Election propaganda - A story written in five minutes

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Election propaganda

“I have an idea! Watch this!”

Ron bolted up the ladder and started spraying paint on the billboard. I couldn’t see what he was doing from down below and I couldn’t move to have a look either–I had to hold the ladder and keep him safe.

He was giggling to himself the entire time and I couldn’t wait to have a look at his creation. We were competing in the silliness of ideas and I wanted to know what I was up against.

It took him solid five minutes to be done with the spray paint and come climbing down the ladder.

I took a couple steps back and took a good look of his creation.

Blacked out teeth, bunny ears, a set of breasts, and crossed out “un” in “No more unemployment”.

I shrugged. “It’s a try.”

Truth be told, however, as unimaginative as his idea was, it was better than mine. I hadn’t had any to begin with, and with the next election billboard only a couple meters away, I needed to come up with something fast.

The prompt was:


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Enjoy your day and stay creative!! <3

I wonder if it makes a difference? So much at odds with true democracy!

I wanted to make it so that they were actually hired by one of the contestants to ruin all the other's propaganda, but ran out of time....

Exactly! Every vote, no matter whose, counts the same.

It was an awesome freewrite, my friend.

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Thank you very much! :D
Very happy to hear you've enjoyed it!

Ha, I've always loved graffitti! Doubt it makes a difference though, but fun story!

And since I figured you might like to write some more, here's the latest prompt:

We'll just have to wait and see, I guess :p
Glad you enjoyed it ^^