weapons

However you choose to look at it, upvotes and downvotes (flags) are our only weapons here on this platform.
By upvoting we promote, by downvoting we destroy.

I believe there is always a way to peacefully solve all problems without reaching for weapons.
And yes, I am aware that sometimes wars are inevitable. But I wish to take no part in any war. It is not why I joined the STEEM platform.
I joined to create. Reach milestones. Build friendships. And reach certain agreements when I must for the sake of greater good.

But if need be, I promise to stand by my morals and what I believe is right.

I do believe downvoting should be used when the criteria cited by the very platform is met.

I admit to having no idea whether or not @haejin's crypto analysis is good or not. I'm no expert in that field. For all I know he could be the best in that field and deserve all the rewards he is getting by his crypto analysis.

My final thoughts

The reason for this post is not to "promote", nor "bash" either side.
This post is an apology.
And hereby I wish to apologize:

  • To @haejin for downvoting his crypto-analysis content.

I admit to not have the required expertise to judge how good @haejin's crypto analysis are. Therefore, I admit to having downvoted content I do not understand. I apologise for having preeched one thing and doing another.
I am leaving the judging of @haejin's crypto analysis work to others who are more verse in this "profession". I, myself, am not.
I believe we need to build, not destroy. I have since withdrew the flag I have cast on @haejin's crypto analysis, but kept the flag on the post bashing @themarkymark.

It is not your fault you have been robbed of the reward pool for the contest. It is not your fault you have been robbed of a reward for the hard work you've put into writing.
At this point I would like to, again, thank each and every one of you for your entries.
The contest will continue to run weekly regardless of what happens with this situation, but the rewards may be gone. And for that, I apologise.
(Should anyone wish to make a donation, it will go toward the prize pool of the contest)

  • Lastly, I would like to apologize to all of you here on the STEEM platform.

I apologize to have posted yet another post about the ongoing "flagging war" onto this amazing blockchain.

As you can see, the people who are guilty of nothing but high quality work, were harmed in this incident. And are still being harmed in this ongoing "flag war"

I will remain active and deliver the content I have been delivering since I joined the platform.
And as always, I will end my post the same way I end all my posts. With commercials! my work here on the STEEM blockchain.

While you are waiting for content new,
in the comments below leave me a clue,
an idea for a story you'd love to read,
a journey to the unknown my keyboard will lead.

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Keep up the good fight for all us little guys! Thanks for your time!

its not good..

I like your post ! :-)


Thank you very much! ^^

I just wish all this bashing and destroying would stop.
It's getting real old, real fast.

I think you may have come into the middle of something without seeing the beginning. All of this started because @haejin was attacked by a group of whales who were wiping out hundreds of dollars of his earnings. Not just once, but many times. I am one of the literally hundreds of "Little guys" who saw every penny we gave @haejin gone within seconds.

Why was this happening? I learned a long time ago you cannot trust everything anyone says, so I have tried hard to figure it out. The only thing I can say and feel somewhat certain it is true based on what I have seen on the blockchain, is that a Whale was passing around a supposed photo of @haejin percentage of earnings from the reward pool. I have no way of knowing if it was doctored or simply a glitch in the system that produced the page the screen shot was taken from, however the image was wrong by many hundred percent.

In my opinion once the image was proven to be wrong, that should have ended everything, but it didn't. In fact it seemed like much of the going after the little guys got worse.

When any of @haejin followers spoke out about it, many saw all their little less than $2 earnings on posts they had made being wiped out in retaliation.

To be honest, at this point I am not 100% sure where a lot of this is coming from. Because of the fact it will not die down and seems to actually be getting worse, I am starting to think all of us "little guys" are being played as pawns to one or more groups.

Is it @haejin or is it one of the MANY whales and their followers? I honestly don't know. This post is the first I have seen claiming @haejin has done something and I have not yet had time to verify it on my own. I have no reason to doubt the author, but as I said, I don't fully trust anyone.

But I do think all of us "little guys" need to step back and do some heavy research while letting the whales figure it out. Or we become victims helping those with the power keep this going.

In the mean time, I have had 4 friends who were thinking about joining Steemit decide they would not because of what is going on. The whales at the top of all of this have made their money. They could pull all of it out and we would watch the value of our little accounts drop to nothing.

I am not willing to help it happen since I have seen indisputable proof others did to @haejin and all of his followers, exactly what he is being accused of doing today.


I don't fully trust anyone.

Exactly. And neither do I.
I have given my reasons for why I flagged @haejin's posts, and why I have withdrawn only one of the two flags.
Neither side should respond by destroying yet another community (such as the poker one, or my own - considering my constrained writing contest just got its reward pool drained to 0).
Which is also what this post is about. Do as you preech.

Thank you for your comment.


I know it is early since I just put out word asking for names it has happen to, but so far, you are the only person I have seen proof with my own eyes. But I have found someone pretending to be @haejin

I cannot begin to compare a single instance of his downvoting one person to the hundreds of instances it was done to him and his followers. In his mind, he probably felt he had a right for whatever his reasons were. that does not make it right.

I am not saying there are not others. I am not saying he was right to downvote you. But this is getting out of hand on many side and it is costing Steemit new members.

that is what I would like to prevent because it is truly starting to feel like we are being played. I just am not sure who is doing the playing.


Since this post is posted by me it probably (read: definitely) won't get the attention other posts are getting and therefore you can't objectively expect for many users to drop by, read the post and comments, and raise their hands.
Some who may stumble upon the post might even be afraid of stepping up (again, might go for both sides).

it is costing Steemit new members.

And it is costing the already present members some of the hard earned money (not just my own, as the post describes).

I believe both sides have their faults, as they will always have. No one person is perfect.
Act as you see fit yourself. Join the party you wish to join. Or don't. They're all "correct" choices.

After all, I believe we can agree that in our minds - we ourselves - believe that we are always making the right choice, no matter what it is.


I have already put out a post of my own and I have added a few requests for proof on other people posts.

I have followed @haejin for a few months now. I did so because he is teaching us how to read charts using the method he uses. In the 4 months I had been tading Crypto before @haejin, I had made a few hundred dollars. In the two months since I started following him, I have seen my account triple in value.

Would I stop following @haejin if it turns out he is doing it to a lot of people, probably not, but it would affect whether I upvoted or not as long as it was going on.

All of this does nothing to harm the people at the top, it is the little guys and Steemit itself losing because of losing new members.


I have absolutely no clue about reading "charts", so I truly am not the person to give out any information on this matter. As stated above, for all I know @haejin could be the alpha and omega of the crypto world.

I hear that crypto can't be predicted and I hear that it can... so I just chose to ignore it all, buy some STEEM and go on with my life without worrying too much. I tend to get obsessed easily with such things, so I rather pushed the breaks before any of that happened.

Also, for all I know, had you bought just about any coin in the last year, you would've been in the green. But again; I'm not educated enough in that department.

We are all losing. The whales, the dolphins, the minnows and red fish alike.
Should STEEM drop significantly, ALL of our investments drop significantly. Not just yours or mine, but the whales' also.

@svashta, I can't speak for the others, but I enter the Constrained Writing Contests for the fun and experience. Payout or no payout, I will continue to enter them. :)


Thank you very much for these words!
The contest itself is meant to be fun and challenging, but a reward for your efforts sure is nice.
In case there are no more "post rewards"... I pledge to 100% upvote each contest entry. It's worth around ~$0.22 at the moment, but seeing the price of STEEM skyrocket it should be double or triple this by the time the next contest goes live.

Thank you, @foragingquietude, it is people like you who continue to make this platform awesome beside all the "weird" stuff that is going on.


Yeah I've been keeping my eye on STEEM. It's crazy!

It looks like you are flag free for now!


Flags on my other posts remain, so I wouldn't exactly call it "flag free".
But yes, for now, so it seems, no new flags have been cast.

I so hope this is going to stop soon. It really is hurting everyone on here.


It's affecting all of us, "old" and new users alike!

Fascinating. How did this war begin?

But also, what a well-considered, nuanced response to antagonism. I applaud you for recognizing your own part in something and for trying to make amends with those that you have disagreements with.

It's too bad some folks have more power... a lot more power... than others (and are willing to throw it around). But it also feels rather machiavellian/Vampire: the Requiem, which is kind of fun when the stakes are reasonably low. Of course, it's not fun if this is someone's livelihood.


I don't even know, really. Had something to do with the height of Haejin's rewards.. actually more about the most (like almost all) rewards coming from one single acc, and the rest of the upvotes was from newer members.

Thank you! It means a lot to me that you feel that way! I mean no one no harm.

I'll admit, it did give me an adrenalin rush when I saw all those flags. :P Not necessarily something I'd do again; but hey, stuff happens :P Gave me all the more incentive to keep Steeming on! :D


That's good. You seem like a nice fellow.


Heeeey, tell my mom that, will ya? ;P
Just kidding, she loves me <3


Get her on Steemit, and I'll make it a point to tell her.


Makin' her acc now! Will notify you when it's confirmed :P


yeeha ha!