Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 37: Collapse

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
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Part 37: Collapse

For the first time since she was a child, Sordo saw Avima so pale, anxious and hectic. The unrest that they had recently experienced with the escalating social events had reached climax with his mother Stefanie being unable to reach for more than twenty-four hours. She was like a tiger tossed in a cage, trying to communicate with his mother's contacts from his mobile computer. It was not accessible to many of her mother's friends, because hypernet access was utterly disabled in many parts of Europe or worked in uncertain periods.

“I bet Stefanie's taking care of herself, and right now she's fine. Although she had committed himself to light life in recent years, she was a very successful businesswoman. She is the woman who gave birth to the mighty goddess Avima. According to my news sources, the situation in the castles in the southern France countryside has been very calm. There is already no mention of a terror environment throughout Europe. Here in the United States, the situation has become more dangerous because of the hardships perpetrated by prisoners fleeing prisons in the cities.” Sordo said.

Avima was not interested in the words of Sordo, using her mobile computer as a weapon, on the one hand, giving orders to the employees of Iron Tiger and other companies, while trying to reach his mother's acquaintance.

Avima's concentration has distorted with the sound of the heavy machine gun fire coming from the outside. To see what was happening, she immediately looked at the image of the cameras on the exterior walls of the mansion. It was understood that an intense fire was directed to someone from the security towers located on either side of the outer door of the mansion.

"It's unbelievably crowded," said Avima and asked Cobol for help with the emergency code. Soon Cobol's image was reflected on the wall-screen of the hall.

“We are under attack by a mob with heavy weapons," Avima said.

“I'm directing the nearest air patrol unit. If the security team and androids deployed in the towers are disabled, go underground and hide, their purpose is probably theft, Rob every house that comes in front of them like a flock of locusts,” said Cobol.

The stone walls of the mansion were shaken with two separate explosions outside, and the glass of the hall went down to the ground. When they looked outside the broken windows, they just saw that there was one giant pit where the front door and the security towers were located. They ran from the upper floor to the entrance, then to the cool and moist wine cellar. They moved fast in the narrow corridors of the basement. Avima seized one of the shelves where the wine was arrayed. It was understood that this was a secret door, Sordo somewhat relaxed. Those who came for the robbery would certainly not neglect to land in the cellar, but it was a low possibility that they would find the secret door. When they entered the dark void behind the door, the lights on the floor of the narrow corridor in front of them were lit. They went along the hall, and when Avima touched the wall on their left side with her index finger, another secret door was opened this time. It was understood that the door was designed not to be affected by external factors such as fire and nuclear leakage. The room was laid merely and had enough equipment and materials for a long time; there was a shower stall in one corner of the room, a sink in the other corner and a refrigerator in the other corner. Sordo first opened the refrigerator door, and then sat on the large couch in the middle of the room, thinking that his move was nonsense. Avima was trying to locate the attackers by looking at the Security Camera footage on her mobile computer. And she sat next to Sordo.

“I wish you had brought me here at a more appropriate time. It's an ideal place to have sex. Sordo said, leaning against Avima.

“Are you out of your mind, how can you think about it right now?" said Avima in an angry tone.

“If we get out of here alive I want to marry you,” Sordo said.

“I'd rather talk about it later, now let's focus on getting rid of the bandits that are troubling us," Avima said.

Despite the conditions in which they were in, she was pleased with this offer, but she did not want to express his joy.

“I don't think they can find us here; I think you're worried for nothing, I don't care if the world falls on us, I want to marry you as soon as possible,” Sordo said.

Avima put her pointing finger on Sordo's lips in a loving way, “they come down to the cellar, let's be quiet,” she whispered showing Sordo the image of the mobile computer.

Two big men with bands around their head and a short woman carrying two pistols on the hangers were walking along the cellar. The man in front with the long greasy hair and pock-marked face had a large device that looked like a detector.

“They don't take the trouble to search the cellar, they come straight this way," Sordo whispered.

Avima hoped it wasn't right, but the group was now in front of the secret door of the cellar. As if they knew where they were, they pulled the appropriate shelf in the basement into the hidden corridor behind it. Because there was no security camera in the hallway, Avima and Sordo couldn't see what the group was doing in the hallway anymore, which exacerbated their anxiety.

Sordo was trying to reach the authorities of his company to force the Federation authorities to intervene in the situation on Avima's Mansion. He couldn't get answers from any of his colleagues, who he knew they were responding instantly to each call and message. He thought he had no access to hypernet; there was no other explanation for this.

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I really like the character of Avima

I liked this one... Now I want to read others too.

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