Hunter - A poem written in five minutes

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In the woods you go, the sky is clear,
five minutes in, you spot a deer.
You approach it close, no need for fear,
you line your rifle, the end is near.

Pull the trigger, watch life disappear,
head back to town, grab a beer.
Sell the body as a souvenir,
after all you’re nothing but–a profiteer.

The prompt was:

"The sky is clear"

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Thank you so much @svashta for your writing. I have found you through the freewrite challenge. Agree 100% with what you have written. It's so sad. Killing for profit, killing at all, is killing all of us, bit by bit ...

Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

  ·  last year (edited)

Glad you enjoyed it!
I would argue that some of it is "justified"... I know some of the local hunters around here keep track of the number of each animal and make sure none of them breed too much - they are keeping a balance.
But killing for the sake of fun, trophies, and money... Ugh. Not my cup of tea...

Agree 100% , definitely !!!! Not mine either. Have a great week !

I just hope somebody got to enjoy the venison, so it wasn't wasted!

You bet there was some great stew made! :P
I hope, at least

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Thank you! Thank you very much! :D

Beautiful, I honestly love wonderful poetry!!

Very happy to hear you enjoyed it! :D

I hate hunting!
Anyway, here is the new prompt:

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Will try and get around to it :D