Racket - A story written in five minutes

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“Stop making all that goddamn racket! I’m trying to work here!” My dad stormed into the living room and shouted at us–we were playing a game on the console.

We waited in silence until the door to his office closed, then cracked up laughing.

“Stop making so much noise, herp blerp.” A friend of mine jokingly imitated by father.

“Why don’t you do some work round the house, Tom? All you do is play video games.” Another friend continued the act.

“You think this house was free and you get to just play around all day? I had to work my ass off for this, you brat!” The first one poured more oil on the fire–I was beginning to feel uneasy with the act by then.

“Make me some coffee, will you? I’ve got to work late hours again.”

“And don’t even try and tell me you haven’t got the time–I can see you sitting on your thumbs the entire day!”

With their act in full speed, my father entered the room once more–he was eavesdropping right by the door and only closed the doors of his office as decoy.

Needless to say my friends were sent home and I had quite a long talk with him.

The prompt was:


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Racket, racket, then talking about racket, racket.
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Well that was a cool comment - rather poetic. haha :D
Thanks for stopping by! :D

Hey! my friend,
I can already see how you write without stopping!
It is something admirable, especially for the quality of your content.
really, it seems to me that you guess every phrase, you know how to keep the reader attentive and involved in the stories!
simply, congratulations!
@svashta great work, keep going ...


That's quite the... compliment...
Thank you so very much! <3

I'll strive to produce more good content!
Hope I don't disappoint! :D

I have to admit I when reading the prompt I first thought of my father too! "What's all the racket in there?"
Embarrassing when they're listening and you don't know it. I was once swearing like a sailor while my father listened and I got the same talking to.

hahahaa :D Oh boy, I can only imagine the trouble you found yourself in! haha :D

But yeah, it's the worst when you think you're all alone... ... ... Only to find out you're not. :3