Kindergarten - A story written in five minutes

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“I don’t know how you do it, Carl, really.” We were standing on one of the kindergarten’s balconies and watched the children play below. “Everyone else has problems controlling even seven kids at once but for some strange reason you can control thirty without breaking a sweat.” Her eyes shone bright–she was hitting on me. “What’s your secret?”

“If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret anymore, now, would it?” I decided to play a little with her.

“Oh, come on,” she giggled–I couldn’t quite tell how much of that response was artificial. “You could teach the others, you know,” she continued on a more serious note–she was my boss after all.

“You just need to make sure they know where the boundaries are. They’ll try and move them at first, most certainly, but you mustn’t budge. You’ll occasionally have one or two try and abide the rules, but catch them quickly and you’ll keep them all in line.”

“Well, yes… but how? You make it sound so easy.”

“I was a shepherd for nine years before I joined here.” I decided to tell her at last. “This might sound wrong to you but the children are much like sheep. Once you learn how to lead them and they get accustomed to you, they’ll follow you anywhere.”

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Wow! Excellent writing!
I really enjoyed it ...
I like the words, the characters,
the dialogue and also the message.
Did you know how to insert the theme of
a simple and punctual way; carrying
in the background a great uplifting message.

...the children are much like sheep. Once you learn how to lead them and they get accustomed to you, they’ll follow you anywhere

I managed to understand the reflective message behind your writing, it is well oriented.
I congratulate you, friend!
good luck...

Thanks! Very happy to see you enjoyed it! :D

Yeah, it wasn't meant in a way that they're gullible (because, to an extent0, we all are) but that if you let them know what you want and acknowledge what they want, you can reach a compromise where both sides are happy. ^^

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Insurance! I'm starting to follow your author account.
I would like to participate with some of my own writing!
I think I can provide some important content ...
Well, good luck, friend!
See you soon

Most certainly! :D
The freewriters are happy of all entries! :D
Try yourself out! :D

Very nice write @svashta. At first I had to wonder where your story was going and it came together very nicely.

Hehe, yeah. I tend to do that on purpose. Glad to know it worked! :D
Thanks! :D

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Delightful story and oh so true. I taught Sunday school for over a decade. I can attest to your observations.

Wipes sweat off forehead
Never had any experience with children, really, but figured it couldn't be too much different :p Even adults are the same to a degree (to how great a degree is open to debate)

Well done then!

Thank you very much! :D

My pleasure!

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I love this. I read a story about a kindergarten on a rooftop and the kids were just allowed to run and play, as long as they stayed on the roof.

Thanks for contributing to the #Freewrites.

Here is today's prompt: Day 315 : 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: iris

That sounds like a great prompt for a cool horror story.
But in the sense that any of them fall down.... But in the sense that they mustn't leave the roof. >;)

Thanks! :D