The two rubbed ducklings - A story written in five minutes

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The two rubber ducklings

“Karen! Get out of the tub! You’ve been in there for an hour already! There’s other people in this house that need a shower, you know?”

She finished muttering a sentence to herself before answering–she was in the middle of a tea party with her two rubber ducklings. “I’m coming!”

Karen knew full-well that she had an extra 5 minutes to play when she pulled the plug.

The water in the tub began to descend and the two little ducklings needed rescuing–they would eventually be sucked into the drain.

Karen held one of the duckling is each hand and moved them from one end of the bathtub to the other in an attempt to find a way to escape. They tried jumping over the edges of the tub, but failed.

The water level had fallen below half of the bathtub’s height and the two little ducklings could feel the underwater current pulling them under already.

Karen was opening her mouth as if shouting “Help!” at the top of her lungs, all the while rapidly moving the two ducklings round the bathtub, splashing water everywhere.

“For the last time, Karen! Get out!”

Her mother was in front of the door that time–Karen had no other choice but to get out of the bathtub and dry and clothe herself. In the hurry that she was in, though, she forgot the two ducklings in the bathtub, awaiting their impending demise.

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Awww. (grabs pipe wrench, jumps in computer to save the ducks.) What a naughty man, letting her forget them. :) But I do love the story. Short and sweet. :)

Sorry for coming back to you so lately - I was on vacation.

Hahaha :D Sometimes I wish I could jump into my computer, too :P
Very happy you enjoyed the story! I did have a smile on my face the entire time writing it. :P

No problems mister. Hope you had a great vacation. The story deserved the smiles. :)

It was mighty fine indeed, only now I feel a lot lazier instead of a lot more energized... :|
Very happy to hear that! :D

Lol, I know the feeling all too well. and thank you :)

Poor ducklings. Haha.

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Well written @svashta! I saw you were also included in Finder Frog or another of the posts drawing attention to authors. Well done! I was wondering if you would want to partner on a @freewritehouse We-Write for a round or two?

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Sorry for coming back to you so lately - I was on vacation. :3

Why, yes! I would love to! I only hope I'm not too late!
But even if I am, we can still do it regardless :P

I like that you included the five minutes in your short story.

Sorry for coming back to you so lately - I was on vacation.

Thanks! Happy you enjoyed it! :D

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