TearDrops Token -"Proof Of Tears"- The Curation: A Tear Now Has Value # 62

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Tears" have always ever been a symbol of human and drops of it is always created from a place of beauty.

I know how many tears i have teared and i know how many tears you have teared and just how many tears humanity has teared and good or not-so-good tears should have value because in reality they do/did, for Jehovah keeps these tears in a skin-bottle at the very least.

@teardrops didn't just start. It is historical history, that an imaginary coin (smart media token) is already hitting the > exchanges. Hahaha, [email protected]; "you and me".

@teardrops is still an imaginary smart media token but my precious brothers and swities here on steemit are valuing it and loving it and loving me in return and exchanging and i tell you, this is historical. It is a beauty to watch!

The @teardrops colorlesspaper is filling up quickly and gosh, no "black or white" involved; just "human". It is historical.

With @teardrops SMT, we will evolve something that restores special value to every and each tear drop. We will be able to use @teardrops tokens to dry up many tears and perhaps, replace them with a new breed of tears: we will add more "tears of joy".

My witness name is "steemgigs".

Many have a bit of confusion when attempting to vote for my witness and tend to put in "surpassinggoogle" in the witness box. I knew this was likely to happen from the very beginning. Yes, @surpassinggoogle is the more popular of both accounts but i wanted my witness (steemgigs) to represent things bigger than me; "us!"

Please, you can verify your vote visiting Here and if it is not there, you can still support my witness typing the word "steemgigs" into the first box for witnesses. Or if you would like me to chose steemit witnesses on your behalf, simply type in the word "surpassinggoogle" into the second box .

The Curation: A Tear Now Has Value # 62


Welcome to the edition The curation A Tear Now Has Value # 62, to below are present some (not an exclusive list) of the wonderful steemit post rewarded with extra exposure to through our account and voted to create inspiration and add tears of enjoyment.

@sifatsarker-ULOG 05| Broken Dream: A story of love & separation




@yanzel4lyf-#Feeling Grateful: A Better ClassHOME for My School Kids -UPDATE


@elizah-My Graduation day!




@purpledaisy57-#7 Ulog of Week 4 - A Day For Quiet Reflection


@atongis-#STEEMGIGS: (tutorials) — How to Solve Permission Problem on Your Android


@ligarayk-"Birdie-birdie fly-fly"


@alvibokz15-Every Child Needs A Parent To Care & Love Them


@kristal01-illustration for @surpassinggogle and @teardrops


@visabella-TEARDROPS: My illustration @teardrops @surpassinggoogle #STEEMGIGS Tears of children



Please visit some of these publications shared from our account and interact with them, there is always someone who needs your help, a voice of encouragement, a testimony of life to be heard, or you can enjoy a work of art, a poetry, a craft, a tutorial, an inspiring message, get a rare knowledge etc.

Your Boy Terry


Please like @teardrops on Facebook and Twitter:


Subscribe to my YouTube channel as i could reach out to you using my videos directly or indirectly.

I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful.
I run a full public RPC 256 GB node as well to balance the steem ecosystem on "wss://steemd.steemgigs.org"

To vote my witness simply Click here

Type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.

"Let's Go!!!

Offer a service under hashtag "steemgigs". Attempt out-of-the-boxness on hashtag (untalented).Join the Steemgigs Community on discord: https://discord.gg/CGuPyyT

¡Everyone has something to offer! ¿Why no?


Once again, I made the list and received #teardrops token. Thanks @surpassinggoogle. Congratulations to everyone of us who made the list.

Congratulations bro!

Congratulations @fatherfaith. 😀 You deserve it! 😀

It's worth the tears. Do enjoy those tokens of tears which come with lots of value.

Its a really great honour to be featured once again on your post. Thanks for always being there @teardrops. Thanks for always giving my tear a value. Thanks very much

Congratulations to all those featured today. A big shout out to my friend @ligarayk, glad to see how he's enjoying the buzz of life.

Keep being amazing @teardrops. You're truly putting a smile on the world.

I am Surpassian.

Tears express the sense of man
And be a permanent friendship because the eyes do not know lying
A great article and a very special, really well published, my friend

@teardrops truly rewarding tears and quality posts
Congrats to all those who got featured and congrats to me too

Thanks for mentioning me in this volume #62 ,it's like winning a competition to me, and thanks for everytime Sir Terry ,may Jehovah reward you

No matter how many tears we humanity has teared, it has a lot of value and it means a lot to all of us. Although it value isn't on @bittrex as said, we value it and that is what matters the most. I pray for strength for you to carry on humanity's well-being. Congratulations to all that are curated

Congratulations to my brother @atongis, and to these great people @shula14 @saskia, along with some friends @purpledaisy57 @oscargabat.

Keep it up!

Thanks to @surpassinggoogle @teardrops.

salamat ya sobran baleg ya maong master! :-)

Thank you @surpassingoogle for your determination in giving value to tears. When all the tears you valued have become an ocean, you know what? YOU WILL FLOAT WITHOUT BOUNDS You will surpass google.

Thank you sis :)

It is really great to be back on @teardrops curation & steemit generally after taking sometime off. Congrats to all others that got featured in this edition of curation.
Kudos to @teardrops & @surpassinggoogle for this rare opportunity to us all.

@lucentbritex I do understand those nights. Those nights you wish life was unfair to one. The tears soaks the bed rather than the sweats. Those nights of wishes and desires that life gets better but only to see the worst as life goes on. The nights of too many questions in the head without answers. I know those nights because I have being there.

Thank you @teardrops for the value.

Happy to see so much people support & post about @teardrops. Really happy that sir @surapssinggoogle will be happy... Congrats to the features 👏 I wish tear will have huge value in future too.☺

Thank you so much Terry @surpassinggoogle @teardrops for being an inspiration to us all. We love you. 😀💖
To everyone congratulations! Cheers for more valuable tears to share! 😀

Thanks so much for your support to @surpassinggoogle

Congrats to all that were featured, the @teardrops token means a lot.
Let's go on posting quality content!
Thank you Bro Terry Ajayi.

Much love to those who have recieved love from @teardrops and Terry @surpassinggoogle.

These teardrops will continually have essence and sufferings will have value

Lets keep fly and relegating our "fears"

Keep shinning!

Thanks @teardrops and @surpassinggoogle for selecting my drawing and the support for your projects that the tears are of joy.

Congratulations @atongis, @saskia, @shula14 and to all featured here in @teardrops #62, this is another success of @surpassinggoogle, thank you.

Thank you very much for making me part of lot # 62. It is very gratifying to know that we can share what we really love and inspire, thanks to this opportunity @surpassinggoogle and @teardrops, they make my day happy.

Congrats to us @carlo1974, @shikika, @yennarido, @flordecar and everyone curated! God bless and more power @surpassinggoogle @teardrops!

Once again, @teardrops has value. Congrats to all being featured especially to my friends @atongis, @shula14 and @saskia. A good vibes to start the week right.

yes absolutely, great way to start the week.
thanks sir @joonz

It always get better and better. God bless your heart @surpassinggoogle for this amazing @teardrops. You are truly a blessing.

Thanks so much for mentioning me !

With @teardrops SMT, we will evolve something that restores special value to every and each tear drop. We will be able to use @teardrops tokens to dry up many tears and perhaps, replace them with a new breed of tears: we will add more "tears of joy".

Actually, you are making a lot of tears of joy..
Thank you so much for taking the initiative to help steemians in this way..:)

Time passes by so quickly, now it's teardrops #62 already! Thank you for adding value to each of us for making curation like this. Thanks for having me again on the list. Also, congrats to my friend @atongis and @shula14 for being curated :)

thanks ading. Congratulations also :-)

Wow, again my wife @saskia is on the list. Thanks @surpassinggoogle for your unending support to all steemians. Congrats to the other being curated. Keep inspired!

Congrats to us..thank you @teardrops sir terry @surpassinggoogle for including me here...and for your non-ending support..

God Bless😀


Congratulation to all of you guys! Nice to see you all here at @teardrops's features post! 😉
Congrats din sa gwapong utol ni sir @iyanpol12 na si @atongis. 🤣

Hindi daw po sya gwapo boss. Malakas daw appeal. Hahaha

Hahahaha! Nice ! 🤣🤣🤣

haha wag ka maniwala jan sir.
Salamat po :-)

Buti nlng ng comment ka agad. Maniniwala na sana ako hahaha! :D

Totoo yun boss. Ma-appeal sya. Haha

Oh my, I miss being here.
A big congratulations to all those who got featured.
@teardrops keep making us smile.

Congratulations to my three close friends @atongis, @saskia and @shula14! Keep on making excellent post like what you always do!😊😊

This is really huge. Congratulations to every single one of you. You deserve it and to you Sir Terry, @surpassinggoogle...you are the real MVP sir. Enjoy strength.

Thank you agaian, thank you @iyanpol12. ALso congrats to all featured esp @akoaypilipina and @yanzel4life of my sdfamily. You oar we are all doing good!

Congratulations to all in this batch especially to @atongis, @shula14, @saskia, and @creyestxsa94. Thank u @teardrops @surpassinggoogle

thanks honey:-)

Congratulations to all featured steemians here @teardrops .. Keep it guys.

Thank you so much for having me on the teardrops house Sir Terry, it was first time to be on that house hehe.

Congratulations also to all on the list especially to @creyestxsa94, @saskia & @shula14 .
Great job guys.

Am glad to see my name here.....it meant so much to me.....
#teardrops you are awesome.....All thanks goes to @surpassinggogle for this amazing initiative that is wiping people's tears daily.

Shoutout to all those who made the list, big up to the big man, the brain behind @teardrops, the chairman, chief executive himself @surpassinggoogle. God bless you beyond harm. Stay blessed.

@shikika congratulations for being featured here. Enjoy the teardrops.

Happiness is medicinal and I know you are enjoying every dosage of it.

congrats everyone.

To all that were featured, I say congrats to you all.
@gaintshoulder, you are sighted!
Thanks to @teardrops.

Thanks alot my friend

Thanks for celebrating steemians....

Thank you very much again for including my post. This is extra special because it's about my mom :)

@teardrops are rewarding our efforts and giving value into it. Thanks to the man behind this @surpassinggoogle. Congrats to my friends @saskia, @shula14 and @atongis. Well deserved posts.

Thanks po :)

naks, hehe. salamat ate @juwel

You are such a sweet angel, constantly finding ways to bring out the best in everyone here. The #ulog initiative has helped so many of my friends finally find a niche to get them writing every day. It's a real pleasure to be a part of this family.

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