Impeachment And The Misleading Ukrainian Death Toll: Adam Schiff And Nancy Pelosi Provide Contradicting Statements To Those Of Kurt Volker, The US Special Representative To Ukraine

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On May 22, 2018 US State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert stated at the 42 second mark in the following video -

"As our special representative to Ukraine Kurt Volker pointed out, there is nowhere in the world more dangerous for Russian speakers right now than in eastern Ukraine."

This statement is quite revealing and paradoxical in its nature due to the fact that the majority ethnic Russian Ukrainian population of over 4 million people in the breakaway regions have voted in 2 plebiscite's to become independent from the new Ukraine after the 2014 coup led by the Right Sector, and the subsequent war led by the murderous Azov Nazi fascist battalions.

The ethnic Russian breakaway regions have also requested and received over 100 humanitarian aid convoys from Russia over the past 5 years. During this time they have been consistently bombed via indirect fire on a daily basis in their own homes by the Ukrainian fascist forces that drove 350 miles east to Donbass, specifically the Donetsk and Lugansk city regions. A large portion of this Ukrainian bombing campaign and the OSCE's reaction, or lack thereof, to such murderous activity has been chronologically documented, recorded and archived by American independent reporter Patrick Lancaster who now resides in Donetsk. Patrick undertook this task because the US media failed to visit the breakaway regions and report the real truth about the war, and specifically, the actions of the Ukrainian armed forces which are receiving US financial support and weapons while they carry out this ethnic cleansing of ethnic Russian speakers in the resource rich breakaway regions.

Link to Patrick Lancaster main You Tube channel:

Link to latest report from Patrick:

Now here's where it gets quite paradoxically interesting and relates to the current impeachment drama playing out in the United States.

On November 14, 2019 Nancy Pelosi stated in an on-camera briefing, specifically at the 2:05 mark in the following video, that regarding US military assistance, "Ukraine has lost 11,000, 12,000, 13,000 people fighting the Russian's, thats why I say all roads lead to Putin".

Link to Pelosi statement on video:

Now this statement by Nancy Pelosi is quite revealing and contradictory in its nature to the statement of Kurt Volker, the US Special Representative to Ukraine, due to the fact that he stated in 2018 that "there is nowhere in the world more dangerous right now for Russian speakers than east Ukraine".

On November 13, 2019, the day before Nancy Pelosi made her statement in regards to these 13,000 Ukraine War deaths, US Congressman Adam Schiff also made a remarkably similar statement conveying that 14,000 Ukrainians died battling Russian forces. This appears to be a coordinated effort to shift the truth and blame Russia for the deaths of the ethnic Russian Ukraine war victims. The contradictory statement of Adam Schiff is at the 27 second mark in his opening statement during the US impeachment hearings. Thus, now we have 3 nonsensical contradictions. Schiff and Pelosi can't even get their own misleading numbers correct, and neither of their statements make sense in relation to the statement of US Special Representative to Ukraine Kurt Volker as presented by Heather Nauert in May 2018.

How can it be possible that the majority of the victims of the war are Russian speakers according to Kurt Volker and Heather Nauert, while at the same time Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff blame Russia and their President Putin for the deaths of 13,000 war victims?

It is simply not possible. Note that it is a verifiable fact that the coup-imposed Ukrainian government banned Russian language and kicked out the Party of Regions which represented over 8 million ethnic Russians east of the Dneiper river. The statements by these officials are contradictory statements and the video evidence and first-person accounts provided by American independent reporter Patrick Lancaster verifiably prove them to be such.

Through the work of Patrick and other western independent reporters, such as Eva Bartlett from Canada, it is easy to ascertain that the majority of the Ukraine War victims are actually ethnic Russian speakers who are being shelled on a daily basis by the Ukrainian fascist regime that the US and western powers brought to power through the 2014 coup.

Ethnic cleansing is what is actually taking place in east Ukraine, but of course it is not being conducted by Russia who protect Russian speakers, but instead by the western government financed Ukrainian Army. Hence the real reason that the US media doesn't ever cover the war zone or provide the real truth for the American people. For if they did the world would realize that ethnic cleansing and fascist atrocities have been taking place all along over the past five years while this has been covered up and Russia has been cast as the bad guy by western media outlets who collude with NATO and the Atlantic Council in this horrific geopolitical charade. All along, the Ukraine war was the main bridgehead for the US Grand Chessboard move against Russia actualized by Zbigniew Brzezinski, as reported by a leading German think tank and others as early as 2009.

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IMI- Analysis – Understanding the Grand Chessboard – Leading German Think Tank

IMI-Analyse 2009/013, in: IMI/DFG-VK: Kein Frieden mit der NATO
Imperial Geopolitics: Ukraine, Georgia and the New Cold War between NATO and Russia

von: Martin Hantke | Veröffentlicht am: 1. Januar 2009

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Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand current and future U.S., EU and NATO policy. Over ten years ago the former National Security Advisor gave a graphic description of the imperatives of imperial geopolitics. He argued that the U.S.A.’s position of supremacy should be preserved under all circumstances. To this end NATO, acting as a “bridgehead” of the U.S.A., should expand into Eurasia and take control of geostrategically important regions so as to prevent Russia’s resurgence as a powerful political force.

Brzezinski had in mind two countries or regions in particular: “Ukraine, a new and important space on the Eurasian chessboard is a geopolitical pivot because its very existence as an independent country helps to transform Russia. Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire. Russia without Ukraine can still strive for imperial status, but it would then become a predominantly Asian imperial state, more likely to be drawn into debilitating conflicts with aroused Central Asians, who would then be supported by their fellow Islamic states to the south.” “However, if Moscow regains control over Ukraine, with its 52 million people and major resources as well as access to the Black Sea, Russia automatically again regains the wherewithal to become a powerful imperial state, spanning Europe and Asia.”1 Brzezinski argued further that there was an imperative need to gain control of the southern Caucasus, i.e. Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, on Russia’s southern flank. The past master of U.S. geopolitics set out the aim and purpose of NATO policy with impressive clarity: “The United States and the NATO countries – while sparing Russia’s self-esteem to the extent possible, but nevertheless firmly and consistently – are destroying the geopolitical foundations which could, at least in theory, allow Russia to hope to acquire the status as the number two power in world politics that belonged to the Soviet Union.

In the years that followed, these words were systematically put into political practice with NATO taking its eastward expansion right up to Moscow’s borders. Furthermore, active Western support for the “colourful revolutions” in Georgia (2003) and Ukraine (2004) led to the sitting pro-Russian or neutral governments and presidents being ousted by pro-Western candidates.3 Russia regarded NATO’s policy as crossing the “red line”. As the war between Russia and Georgia in the summer of 2008 showed, Russia is no longer prepared to stand idly by in the face of further attempts at expansion. Nevertheless, the Western military alliance is doggedly pursuing its escalation policy, in which Ukraine and Georgia are now being offered NATO membership as a means of safeguarding the “successes” that have been scored. U.S. President Barack Obama is also in favour of these two countries joining NATO.4 The announcement that Michael McFaul, a hardliner on policy towards Moscow, is to be appointed senior director for Russian affairs at the National Security Council gives little cause for hope that Washington under its new president will abandon its aggressive, anti-Russian policy. This amounts to tacit acceptance that the New Cold War between NATO and Russia, invoked so frequently of late, will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.


The evidence that the innocent ethnic Russian people of the breakaway regions welcome the actions of Russia and wish to secede from Ukraine is here in this collection of videos that show massive crowds, parades and support for Russia in the breakaway regions and in Crimea. These people simply chose not to be ruled by fascists from Kiev, and for choosing their own manifest destiny they have been brutally punished while western media outlets covered up the war crimes and cast blame upon President Putin and Russia. Keep in mind also that the United Nations and OSCE are also complicit in this terrible deception and hiding of the truth. They have ignored the war crimes of the Azov Nazi battalions and other Ukrainian fascist regiments. They have permitted them a free pass as they continue to carry out the killing of ethnic Russian civilians in the countries east. Simply put, it makes no sense that Russia would be killing ethnic Russians who they support and the statements of Kurt Volker and Nancy Pelosi need to be reconciled so that the public can fully learn the truth.

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Oh, and for those American patriots reading here who are steered and choose to pick sides within the red teams and blue team paradigm, I recommend you watch those videos of Patrick Lancaster's. That right there my friends is a real American patriot, a man who went above and beyond to reveal the truth about one of the most horrific wars and psychological operations of the 21st century. For that he deserves praise and should make every American very proud. I have watched him report on this war for five and a half years and he is a brave and gentle soul, relentless in pursuit of the truth and bringing it to humanity. If only we had more like him.