Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 29: Theatre in The Sky

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
Part 1: Childhood Of Great Master Sun Moi
Part 2: Sun Moi's Test With Ogox
Part 3: Great Destruction
Part 4: The Awakening Of Ogox
Part 5: Unique City
Part 6: Avima's Morning
Part 7: Dinner On Mars
Part 8: Agent Omega
Part 9: Conflict
Part 10: Mirrored Room
Part 11: Pierre The Fifth Concert
Part 12: Robot Historian Jin Kai
Part 13: Cobol's Identity
Part 14: Confrontation
Part 15: Rebirth Of Sun Moi
Part 16: The Port Abandoned by The Ocean
Part17: Discussion with Plato
Part 18: Texture of The Unique City
Part 19: The Day the Earth Stood Still
Part 20: Lunch at The Balloon
Part 21: First Conversation with Su-Mo
Part 22: Childhood of Albatross
Part 23: Illegal Clinic
Part 24: Tears In The Fabric Of The City
Part 25: Critical Hours Of Su-Mo
Part 26: Prophecies of the Crystal Sphere
Part 27: Plato's Way
Part 28: Torn Place of The Sky

Part 29: Theatre in The Sky

As they approached the temples in the north, the gamma-jet slowed down and began to descend. They left behind the Buddhist pagoda with its roofs rising the sky like gigantic pine trees, and mosques with magnificent domes and elegant minarets, and the synagogues with massive hexagonal towers. They crossed churches, monasteries, and chapels and landed in the courtyard of a grand cathedral built in Gothic style.

The Cathedral seemed to have been built to worship the devil more than God, with its imposing towers, which rose like blackthorns into the sky, and its steep roof, resembling a large black razor. They entered through the high and wide gate of the Cathedral, where even a giant could comfortably fit. It was like a huge cave covered with stalagmites and stalactites, more than a place of worship. There were sharp protrusions like the teeth of a saw on the stalactites, so they passed carefully from the path between them. Large drops of water were breaking off on top of the stalactites; the sound echoed inside the cathedral when the water drops hit the ground.

“They're designing strange places to get people's attention...” said Albatross. At the end of the path, they passed through a narrow and low door.

“You didn't have to bend over," said Omega.

“Your neck is grown, but your mind is stuck at the age of five," Albatross answered.

They stood in front of a big bison picture drawn on the rocky ground. “We'll wait inside the bison, don't step on the edge lines," Ogox said.

"Our friend does not give a secret today," said Omega.

“Very powerful software agents monitor us," Ogox said.

The bison-shaped rocky surface quickly lowered them to the ground like an elevator. As soon as the elevator stopped, Ogox grabbed Albatros and Omega from his arms and promptly moved to the next aisle. The rocky surface moved up again, back to its former location. “I've been working on data patterns and codes here for years. Nobody knows the topography of this subterranean area better than I do." Ogox said.

Omega shook his head with an affected face. In the narrow and dark corridor, they began to progress slowly under the leadership of Ogox. At the end of the hall, a door with a screen appeared on the right of the relatively large twilight zone. On the screen, Ogox's picture was placed in green without any control needed as a result of the retinal pattern control.

Under the picture of the Albatross, the phrase "unidentified entity" appeared. "Open door, emergency, that's a definite order," said Ogox.

“The door also understood that you shouldn't be here,” said Omega pointing Albatross.

“This is not the time for pleasure young lady," Albatross said. He had an authoritarian tone of an adult who invited his child serenity in the face of a dire situation.

“I will deal with you later, little crook," said Omega.

In the room, they entered there were other androids, like Ogox, with the body of the CYC home service robot. The way they used their bodies was showing that they were elite androids. “These are my stunt technicians; they have no social skills, they keep an eye on the devices here," Ogox explained. They sat around a round table in the office area, separated by a transparent faceplate from the machines and display panels where the androids worked.

“While searching for a new tear in the sky of the unique city, we will discuss what we will do using it. Our action must have been completed in minutes, and they know we're here right now and we're going to paint the sky in our colors. Thankfully, they are not aware of our control under the ground; we are baffling software agents entering our region. As soon as they understand that it is impossible for software agents to penetrate here, they will attack with viruses and try to stop us, and finally, they will pile up the processor power up to the top of the hill and tear this place apart. We must have finished our work by then." Ogox said.

“Let's inspire the people. The leaders do that,” said Albatross emphasizing syllables one by one.

Omega, looking at the screen of a miniature computer resembling a flat vase, said, “I caught a tear on the skyscrapers area.”

“Can we use audio and motion images?" asked Ogox.

“If we want high resolution, we can't spread it to an extensive area.”

"The image will already be spread over the hypernet, it is sufficient to be seen from the skyscrapers region," said Ogox.

The walls and ceilings of the room they were in were fluctuating like a low-voltage television image. “They're attacking relentlessly; we don't have time to think long, when the loading is complete, the image will be reflected on your retinas, follow me," Ogox said.

They started moving in a dark tunnel, leaving behind the androids and the machines they controlled.

In the gallery where they reached, three horny dogs with their fried eyes and white fangs were busy tearing apart a man who was trying to save himself from them with bitter cries. "Just the image," said Ogox, who held Albatross who moved to protect the man. It looked like Omega was shaken by the image.

The black clouds that were gathered in the sky were pointing out that the demonstration over the skyscraper region was starting. Dark clouds that move as fast as an aerial vehicle were gathered and concentrated and the air was dark as it was in the night. The light of the giant lightning suddenly illuminated the clouds. The abandoned skyscrapers and the stagnant water canals surrounded them, appeared at the moment in a bright flash, and then disappeared again. The noise of a large number of lightning that just happened at the same time created a rumble in the area of skyscrapers beneath the dark clouds. As the dark clouds began to dilute with the lightning that continued to flash slowly, it started to rain in large drops. The apocalypse that broke out in the sky showed the expected effect on the people in the region, and everyone started looking up to see what was going on. Even those who were less curious, looked up at the sky when they saw the rain pouring in the form of a raging downpour. While members of the entity rights council were watching the footage, they were trying to leave the area where the cathedral was located, through the corridors adorned with dark canals and strange light games. Albatross was busy interpreting the freaks and bizarre sexual intercourse scenes that were exhibited in galleries in addition to what happened in the sky.

There were no more lightning in the sky. With the opening of the air, there were hundreds of large aerial vehicles covering almost the entire sky. Hundreds of giant robots were poured over the city at the same time from these black air vehicles, which were unlike any known transport. These horrible robots, which were thrown out of the air vehicles, slowed down by their parachute. Soon after, a giant PAC-MAN appeared in the backdrop of the red-white clouds, and he began to eat the space vehicles and robots with the famous music of the game, everyone below understood that it was some kind of a joke. When PAC-MAN ate the entire spacecraft and left the scene, a rainbow appeared in the azure sky. Under the rainbow, it said, "Do not let dangers frighten you, support entity rights".

The members of the council were pleased to watch the show they prepared, but they had no time to celebrate; they were moving underground through galleries of brutal violence and torture, which revealed the most sickly aspects of the human soul. Preventing central federation agents to identify them was extremely important for their next action.

“When the virus did not work, they finally decided to neutralize the headquarters," Ogox said.

“I've heard of places like this underground, but I didn't expect such a comprehensive show,” Albatross said.

“If we walk around here, I'm gonna puke, and my stomach won't be able to handle anymore," Omega said with disgust in her face.

“If they acquire the detailed map that allows us to connect to the unique city, we will lose this city forever. Now the galleries are behind us, we're going through some water channels, and the most disgusting thing you'll ever see is the sewer rats. Hold on a little longer." Ogox said.

“Swimming in the sewers is a piece of cake for me, I'm just worried about the little lady's hair falling out," said Albatross cynically.

"You better keep your beak shut,” Omega said, as she passed through the drain by following Ogox. In the sewers, they moved by changing the lines several times in a submerged state to their ankles, and sometimes to their knees. As the sewage was less visited, some parts of the walls were exposed to the unique city's default basic texture, yet on the way, they came across natural elements such as colorful fish and yellowed leaves floating in the water. These were striking examples showed how the unique city could be so popular by getting away from thousands of virtual worlds. With the guidance of Ogox, they finally reached the earth in an antique elevator with a cage. The gamma-jet, which had become synchronized with Albatros, was waiting for them in the meadow where they appeared.

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at least your story will reveal the other side of human life which sometimes makes demons more enthroned than God, for me this is a technique of making an awareness of what humans say is forgetful of land so it is very important to have qualified religion so that life is not shaky


Hmmm, truth

this story is a kind of criticism of the lives of people who prefer to ally with the devil even though God is the peak of happiness

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It is very difficult to stay in that good state all time, but we need to do that. Thats the only way to be successful.

Beautiful definitely very beautiful I love art and for me art is literature I love this publication a lot my favorite part is "They started to move in a dark tunnel, leaving behind the androids and the machines they controlled" I only ask you a second of your time to visit me in my publication:
thank you very much my friend.
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Great post as always.

This is a great chain of article or story that is related with a good subject all the characters are awesome.
Every part of story are based on it's previous part that is a trail.
I always read all parts and always love to read them twice.
At the end of every blog there is a question
A curiosity to know about next part


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Thank you :)

hi (@muratkbesiroglu) ...long article but its a great article

Thank you @muratkbesiroglu, after reading it, I am so inspired with the writing you share.

bro you are back with your novel again , i really apprciate you time and efforts to write this , i want to learn from you, if there is something we can do together i will be happy

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Theater in the sky.
Nice topic

like this post..