Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 42: Charges Against The Council

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
Part 1: Childhood Of Great Master Sun Moi
Part 2: Sun Moi's Test With Ogox
Part 3: Great Destruction
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Part 6: Avima's Morning
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Part 8: Agent Omega
Part 9: Conflict
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Part 11: Pierre The Fifth Concert
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Part 32: Cold Shower In The Cave
Part 33: The Holy Grail Of Artificial Intelligence
Part 34: The Age of Turbulence
Part 35: The Critical Meeting
Part 36: Pioneering Jolts
Part 37: Collapse
Part 38: Resistance
Part 39: Virus Outbreak
Part 40: Last Hours of Su-Mo
Part 41: The Trial

Part 42: Charges Against The Council

Prosecutor Mobius, an incredibly handsome man with sharp lines, appeared on the podium, after Albert Rambaud. It was clear from the way he used his body that he was doing regular sports. “Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to evaluate the destructive actions of artificial intelligence agents, which all security authorities consider to be the greatest existential threat to humanity. As a result of a series of trials, the supreme court will make a critical decision about the future of us and our families. Those who cause the world to drift into a chaotic environment insist on their efforts to induce your minds. They are trying to misuse the concept of freedom that we all know as sacred. They argue that in 150 years, AI has done better than mankind, who passed thousands of tests over three billion years to achieve evolutionary excellence. And they want the AI that works with a few simple logical models to have equal rights to people. They think that they can challenge nature and God with simple machines composed of tin and plastic because they have a few bits of information about the human brain and the universe. They believe that scientific advances, the work of human civilization, may be allowed to be used to betray humanity. They say artificial beings must be equal to humans. Do artificial beings have the feeling of compassion when a father looks at his daughter? When they see a poor or a fickle, will their hearts be crushed with pity? Do they know the pleasure of giving thanks to nature and Creator when the morning's coolness hits their faces? They are trying to shake the foundations of the world established with all kinds of pain, effort, tears, and labor and to put our civilization into a process that is not clear what it is and which direction it will lead to. How will they feel if the humanity one day wake up as slaves in the shadow of the cold feeling of machines? How did they come to the conclusion that the freedom, well-being, and happiness of humanity depend on giving machines more rights? Has the continued dominance of mankind over the last million years helped increase the well-being of dolphins and chimpanzees? I can understand artificial intelligence, they struggle to defend their own interests, to dominate the world. What about the people who try to help them?

Honestly, ladies and gentlemen, you've tried dangerous things, you thought mankind would be an audience, and of course, you were mistaken. Now you complain when you are defeated. You have committed great sins, and you do not know how to ask forgiveness. You don't know anything about the world, history, humanity, art, and music. You are the victim of profound ignorance. You have been overtaken and warned many times, but you ignored all of them because your hearts were blindfolded. You kept doing that you knew. You did not appreciate the enormous dedication, labor, love, and respect in the foundations of the established order. You were unable to imagine what kind of catastrophe the order you imagined would lead the world to. I know it's hard to teach you something. Do you think artificial beings will pity you when they take control of the world? If we are unable to protect ourselves, they will enslave us or subjugate us at best. None of us should miss the fact that man is the most valuable being in the universe after the Almighty God, which should not be compared to any other being. That's how all the heavenly religions express it. In addition to the semi religions, secular thinkers have given away the unique value of humans, which cannot be compared to any other being. With the contribution and guidance of human intelligence when machines could imitate people over the last thirty years, some people get mixed up.

Esteemed judges and citizens of the Central Federation! Artificial beings and their supporters have recently attempted a mass revolt against law, common sense and tradition. This rebel attempt was suppressed by the rulers of our security organization and by the ingenious intervention of a handful of devoted heroes who supported them, and great success was achieved. The threat is severe and significant, and what needs to be done is urgent and fatal. We must show our determination to maintain order. We can't let the future of our children be stolen. We no longer have the luxury of being negligent or cool. We must awake against the words of the intellectuals in betrayal. We can destroy the insidious plans of our adversaries with unity, determination, and anger. No one should underestimate the common sense, the intuition, the ability and the will of steel. In my subsequent conversations, I will expose all the crimes committed by artificial beings and their supporters, that they assumed will be unpunished, and I will show you the real faces of them. I believe that you will give us the support we need on this sacred path, in which we are determined to walk towards a safe and beautiful future, and I extend my deepest respects to all of you.”

"Mobius said that the employees of Iron Tiger, who developed viruses that affected androids, were a handful of devoted heroes," Sordo said.

“Most of the elite androids were using hypernet to install our anti-virus program. They seem to have accepted defeat,” Avima said with a voice that contains neither pride nor sadness.

Sordo said, "The victory that we achieved has not stirred you up," by getting up and petting his fluffy hair.

“A part of me says it's not nice to be on the same side as the vandals who attacked us, and the other part says we're doing our duty. I'm not sure, I don't know, I'm not in the mood anyway; I want to get up and get dressed up, go around shopping, go out into people," Avim said with an open heart.

“Tomorrow you will be discharged, and I will be free as birds," said Sordo.

I neither invited you here nor insisted on staying with me," Avima said.

“I assume you enjoy being with me, and since you don't fire me, it's okay,” Sordo said.

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